10 Best Non Stick Pan for Electric Stove [MAY 2022]

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Electric stove smooth glass surface is prone to cracks and scratches. To ensure its safety, you should use the best non stick pan for electric stove.

With coil top electric stoves becoming obsolete and glass top electric stoves taking their place, it’s become essential to upgrade our pans too.

The best pots and pans for electric stoves have a smooth and flat texture less bottom, so it doesn’t scratch your elegant stove surface.

Unlike gas stoves that support all shapes, sizes, and weights of the cooking pots and pans, the electric cooktops specifically require a flat bottom pan that lays flush on the cooktop surface. Otherwise, the heat won’t be transferred uniformly throughout the surface.

With all such detailing in mind, we have extensively researched and tested non-stick pans and have selected the best cookware for electric stove. Don’t miss to check our top recommendations for:

10 Best Non Stick Pan for Electric Stove [MAY 2022]

Our Top Pick

Oxo Good Grip 10 Inch Pan

1. Oxo Good Grip
Rating: 9.5/10
  • Excellent heat retention
  • PFOA-free coating
  • Scratch resistant
Calphalon Classic Large Pan 2. Calphalon Classic

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Dual non-stick coating
  • No oil pooling
  • Oven safe
Ozeri Toxin-Free Pan 3. Ozeri

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Toxic-free coating material
  • Superior non-stick properties
  • Durable and sturdy
Blue Diamond Ceramic Pan 4. Blue Diamond

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Nice robust quality
  • Excellent nonstick properties
  • Oven & Dishwasher safe
Carote Induction Cooktop Safe 5. Carote

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Compatible with all stove
  • PFOA free coating
  • Handle stay cool
Sensarte Dishwasher Safe Pan 6. Sensarte

Rating: 9.3/10

  • No oil pooling
  • Oven safe
  • Durable and sturdy
Gourmex Pan for Gas Stove 7. Gourmex

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Compatible with all stoves
  • Eco-friendly coating
  • Anti-scratch built
Utopia Inexpensive Pan 8. Utopia

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Strongly riveted handle
  • Highly budget-friendly
Shineuri Pan for Oven 9. Shineuri

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • Oven and Induction safe
  • Include tempered glass lid
All-Clad Essential Pan for High Heat 10. All-Clad Essential

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Heavy duty sturdy pans
  • Toxin-free nonstick coating
  • Broiler and oven safe

1. Oxo Good Grip – Best 8 and 10 Inch Pan

Oxo Good Grip - Best 8 and 10 Inch PanOxo Good Grips pans have all the attributes and traits of a pan suitable for electric stovetops.

Smooth surface that lays completely level with the stovetop and the perfect weight that is neither too heavy nor too light to be considered flimsy.

The weight is ideal, so even when it is filled with ingredients, and you slide it across the electric cooktop surface, you won’t risk scratching it.

Oxo good grip pans have a German engineered tri-ply construction with a hard anodized coating.

The tri-ply coating ensures that the pan remains unscratched and withstands the daily rigors of cooking.

Aluminum used in the pan construction drives the heat evenly throughout the non-stick pan surface, which is essential for electric stoves to avoid crusty edges or uneven browning.

As for the shape and size, Oxo pans are available in various sizes, so you can pick the pan with an appropriate size that is close to the diameter of the electric stove.

Selecting the right size will also help in even and fast cooking. The pan has an ample cooking surface with angled yet deep sidewalls that extend to a tapered drip-free rim to pour food conveniently.

Oxo good grip pans are famed for their soft-grip handles that have a sheath of silicone. The cool-to-touch silicone handles enable you to cook for an extended period without using kitchen mittens.

Owing to this silicone handle, the pan can only endure 390° F in the oven. However, if this sounds like a deal-breaker to you, you can check their newly launched non-stick pans with steel handles that can go into a hotter oven.

  • Heat and cook food evenly
  • 3 layers of non-stick coating
  • Comfortable and heat-resistant handle
  • Scratch resistant and durable
  • No compatible with induction cooktops
  • A little expensive

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2. Calphalon Classic – Best 12 Inch Pan

Calphalon Classic - Best 12 Inch PanCalphalon, a brand name of the trust that has been in the industry for 55 years, has been producing one of the most durable non-stick cookware.

It’s the brand that introduced a hard-anodized coating, now preferred by chefs and other brands due to its durability and non-warping base.

Their Classic frying pan is also hard-anodized with a dual-layered non-stick coating. The flat bottom, non-warping base, and aluminum center not only help drive heat through the base evenly but also makes it ideal for electric stoves.

Calphalon pan has a medium 3mm gauge, whereas their “Signature Collection” that we previously reviewed in best non-stick pan for gas stove has a high gauge with a 3-layered non-stick coating.

The sidewalls are gently sloped, and gracefully curved edges are suitable for sauteing, searing, and tossing. The flared edges make the usage of a spatula more convenient for flipping frittatas and omelets.

The non-stick pans flaunt a brushed stainless steel handle with a slightly concave curve for easy holding.

The pans have a two-pronged design that disperses heat, so the handle doesn’t get too hot during cooking. Instead of three riveted handles, as we see in the “Signature Collection,” the Classic pans are secured with two rivets.

Thanks to stainless steel handles, the pans can survive the hotter oven temperature of up to 450° F. The non-stick pan is accompanied by a tempered glass lid with a steel handle to accelerate cooking and retain heat and moisture.

  • Heat up and cool down quickly
  • Dual nonstick layer makes food release super smooth
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with a tempered glass lid
  • Not suitable for induction stovetops
  • Stainless steel handle gets hot

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3. Ozeri – Best PFOA Toxic-Free

Ozeri - Best PFOA Toxic-FreeThe Ozeri Stone Earth frying pan is composed of a German-derived stone coating free of PFOA, Gen X, and other harmful chemicals that release toxic fumes when heated above 500° F.

The company’s unparalleled Stonehenge coating delivers non-stick perfection with no additional effort required to release the food from the smooth surface.

Their Ceramic Green Earth pan has a honeycomb pattern, but Stone Earth’s interior is entirely flat with an Aluminum core used in the center of the construction.

The aluminum core and magnetized base bring about rapid heat transference and uniform spreading of heat. The magnetized base also contributes to its induction burner compatibility.

The non-stick pan is available in an array of eye-catching colors such as lava black, granite grey, and red clay to give you an option to choose the pan that goes well with your kitchen and aesthetics.

The pan’s silicone-coated handle is screwed to the interior with three rivets for a wobble-free handle in the long term. The handle has a concave curve to it for an added ease and remains cool during cooking.

The non-stick is slick and durable. If proper precautions regarding non-stick are followed, the pan can last year without needing to be replaced.

  • 100% PFOS and PFOA free coating
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Even distribution of heat across the pan
  • Handle remains cool during cooking
  • Outer black edges of the pan start peeling off after some time
  • No lid included

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4. Blue Diamond – Best Ceramic Frying Pan

Blue Diamond - Best Ceramic Frying PanBlue Diamond non-stick pans are recognized for their famous “Thermolon” non-stick coating infused with industrial-grade diamond dust, which is proclaimed to give the pan remarkable resilience and improve its non-stick performance manifold.

The pan has PFOA and PTFE-free non-stick construction and is one of the best ceramic non stick pan available in the market.

The inner core comprises Aluminum that evenly disperses the heat throughout the flat surface of the pan.

The pan also solves the problem of hitting the hotter ovens by incorporating a stainless steel handle. Unlike All-Clad’s signature uncomfortable and awkward handle, Blue Diamond has provided a handle with a higher arc that is comfortable to hold, easy to maneuver and has a better balance.

The pan’s base is forged to resist the warping of the pan that is the key requirement for being a better pan for electric stoves.

Performance-wise, the pan doesn’t disappoint. It heats up fast, disperses heat evenly, and we noticed a good browning in our meat cuts. Even the stickiest food releases the pan’s surface without the exterior assistance of spatulas.

Speaking of spatulas, the pan is shaped with angular walls that is more convenient for sliding spatulas under the food for turning it. The rolled edges of the pan help in the drip-free transfer of food to the plate.

The dishwasher-safe pan is scratch-resistant. However, the use of metal utensils or beaters can damage the non-stick surface.

  • The pan heats up fast and evenly
  • Nonstick coating is free from toxin materials
  • Won’t warp or wobble overtime
  • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 600°F
  • Not safe for induction cooktops
  • Handle is not heat-resistant

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5. Carote – Best Induction Cooktop Safe

Carote - Best Induction Cooktop SafeCarote non-stick pan resembles Sensarte in shape, coating, and design of the handle. It has a stone-derived five-layered Swiss coating that eliminates the risk of unhealthy PFOA.

The pan is from the collection “Essential Woody,” named after the handles that resemble wood and is used every day as an essential in the kitchen.

The handle’s material is Bakelite that remains cool-to-touch from start to finish of the cooking process, making it comfortable to hold.

The pan is ideal for electric stoves owing to the incredibly lightweight pan along with the flat bottom that lays evenly on the electric stovetop without scratching the surface.

Add to that the even distribution of heat due to the Aluminum core, the pan’s performance increases manifold and competes with the premium brands of non-stick.

The pan’s base has a stainless steel plate for induction burner compatibility.

Sidewalls of the pan are steep, resulting in more capacity. The pan is best fitted for tossing and sauteing heaps of vegetables without fearing that the ingredients would fly off the pan.

It comes with a lid, combined with the steep sidewalls and the lid, the pan can cook the food with moisture locked in with less splattering of oil drops.

The cleaning of the pan is easy as the food debris releases easily from the surface, and the surface doesn’t discolor even after cooking acidic food on it, making it look new for a longer period.

  • Superior and toxin-free nonstick coating
  • Compatible with induction and all other cooktops
  • Comfortable to grip and stay cool Bakelite handle
  • Not oven and dishwasher safe
  • High temperature cooking is not recommended

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6. Sensarte – Best Dishwasher Safe

Sensarte - Best Dishwasher SafeSensarte Non-stick pans are exceptionally lightweight, easy to maneuver, yet affordable. It is constructed with multi-layered Granite coating with a stainless steel base.

The stainless steel base not only makes it compatible with the induction burners but also helps in uniformly distributing heat across the surface on electric stoves.

The flat bottom non-stick pan is on the deep side with high side walls and has a roomy capacity to cook a large amount of food.

Combined with high steep walls and ample cooking surface, the pan prevents splatters while giving you the chance to toss vegetables and stir fry.

The pan is sturdy with a no-warping base that makes it appropriate to use on an electric oven, as warped pans can’t distribute heat evenly, especially on electric cooktops.

The pan’s bakelite handle fools the eye with the look of a wood-grained handle. Although the handle remains cool to touch when cooking on high heat.

The trade-off is it can’t withstand high-heat temperatures of the oven. A Sensarte pan can only endure 302° F of the oven, limiting the versatility of trying oven recipes.

The pan’s rivetless interior makes cleaning a breeze. The pan is labeled as “dishwasher safe,” but we don’t recommend washing it in a dishwasher frequently, for the sake of longevity.

  • Oil won’t pool around the edges
  • Granite non-stick coating is highly durable
  • Disperse heat evenly across the pan
  • Long and comfortable to grip handle
  • Bakelite wooden handle makes it a bit heavy
  • Lid not available

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7. Gourmex – Best for Gas Stove

Gourmex - Best for Gas StoveSturdily built with heavy-duty cast aluminum, this 11.5 inches frying pan doesn’t disappoint in performance due to detailed and thoughtful construction and design.

The pan has a titanium-based PFOA-free non-stick coating that is scratch and dent-resistant, adding to its longevity.

The flat bottom has a magnetic base that makes the cookware compatible with gas cooktops and induction stoves too.

Wide and flat surface with sloped sides and rolled edges of the pan ensures drip and mess-free food pouring.

Gourmex pan has a comfortable grip handle with a thumb rest on the top side of the handle, making it easier to hold and toss the food with your hands.

The handle is not riveted; instead, it is welded so you won’t have grease buildup inside the pan as we see in riveted pans, making cleanup easier.

Pan’s no-warping flat bottom lies evenly on the electric stove and makes it more desirable for electric stoves. The aluminum construction and flat bottom help in the quick and even dispersion of heat.

This non-stick is good for making eggs, crepes, and fish fillets that easily release the surface with no burnt and brown residues left behind. It eventually makes cleaning an easy affair.

  • Made of 100% PFOA free eco-friendly material
  • Superior nonstick coating makes transfer of food smooth
  • Compatible with all cooktops including induction
  • Durable and long lasting built
  • Avoid cleaning in dishwasher
  • Pan is not oven safe

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8. Utopia – Best Non Stick Pan for Electric Stove

Utopia - Best Pan Under $30Utopia’s non-stick pan is elegantly designed with an affordable price tag. The pan is constructed with a multi-layered toxic-free non-stick coating and has professional-grade aluminum sandwiched between the layers for better heat conductivity.

This best budget non stick pan has a magnetized base for induction burners but work well with electric stoves too. It heats up quickly, and the heat distribution is apt, which results in even browning without burnt edges.

Handle of the pan is designed by keeping comfort in mind. Its bakelite handle material remains cool even after a long duration of cooking. The handle has a hole at the far side for hanging it on the kitchen wall.

The pans are shallow with flared sides compared to Sensarte and Carote, thus not suitable for frying or boiling recipes.

Using a spatula in Utopia’s pan is convenient due to its shallow and angular sides; spatula can easily slide under frittatas, crepes, and pancakes for turning it.

Combined with shallow walls and effective non-stick quality, it is one of the best non-stick pans for eggs.

Although the pan’s bottom is completely flat, the interior surface is a bit concave, and the oil runs towards the edges of the pan.

The non-stick coating holds surprisingly well even after prolonged pan usage, and the coating remains unscathed if we only use plastic or silicone spatula.

  • Multi-layered excellent quality nonstick coating
  • Comfortable grip and strong handle
  • Doesn’t get scratches easily
  • Not oven and dishwasher safe

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9. Shineuri – Best Frying Pan for Oven

Shineuri - Best Frying Pan for OvenIt’s a triple non-stick pan set with glass lids at the price of one non-stick, making it the most budget-friendly on our list.

Sizes included in the package are 8, 9.5, and 11 inches; thus, all essential non-stick pan sizes are included sufficient for any kitchen’s needs.

Saving bucks doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the non-stick pan’s quality.

The pans are composed of a ceramic non-stick interior, and exterior coating reinforced with titanium. Its titanium coating makes it more resilient for daily grind in the kitchen.

The pans are deep with enough cooking and an appropriate height of sidewalls for tossing and flipping the food.

Shineuri non-stick pans are designed with stainless steel handles making them compatible for high-heat oven cooking of up to 550° F. the downside is that the pan’s handles are short, even though the pans have a better balance, they aren’t suitable for large hands.

Lids are also equipped with stainless steel handles, but in our tests, the pan’s handle got so hot that it was impossible to lift the lid without kitchen mittens.

The lids are oven-proof up to 350° F, so if you intend to cover the pan in the oven, don’t go beyond 350 degrees; else, the glass lid will shatter or get cracks.

As for the non-stick performance, we were surprised to see that the non-stick performance equals high-priced non-stick pans, and the food doesn’t stick on the surface.

  • Beautiful looking ceramic nonstick coating
  • Compatible with all stovetops including electric and induction
  • Tempered glass lid for perfect food view
  • Best for frying eggs
  • A bit costly compared to other pans in the list
  • Be careful – handles gets hot

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10. All-Clad Essential – Best for High Heat Cooking

All-Clad Essential - Best for High Heat CookingAll-clad non-stick Essential set consists of 8.5 and 10.5 inches skillets, designed especially to fulfill the varied requirements of different sized pans.

The premium set of skillet for electric stove set is constructed with a three-layered PFOA-free non-stick coating and reinforced with hard-anodized technology for making it more resilient and long-lasting.

High gauge flat bottom gives this pan set a feel of sturdiness. The pan’s bottom doesn’t have a bonded stainless steel plate for induction burner compatibility, and that’s the only difference in its HA 1 set, which is our best pick in a 12-inches non-stick pan.

The pans’ base lies flat with the electric stove surface and doesn’t cause scratches when you slide or adjust the pan.

Shape of the sidewalls is steep, and the pans are more on the deep side rather than shallow – a better choice for making curry, sauces, or heaps of food. Steep walls are also perfect for toss cooking without fear of ingredients flying around the stovetop.

All-Clad pans proudly flaunt their short stainless steel handle that is a bit uncomfortable when we hold it for a long time. But the stainless steel make allows the pan to go into the hotter oven with a maximum temperature of up to 500° F.

Since the pan’s bottom is non-warping even after sudden temperature changes and the high endurance of high oven heat, it is also one of the best non-stick pans for high heat.

  • 3 layers of toxic-free nonstick coating
  • Pan is oven safe up to 500°F
  • Dishwasher safe but it reduces pan’s life
  • Compatible with all cooktops
  • A bit heavy – makes flipping and tossing difficult
  • Steel handle gets hot

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Buying Guide For Non-Stick Pans For Electric Stoves

Pan’s Weight

Electric stoves with a glass surface are prone to cracking and breaking, especially if we carelessly plonk the non-stick pan on the electric stove. The non-stick pan’s heavyweight can contribute to its cracking. So, you should better choose a pan that is sturdy yet lightweight.

Non-Stick Pan’s Size

The non-stick pan’s surface diameter should be approximately equal to the electric stove’s diameter, and the pan doesn’t go beyond the glass stove’s diameter. It will help the pan to heat quickly and result in even dispersion of heat and fast cooking.

Material of Non Stick Pan

Choose the pans with aluminum used in its construction as it improves the heat conductivity of the pan. The heat conductivity is essential, especially in electric stovetops. Also, avoid cast iron or pure copper pans as they retain heat and have more weight, damaging the electric stove surface.

Non-Stick Pan’s Flat Bottom

When selecting a non-stick pan for an electric stove, make sure that the pan has a flat bottom that lays flush with the electric stoves. If the bottom doesn’t lay flat against the electric stove, the heat won’t be transferred to the pan evenly, which will adversely affect your cooking.

Similarly, the pan’s bottom should be smooth and texture less, so even if you slide the pan across the electric stove surface or adjust the pan during cooking, the stove doesn’t get ugly scratches on it.

Quick Response to Heat

Choose a non-stick pan with a quick response to heat. The pans with a high heat retention rate, such as cast iron or enameled cast iron, can get so hot, and the heat can transfer back to the glass top and result in shutting down the electric stove.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best non stick pan for electric cooktop?

  1. Oxo Good Grip – Best 8 and 10 Inch
  2. Calphalon Classic – Best 12 Inch
  3. Ozeri – Best PFOA Toxic-Free
  4. Blue Diamond – Best Ceramic Frying
  5. Carote – Best Induction Cooktop Safe
  6. Sensarte – Best Dishwasher Safe
  7. Gourmex – Best for Gas Stove
  8. Utopia – Best Under $30
  9. Shineuri – Best for Oven
  10. All-Clad Essential – Best for High Heat Cooking

Is an electric stove safe for non-stick pans?

Yes, non-stick pans can be easily used on electric stoves. In fact, non-stick pans are the better option among utensils due to the temperature control of electric stoves. The electric stoves can’t get over-heated, and thus, your non-stick coating remains intact for a longer period without damage because of high heat. And unlike woks, non-stick pans have a flat bottom which is an essential prerequisite for electric stoves.

What type of pan is best for an electric stove?

The best type of pan for electric stoves are cladded stainless steel, aluminum, and non-stick pans. Stainless steel pans with aluminum core increase their heat conductivity, resulting in a better and fast cooking experience.

Aluminum pans are lightweight and affordable, with the benefit of even and quick heat dispersion.

Non-stick pans are lightweight with a flat bottom that doesn’t scratch electric stoves, and their multi-layered and sturdy construction makes them ideal for heat distribution.

For their weight, cast iron skillets should be avoided, and ceramics can also tarnish and stain the electric stove surface.

Do you need a special pan for an electric stove?

As long as your pan’s bottom is flat and lightweight and doesn’t scratch your electric stove surface, you can use any pan for your electric stovetop. However, the warped pan’s base won’t work well with your electric stoves.

Do electric stoves damage pans?

No, Electric stoves don’t damage any pots and pans. Even the delicate non-stick pans are safer to use on electric stoves as the controlled temperature doesn’t damage the pan’s non-stick coating. The pans also don’t warp as often as we see on other stovetops, nor would you see black burned and scorched marks outside pans on electric stoves.

Can I use an induction pan on an electric stove?

Yes, you can use induction-compatible pans on an electric stove. Induction-compatible pans should also have a flat bottom that you need for electric stoves too. Also, electric stoves work by heating the pan’s surface so any flat surface, whether a stainless steel plate bonded to it or not, can work on an electric stove.

Wrapping Up

Owing to the specific requirement of flat bottom, size, weight, and material, finding the best non-stick pan for electric stoves can be hard. The non-stick cookware’s extensive array of choices with different coatings, weight, shape, and size only add to the confusion leading to indecisiveness. To help you select your next non-stick pan for an electric stove, we have done the hard work and hours of research and picked the best pans for you, so you don’t have to be unsure about your buying decision.

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