10 Best Placemats for Round Table [MAY 2022]

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Styling a round table can go horribly wrong, especially when you choose wrong placemats. Check these beautiful placemats for round table for better styling. Not every placemat can align with the round edges of the dining table.

The most vexing thing in setting a round table is the overlapping of placemats which make the dining table look crowded. If you choose a regular rectangle or square placemat, you are going to face alignment issues due to straight edges of the placemats.

  • So, which placemat would suit a round dining table?
  • Which shape and size of placemats would create a look that harmonizes with the dining table and the interior of the room?

Fortunately, with only a little extra effort, we can dress up the round table with placemats and eatery accessories to gain praiseworthy looks from the guests. As per our experience round & wedge shaped are the top-rated placemats for round table.

To protect wooden dining table from heat and stains check our top recommendations for the Best Placemats for Wood Table.

10 Best Placemats for Round Table [MAY 2022]

To make things easier for you, we have picked top placemats that are specially designed for round tables. Let’s have a look at curved and modern placemats for round table.

Our Top Pick

Shacos placemat for small table

1. Shacos

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Wrinkle and stain-resistant
  • Won’t slide around
  • Very easy to clean
Famibay heat resistant placemats 2. Famibay

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Premium quality material
  • Protect table from heat
  • Durable and long-lasting
Immokaz waterproof placemat 3. Immokaz

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Beautiful stylish design
  • Heat, stain, scratch protection
  • Waterproof and washable
IYYI dishwasher safe placemats 4. IYYI

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Toxic-free silicone material
  • Non-slip texture
  • Dishwasher safe mats
Topotdor stain-resistant placemats 5. Topotdor

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Attractive design and colors
  • Washable easy to clean
  • Foldable makes storage easy
Pigchcy slip-resistant placemats 6. Pigchcy

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Quality eco-friendly material
  • Heat-resistant
  • Color won’t fade
Bright Dream for protecting table 7. Bright Dream

Rating: 9.0/10

  • Heat and slip-resistant
  • Washable and dry quickly
  • Highly affordable
Jovono slip-resistant placemats 8. Jovono

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Extra thick placemats
  • Water won’t leak through
  • Very easy to clean
Kreatur placemats for special occasion 9. Kreatur

Rating: 9.0/10

  • Beautiful attractive design
  • Stain, slip and wrinkle-resistant
  • Ultra durable and reliable
Peking round table mats 10. Peking

Rating: 8.9/10

  • Protect table from heat
  • Non-slip textured bottom
  • Easy to clean and washable

1. Shacos – Best Placemats for Small Table

Shacos - Best Placemats for Small TableIf any placemat that perfectly fits the round table is the wedge-shaped placemat. These placemats are designed specially to meet the round dining table’s need, and the curved edges of the mat precisely align with the rounded perimeter of the table.

Shacos wedge placemats are crafted with 70% PVC and 30% polyester – a desirable combination for placemat material convenient to be used daily.

Specialty of these round table placemats is the weaving construction that gives it an elegant texture and a glossy sheen. The collection includes the blend of classic basket weave and bamboo-like weave stripes.

The textured yet simple-looking placemats come in the various neutral shades of tan, beige, grey, white, along with tones of blue, black, red, and green.

Besides, the aesthetically pleasing set of placemats is also functional as it can protect the dining table from scratches, and food spills.

Placed Shacos Placemats on Round Wooden Table Looking BeautifulBut please note that they are not entirely waterproof due to the weave.

Moreover, they are easy to clean placemats. Just wipe it after every meal and you are done. For removing tough stains you can use soapy water and rinse it thoroughly.

They are designed to resist heat upto some extent, the Shacos placemats have insulation power of up to 100 degrees Celsius.

The multifunctional placemats are stylish enough to be used in conference rooms, offices, patio, or outdoor dining.

  • Material is winkle and stain resistant
  • Very good with heat resistance
  • Don’t slide around on wood table
  • Easy to clean and non-fading
  • Liquid spills go through the mat
  • Slip a bit on glass table

2. Famibay – Best Heat Resistant Placemats

Famibay - Best Heat Resistant PlacematsThe polyester vinyl Famibay placemat brings style to the round table.

They are also in a wedge shape, so the outer round edges match the round dining table and don’t look uncoordinated like the traditional rectangle placemats look on the round table.

Famibay vinyl placemats are woven tightly to catch the food crumbs that are inevitable during every meal. They come in the set of 7 that incorporates the center round placemat.

These woven placemats have 7 attractive shades like beige, blue, silver grey – the shades that would pop on any wood or glass dining table. Famibay placemats pair beautifully with dinnerware on the round table.

The distinct characteristic of vinyl placemats is the comfort of cleaning that it offers. You don’t have to wash it in the machine. Just wipe clean it or immerse it in soap water to remove oily and tough food stains.

Even though the ease of cleaning makes it a treasure for daily use, you still have to be careful while placing extra hot bowls on the mats.

The insulation power and heat resistance is limited to 80 degrees Celsius, so anything which is superhot can cause scalding marks on the dining table. Since the placemats are woven, they are also not waterproof.

  • Provide decent protection from heat
  • Don’t slip on wood and glass table
  • Perfect for large table
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Loose weave let the spill seep through the mat
  • Not machine and dishwasher safe

3. Immokaz – Best Waterproof Placemats

Immokaz - Best Waterproof PlacematsIf you are seeking the best placemats for marble table, then undoubtedly Immakoz placemats is one of the ideal choices.

There is an extra charm and appeal to the leather’s texture and feel that would coordinate well with the swirls and veins of marble. Not just this, the modernistic grace of leather also goes well with the glass dining table.

Although made of synthetic leather, the texture and grain make it identical to natural leather.

The placemats have an accent stitching around the corner that alleviates their attractiveness.

This wedge-shaped placemat comes in 6 pieces per set. Also, the elegant color choices are likely to make you buy more than one set.

Tested Immokaz Placemats on Wood TableBeing made of leather, the placemats are easily wipeable with any damp sponge or cloth. Dry them in the shade to avoid cracking and sun damage.

These are effective heat-resistant placemats that can bear up to 80 degrees celsius. Temperature above that can result in the deformity of the placemats, so avoid placing very heated plates on them.

The water droplet texture and the luxe-color choices are not only suitable for indoor but can also grace outdoor dining settings, birthday parties, and holiday dinners.

The feature that we and many other users like the most of Immakoz leather placemat is  their waterproofness. So, accidental liquor spills will not damage the dining table.

  • Top quality material makes it durable & sturdy
  • Stain, heat and spill-resistant mat
  • It won’t slip or slide around
  • Cleaning is easy as pie
  • Release rubber type odor when unpacked
  • A bit small in size

4. IYYI – Best Dishwasher Safe Placemats

IYYI - Best Dishwasher Safe PlacematsWhile you see heat-resistant placemats that can bear only up to a maximum of 140 degrees Celsius, IYYI silicone placemats have bagged their place in the list of best heat-resistant placemats for round table.

The reason: they can bear scalding hot temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius. This feature makes them safe for microwave ovens.

In addition to that, they are also dishwasher-proof and are safe for refrigerators.

IYYI placemat’s shape is also wedged; however, the curvy side isn’t much deeper.

The Silicone used in the making of the placemat is also BPA-free and food grade. So, you can safely use it even if you have toddlers.

IYYI Wedge Shape Placemat Placed on Round TableAnother worth mentioning feature that we would love to mention about these Silicone placemats is their non-fussy cleaning. You can either wipe it or put them in the dishwasher.

If the stain doesn’t disappear, you can soak them in warm water for 20 minutes to dissolve the stain. The ease of cleaning makes them an ideal washable placemats for a round table.

Being made of Silicone, these are also waterproof, so liquid spillages will be contained by the placemat and won’t seep through them.

The placemats have a fine texture that gives them a firm grip and make them slip-resistant. Check their entire range for available colors and use them for any occasion or everyday meal.

  • Premium quality BPA & toxic-free material
  • Effectively protect table from water, heat, and stains
  • Non slip design prevent sliding
  • Dishwasher safe mats
  • A bit wide in size, may not look good on all tables
  • Food crumbs are difficult to clean

5. Topotdor – Best Stain-Resistant Placemats

Topotdor - Best Stain-Resistant PlacematsIf you want to dress your dining table to impress your guests, Topotdor is a right choice!

Made with concentric rings of cotton material, Topopdor round placemats come in various color palettes that include vivid variegated color placemats, dark single, bi-color mats as well as subtle neutral hues.

The concentric rings of these cotton placemats are joined by intricate stitches. Some of the placemats are braided that emphasizes the texture of mats.

The thick cotton material adds desired warmth and ambiance to the eating atmosphere and satisfyingly protects your table from scratches and scuffs.

Used Topotdor Placemats with Table ClothIf you want placemats for protecting wood tables, then the heat-resistant Topodor placemats would nicely fit the box of your needs. And you won’t have to worry about keeping hot plates, bowls, pots and pans on it.

Made of natural fibers and weaved in intricate designs, these placemats require extra care in cleaning. You can’t machine wash them. Wipe with damp cloth or do spot cleaning for food stains.

Additionally, the luxurious and elegant looking placemats perfectly compliments your dining and patio setting.

  • They are well made and durable
  • Available in very stylish and attractive designs
  • Protect table from scratches and stains
  • Liquid spills go right through it

6. Pigchcy – Best Slip-Resistant Placemats

Pigchcy - Best Slip-Resistant PlacematsThis brand has given a modish appeal to the wedge placemats for round table. The vibrant hues such as aquamarine, orange, black gold, burgundy red are meant to dress up your dining table with a fresh and contemporary feel.

These modern placemats are composed of vinyl and polyester that is considered ever-lasting due to its ease of maintenance.

The vinyl strips are weaved to create a textured look. The texture gives it enough friction to make it non-skid.

The simple wedge-shaped mats are comfortable to clean, taking away all the hurdles of clearing the dining table after a round of family meals. Simply wipe it or wash them under running water.

Pigchcy Placemats used on White Round TableUse a brush if small crumbs are stuck to the weave of the placemats. Using a brush won’t let the color fade, making it look vibrant and fresh even after months and years of usage.

As mentioned earlier, any placemat with a weave can’t be waterproof, but they are heat-proof to the extent of 85 degrees Celsius. We suggest don’t put anything over it which exceeds the given temperature; else, it will result in scald and burn marks on placemats.

  • Protect table from hot dishes and pots
  • Top and bottom of the mat is slip-resistant
  • Color don’t fade after wash
  • Can be wiped and washed
  • Not suitable for large dinner plates

7. Bright Dream – Best Placemats for Table Protection

Bright Dream - Best Placemats for Table ProtectionNavy, black gold, orange, green, red – These colors are not just ordinary. If you look at their collection, you will instantly be fascinated with their color choice.

Some dual dark and light shades are blended perfectly together. The wedge-shaped placemats are weaved to imitate the bamboo look that adds a textured accent to the dining table.

Composed of 70% PVC and 30% polyester, they come in a package of 6 placemats and 1 round centerpiece.

As for heat resistance, it can withstand around 100 degrees Celsius. Don’t try and test beyond this temperature.

Tried Bright Dream Placemats on Round TableThe beautiful combination of colors and design make them a praiseworthy decorative foundation to keep your vases, ashtrays on.

You can use the placemats every day or doll up your table with them for parties and festive dinners.

Just like any other woven vinyl placemat, you can wipe them after using or immerse them in hot soapy water to get all the stains out.

As per our experience storage of these placemats is super easy, you can roll them when they are not in use, but then laying them flat again might be a little problematic and time-taking as the sides can bend.

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  • Premium quality and eco-friendly material
  • Enhance beauty of the dining setting
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Color don’t fade after wash
  • Heat resistance is not up to the mark

8. Jovono – Best Round Shape Placemats

Jovono - Best Round Shape PlacematsSome people don’t like round placemats on round dining tables. However, the exceptions are always there, especially if something is as appealing as Jenovo round placemats.

From simple solid colors to marble-like patterns, you will surely find something that will appeal to you and blend perfectly with your dining room interior.

On examining these placemats closely we found that they have double-stitching around them, giving them finished edges and protection of usual wear and tear.

The placemat is dually thickened, which makes it heat and spill-resistant; protecting your table against heat, burn marks, and spills.

Using Jovono Red Placemats on Round Shape TableThe combined characteristics of heat-resistant and water-proof undeniably make them the perfect placemats for a wood round table.

Jenovo leather placemats come in a set of 4 or 8 with matching coasters. Placemats for small dining tables are hard to find, particularly for a round table, as such tables look overcrowded if bigger-sized placemats are used. Jenovo leather placemat size is 13.4 inches which does not give the dining table a cluttered look.

Check their glamorous gold color, which is hard to find with such unparalleled features. In fact, all the colors have that charismatic attractiveness that will add interest to your dining area.

  • Leather construction makes it highly durable
  • Thick and heat-resistant placemats
  • Stain and slip-resistant top & bottom
  • Waterproofness makes it cleaning easy
  • Some may find its size a bit small
  • Sticks firmly to the glass table

9. Kreatur – Best Placemats for Special Occasions

Kreatur - Best Placemats for Special OccasionsThe Kreatur placemats collection is substantially different from others. The whole collection is a mishmash of various materials and shapes.

If you prefer vinyl placemats, you can check their textured wedge-shaped placemats with different weaves and patterns.

However, if you choose to settle for leather placemats, you can check their embossed round scallop-shaped placemats in various colors and patterns.

You will also find intricate lacey designs in a sophisticated white color in Kreatur placemats collection.

All in all, the whole collection has enthralling patterns and textures to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Testing Kreatur Placemat on White Round TableEven though the placemats are different in materials and shape, they share a common ground of functionality. Yes, their entire range is visually pleasing and has the strength to be used daily.

Leather and vinyl both are resistant to heat. But these placemats are not waterproof. However, round leather ones are waterproof.

You can use these mats for decoration as well, due to their exquisite and visually appealing designs. We also used these placemats under vases and placed them on drawing room center table; design of these placemats gives you unlimited ideas to use them creatively.

  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Decent thickness provide good heat-resistance
  • Stain and slip-resistant mat
  • Easy to clean
  • Juice and ketchup stains are difficult to remove

10. PEKING – Best Round Table Mats

PEKING - Best Round Table MatsThe Peking round placemat’s specialty is the “warmth” and “cozy” effect that reminds us of the joyful colors of festivals and merry seasons.

These round placemats are fabricated with polypropylene and cotton, having whimsical woven patterns – perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or family gatherings.

Woven with bi-color yarn, they create an ombre effect with their light and dark shades. The collection includes 7 different playful colors that consist of sophisticated white and beige.

Imagine the heavenly look and soothing effect of white and blue on the wooden table and glass table.

Tried Placed PEKING Placemat on Round TableThe delicacy of the cotton woven placemat requires delicate hand wash.  The best part is the frequent wash will not fade the color of these placemats. Machine wash can result in fraying and falling apart of the placemat.

Not just that, being made with cotton, these thick woven placemats are resistant to heat up to 80 degrees Celsius.

The 15 inches diameter of Peking round placemats gives ample space to put your dinner plate on it. The classy texture look of these pretty mats also makes them a wonderful option for keeping your décor pieces on it.

  • Made of premium quality cotton
  • Protect table from scratches & heat
  • Braided design prevent slipping
  • Suitable for large dinner plates
  • Crumbs get stuck in the braided design

How to Make Round Shape Placemats

Round Table Placemats FAQs

What are the best placemats for round dining table?

  1. Shacos – Best for Small Table
  2. Famibay – Best Heat Resistant
  3. Immokaz – Best Waterproof Placemat
  4. IYYI – Best Dishwasher Safe
  5. Topotdor – Best Stain-Resistant
  6. Pigchcy – Best Slip-Resistant
  7. Bright Dream – Best for Table Protection
  8. Jovono – Best Slip Resistant
  9. Kreatur – Best for Special Occasions
  10. PEKING – Best for Round Table

What shape placemat is best for a round table?

Wedge-shaped placemats are specifically designed to match the curvy edges of the round table. Round tables are like a clear canvas where you can show your creativity by placing irregular-shaped placemats too (like pebble-shaped).

Square placemats aren’t suited for round tables as their straight edges don’t match the dining table’s round curves. However, you can place the square placemats by turning them sideways to create a whole new look.

Check our article on How to Set a Round Table with Placemats to get more ideas about round table placemats shapes and styling.

Can you put round placemats on a round table?

Although we prefer to break the monotony of shapes by not placing round placemats on the round table, there is no hard and fast rule for that, nor are you going against the etiquettes of the dining table. So, you can use the round placemats on the round table, but creatively and by using your aesthetic sense to decide.

How big should round placemats be?

The diameter or size of round placemats should coordinate with the dining table size. If you own a big dining table, then placing small sized round placemats would look out of kilter, and the same goes for using large placemats on small tables.

The largest round placemats you can find have 15 inches diameter, so you can go for sizes smaller than 15 inches if you have a small-sized table.

Another way to check the perfect size is to cut mockup round paper placemats using any cardboard, place them on the dining table to assess their look and size before ordering them.

How do you decorate a round table?

The main thing to remember is that the round table doesn’t have that much area to play with, especially small round tables. So the minimalistic approach of designing the round table should be utilized.

  • The center vase or decorative item shouldn’t be too big to consume the whole space.
  • You can stack up the plates and bowl to save space.
  • The placemats shouldn’t be too overwhelming.
  • If you are combining placemats and tablecloths, the table cloths “drop” or “overhang” shouldn’t be too big. (Especially for informal dining).
  • Tablecloths and placemats should have a contrast in color and pattern.
  • You can also use a charger plate if you aren’t fond of round placemats.

Can you use a runner on a round table?

Yes, you can use a runner on the round table too. If your round table is small, you use a narrow table runner instead of a wider one. Place it under the centerpiece, so it hangs from both sides. You can also mix and match the runner with the tablecloth.

Another idea is to use two runners and place them in a way that makes a “plus sign” on the dining table, and you will mesmerize your guests with your dining table decoration.

Wrapping Up!

Setting a round table with placemats requires an extra bit of effort as the round table’s dimensions don’t match square or rectangle placemats. Choose placemats wisely and garner compliments from left and right. To cut your work in choosing the placemats that coordinate with the round edges of the table, we have reviewed the 10 best sets of placemats. Have a look at them and decide for yourself.

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