Best 8 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan 2022

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The miniature 8 inch non stick frying pan is not for cooking food for a giant family but rather for a quick meal fix or scrambled eggs. The perfect companion for solo cooking, an 8-inches pan is not impractical or meaningless in any way.

Just because these are cute little pans with only 8-inches in diameter doesn’t mean that we can just buy anything off the shelves. Frankly, it’s the most-used and must-have frying pan size in the kitchen for making fluffy eggs, reheating leftovers, or making crepes and small quantities of food.

And why are these admired the most?

Because we don’t want to wash a large pan after cooking small quantities, nor is it a good idea to cook in small quantities in a large pan as the ingredients tend to spread out to the sides and have more chances to burn and you’ll get unevenly browned food. An 8-inches pan shines with foods that require tossing because of its low-weight and size. Also, check out our picks for the for the best without Teflon nonstick pan and the best ceramic non-stick pans.

Best 8 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan 2022

So, check our carefully curated list if you need to pick the perfect 8-inches non-stick frying pan to get the convenience of non-stick plus ease of storing in kitchen cabinets.

Our top picks:

  1. Cuisinart Hard-Anodized Pan – Best Dishwasher Safe
  2. OXO Good Grips Pro Pan – Best Scratch-Resistant Coating
  3. Carote Chef’s Pan – Best Induction Compatible
  4. Anolon Bronze Pan – Best Non-Stick Coating
  5. Tramontina Professional – Best Healthier PFOA-Free Pan
  6. T-fal E93802 Professional Pan – Best 8 Inch Non Stick Frying Pan
  7. Ninja C30020 Foodi NeverStick – Best Teflon-Free
  8. GreenPan Chatham Pan – Best Oven Safe
  9. Michelangelo Non-Stick Pan – Best Ceramic Titanium Coating
  10. Copper Chef Non-Stick – Best for Gas Stove

1. Cuisinart Hard-Anodized – Best Dishwasher Safe Pan

Cuisinart has been producing the kind of cookware for so long that it immediately lets the consumer trust the brand name. This 8 inches cookware tells the same story. It’s made of hard-anodized aluminium, which lies at its core and is considered more durable, rust-resistant, and safe than standard aluminium.

The non-stick coating is made of Whitford Eterna (a kind of PTFE Teflon coating) and is considered more than 10-times better than any other high-end non-stick system.

And here’s the secret tip for you – If a non-stick coating is mentioned as dishwasher safe, the coating’s more long-lasting. But it doesn’t mean that you should stick it in the dishwasher after every use (Funnily enough, not even recommended by manufacturers). Wash it by hand to prolong its life.

The pan’s design is perfect for flipping eggs and tossing the food with its wide bottom and slightly angled sides. The stainless steel handles are comfortable to hold with a forked design to disperse heat and remain cool during cooking. However, if you are cooking for an extended period, you’ll have to use mittens to handle it.

The pan’s top-notch non-stick quality doesn’t let the food stick on the surface, making cleaning a breeze. But if you don’t wash it after every use, the grease will build up near rivets and spoil your beloved pan.

2. OXO Good Grips Pro Hard Anodized

Oxo Good Grips pan, just like Cuisinart, is made of hard-anodized aluminum to make it more resilient and strong. The non-stick coating of the OXO Good Grip pan is German engineered PTFE. Three layers of the coating have made it slick and high-performing. In our test, food was released easily from the surface, leaving hardly any residue behind.

As for the pan’s handle, OXO has launched stainless steel handles to make their non-stick line appropriate for hotter ovens of up to 430° F. As the name implies, the stainless steel handle of the 8-inch pan is comfortable and remains cool during cooking. The handle is secured with dual rivets and doesn’t come loose even after years of use.

Even though the pan is only 8 inches, it has a heft to it and doesn’t feel flimsy and cheap, which tends to warp so often.

The pan has a depth to contain more ingredients, but the side walls aren’t rolled to make the pan drip-free while pouring out the contents. In our testing, we’ve had accidents of oil dripping from the sides.

However, the pan cleans like a charm – just a quick wipe and wash, and it sparkles as new.

3. Carote Non-Stick Frying Pan

Carote, a deeper and visually appealing gray granite pattern non-stick pan, has a stone-derived five-layered non-stick coating free of toxic PFOA and PFOS.

The Carote 8-inches pan with “wood-resembling” handle is from its “Essential woody” collection, aptly named as it’s the kitchen workhorse for daily cooking.

Its “stay-cool” bakelite handle adds convenience when the flame is high, and you don’t want to risk burning your hands.

And for an 8-inches pan, cool bakelite handles are desirable because the handles are smaller than their larger counterparts. And if the handles are made of stainless steel, they will soon get very hot due to their short length.

But bakelite or any rubber material handle reduces the maximum oven-safe temperature. Carote doesn’t have hard-anodized aluminum at its center, but the standard aluminum core still spreads the heat evenly and retains it even if you add cold ingredients to the pan.

Carote has a stainless steel plate bonded at the bottom to make it induction compatible pan, and it also gives the cookware sturdiness and makes it anti-wrap.

The pan’s deeper walls make it hard to slide a spatula under it, but deeper walls are better for an 8-inch pan because you don’t have to sacrifice the cooking area due to flared walls. And even after being small in size, it holds more ingredients.

4. Anolon Advanced Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Pan

Anolon advanced 8-inches pan has a triple-layered non-stick coating that is considered premium, compared to dual-layered Teflon coating. The result is a slick interior and remarkable non-stick performance and food release even after years of use and abuse.

The pan’s core is constructed with hard-anodized aluminum, making it safer even if the coating gets scratched. From morning scrambled eggs to fish filets, it performed exceptionally well with even-heating, no brown spots, or burnt crusts during our non-stick pans test.

What we liked most is that the handles are cleverly constructed with stainless steel that has a sheath of Silicone to ensure that it remains cool and comfortable during cooking.

The pan is oven safe up to 400° F so that you can finish off your dishes in the oven.

The pan conducts heat exceptionally well to cook the food, but high heat is like a deadly nemesis to it because the pan’s bottom warps on high-heat cooking.

5. Tramontina Professional Non-stick Fry Pan

If we remember the rule of “thicker and heavier is better” in non-stick, then Tramontina ticks all the boxes of one of the finest non-stick fry pans. The pan’s constructed with heavy-gauge aluminum. It makes it sturdier amongst its counterparts and helps its even heat distribution.

Apart from the pan’s weight, another immediately noticeable thing in the non-stick pan is its long handle. The handle has a red removable silicone sheath to provide comfort and protection during the high-heat cooking and helps you in maneuvering the pan. Unlike other non-stick pans, Tramontina has triple rivets fixed in the interior designed to remain stable on the stovetop.

But as good as the pan is with even heat distribution to let your food cook without burnt crusts or cold spots, the pan can’t go into a superheated oven like other frying pans. The heat tolerance level is limited to 400° F. Since it’s a small pan, you might not even need to put it into the oven.

As for the non-stick construction and quality, Tramontina is constructed with triple layers of PFOA-free coating, providing a super slick surface. We made delicate crepes and sticky eggs; with a dash of butter, food glides around effortlessly and is easy to flip due to its flared sides.

All in all, it’s a pan worth investment and lasts longer without getting scratches if properly taken care of.

6. T-Fal Professional Total Nonstick Pan

T-Fal’s Professional Total 8-inches non-stick pan has its signature “Thermo-Spot” pattern at the center. This beginner-friendly feature helps home chefs warn when the pan is preheated for cooking and changes its color to red when it reaches 375° F.

T-Fal pan has a classic PTFE non-stick coating with Titanium reinforced to give it more strength and protection against scratches and wear and tear.

The Tramontina non-stick that we reviewed above isn’t compatible with the induction range, so T-Fal is an excellent option if you are looking for a small non-stick pan for induction. When most of the thin inner aluminum core bends and gets dents, the stainless steel plate not only makes it induction-ready but also adds rigidity and improves warp resistance.

The pan has a partially covered silicone sheath that makes it safer for handling as the silicone cover doesn’t get hot. We really liked that the rivets fixed at the interior are not exposed but have a non-stick coating, so no food gets stuck on the rivets, and the cleaning becomes a straightforward and effortless chore.

We tested the pan by cooking omelets and crepes in it. The pan heated really well, but it didn’t retain heat and dropped the temperature faster. But in terms of non-stick quality, the food easily releases the surface, but the sides of the pan’s surface are slightly raised, so oil pools around the corners.

7. Ninja Non-Stick Pan

Ninja Foodie, the brand famous for its appliances, has an exceptional lineup of non-stick pans. But these aren’t like other non-stick pans. In Ninja non-stick, the coating adheres to the surface due to the high temperature of 30,000° F used to fuse plasma ceramic particles. The interior surface is textured yet has a sheen to it, whereas the pan exterior is shot blast and has a gray grant texture.

The pan has a heft to it similar to a mini cast iron pan, thanks to the heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum in the construction.

Due to the thick 4.2 mm base and the heavy-gauge aluminum, the pan takes a little longer to heat and retains the heat. Not just this, the pan distributes the heat evenly, too, ensuring that the food cooks evenly. What we didn’t like about the pan is that it has a bulge in the middle, and the oil runs towards the sides. But the underside of the pan remains flush with the electric and glass stove.

Speaking of the pan’s handle, it has a round and solid stainless steel handle with a forked design to keep it cool during cooking. But even with the unique forked design, the handle tends to get hot. Another worth-mentioning point is that you need to preheat the non-stick pan, or you will feel that it’s not a non-stick pan by seeing the bits of food sticking to the surface.

8. GreenPan Chatham Ceramic Non-stick Pan

The next we have selected is the ceramic coated non-stick pan from the brand GreenPan. GreenPan brand uses its well-known Thermolon coating. The pan has a slick gray interior with a dark exterior.

One noticeable thing in GreenPan is that it is a shallow pan compared to Ninja non-stick. The flared and low sides of the pan make it easier to slide a spatula under the eggs or crepes and easily flip it with a jerk.

The pan’s handle is made of stainless steel. So, a stainless steel handle + ceramic coating combination means the pan must have a higher oven-safe temperature.

The GreenPan Chatham lineup is able to go into the oven as hot as 600° F – the highest oven-safe temperature in all the pans we’ve reviewed so far. The handle is easy and comfortable to hold, but it does get warm during a longer cooking session.

The interior rivets with which the handle is fixed also have a non-stick coating to them. It means that the food won’t stick on the rivets, making cleaning a breeze.

Despite all the positives, GreenPan quickly gets scratched and needs to be replaced sooner. But it does eliminate the health threats of PFOA, PTFE, lead and cadmium, so it is a better choice for health-conscious people.

9. Michelangelo Frying Pan with Lid

Michelangelo frying pan has a ceramic non-stick coating in copper hue reinforced with Titanium. The non-stick coating composition is different from GreenPan. Titanium reinforcement makes it stronger yet keeps it light-weight.

The pan has shallow side walls rather than steep and deep walls. So, it’s perfect for making your morning eggs, crepes, and sauteing veggies as a side dish.

This pan comes with a clear glass lid, which we haven’t seen in any other non-stick pans we’ve reviewed. The pan has a stainless steel handle, but since the handle is textureless, it can slip right from your hands if you are not careful.

The induction compatibility adds a bonus point as it makes the pan more sturdy and warp-resistant too.

We tested the non-stick pan with a standard egg test. The result _ the pan heated evenly and rapidly, but the eggs slid towards the corner, indicating that the bottom isn’t entirely flat. Other than that, the pan’s non-stick quality is excellent.

So, if you are looking for an 8-inches pan with a lid at a reasonable price, a Michelangelo non-stick pan is for you.

10. CopperChef Non-Stick Frying Pan

Like Michelangelo’s non-stick pan, CopperChef also has a copper-colored ceramic non-stick coating. But CopperChef doesn’t come with a lid.

Another difference in construction is that CopperChef has a hard-anodized aluminum core, whereas Michelangelo had standard aluminum.

Even after the new Cerami tech 5-layered coating, a small amount of oil is required to avoid the food sticking on the pan’s surface.

The pan’s handle has a thumb rest near its fixed side, but when the pan gets hot, you can’t keep your thumb on it. Otherwise, the pan’s handles are pretty comfortable.

The pan can go to a high-heat oven due to its high-temperature tolerance. Not just this, it heats up rapidly and distributes the heat evenly due to the inner aluminum core.

Thanks to the stainless steel bottom, the super-slick pan also works on an induction stovetop. It is also dishwasher safe, but it’s better to hand wash the pan as non-stick ceramic pans easily wear and tear if you abuse them daily by using steel spatulas to wash it in the dishwasher every day.

Buying Guide of 8-inches Non-Stick Pan

Material & Coating

The first thing that can be a decisive factor in buying a non-stick pan is the type of non-stick coating and the construction and material. These factors contribute significantly towards the non-stick quality. For non-stick coating, you can choose either PTFE or Ceramic. And it’s better to buy a non-stick pan with hard-anodized aluminum, so even if the pan gets scratched, you won’t have a fear of aluminum leaching into the food.


The pan’s handle determines two things. First, is it comfortable and remains cool during handling and the oven-safe temperature. While we prefer stainless steel handles with a forked design to improve oven-safe temperature, for an 8-inches pan, you can also go with bakelite or silicone-covered handles that always remain cool.

Pan’s Cooking Surface

An 8-inches pan already has less surface area to cook, and if the pan’s sides are too flared, it means you will be left with even less cooking area. So choose a pan whose sidewalls are neither too flared nor too steep.

Induction Burner Compatibility

Whether you want to use the pan on an induction stove or not, it’s preferable to buy a pan that has a stainless steel plate bonded at the bottom. The reason is that the stainless steel plate makes the pan more rigid and sturdy against warping.


An 8-inches pan has a low weight compared to larger size pans. A low-weight pan feels flimsy and is more prone to warping and getting scratches. So always choose a pan with more weight.

Oven-Safe Temperature

The highest oven-safe temperature for an 8-inches pan can be found in a non-stick ceramics pan. PTFE or Teflon pans usually have a maximum 500° F. Depending on the recipes you frequently cook, buy a pan that offers you to put it in a more heated oven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an 8-inch pan good for?

An 8-inches pan is the perfect size to make one or two eggs. You can also use it for crepes, pancakes, tortillas, sear a fish filet, steak, pork chop or chicken breast. You can also use it for dry roasting of nuts and seeds. Use it to make small quantities of sweet and savory food for one person or reheat the leftover food, the choice is yours!

Is an 8-inch pan enough?

An 8-inches pan is enough to feed one or two people at most. You can sear two regular-sized chicken thighs, 1-2 eggs at a time and an eight-ounce of steak. An eight-inches pan is considered a bachelor’s best friend in the kitchen.

What size non-stick pan should I get?

Choosing a non-stick pan size depends on the usage and the people you want to feed. An 8-inches pan is for 1-2 people, whereas a 12 inches pan can cook food for the family. It’s better to buy various sizes of the pan so that you can choose the pan depending on the quantity and the type of food.

8 inch vs 10-inch non-stick pan, which is better?

The 8 inches pan has a dimension of approximately 13 x9 x2 inches and weighs around 1-3 pounds.

It can cook 1-2 eggs, saute half a pack of veggies, a fish fille, tortilla, bread or small quantities of dessert. It’s for 1-2 people.

The 10-inches pan has a dimension of approximately  16 x1 0 x2 inches and weighs around 4-6 pounds.

It’s best to cook 3-4 eggs, sauces, pancakes, crepes, and saute an entire pack of veggies.

A 10 inches pan gives an extra space so the ingredients can fit easily and brown evenly, whereas an 8-inches pan is small, so it’s easier to flip the food in it.

What is the difference between a skillet and a frying pan?

The main difference between skillet and frying pan is that skillets are deeper to cook curries and sauces. Skillets have higher sidewalls and larger cooking surfaces, whereas frying pans are shallow with flared sides. A frying pan is better for cooking crepes, pancakes and eggs. Due to low sidewalls, the spatula easily slides under the food, so you can easily turn it to the other side. A frying pan is also better for toss-cooking.

Final Words!

An 8-inches pan is a must-have for all kitchens, whether you are a large family or live a single life. It’s considered the standard pan for egg-frying but is versatile enough to let you cook various dishes. The buying rules for an 8-inches pan is similar to a large 12-inches pan in terms of quality construction and non-stick coating. However, you need to consider the cooking surface, weight and handle to ensure that you get the most out of your non-stick pan. To help you in it, we have selected the best 8-inches pans keeping in mind all the nuances of design and construction. So, simply scroll up and choose with confidence!

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