Best Holiday Season Deals on Pellet Grills 2021

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The Holiday season sale on pellet grills are available now and the famous brands like Z Grills, Traeger, Camp Chef etc.. are offering a big discount. So, don’t miss the opportunity to get one at an affordable price.

If you are contemplating buying a pellet grill to give your meat the traditional flavor of smoke without hassling with charcoal or sacrificing the taste with a gas grill, let us tell you, you are going in the right direction.

The “set and forget” pellet grills are run by food-grade wood pellets that give you an added convenience and let you set the temperature precisely. Don’t miss our recommendations for the Hottest Holiday Season Sale on Kitchen Appliances and Cookware.

Check Pellet Grills Holiday Season Deals

Best Holiday Season Deals on Pellet Grills 2021

While Holiday Season deals bring a lot of excitement, it also carries constant confusion as to which appliance to buy that has the best configuration and best discount rate. Below we are listing the best pellet smokers Holiday season 2021 deals. Also check Holiday Season deals on electric smokers.

1. Masterbuilt MB20041220 Check Holiday Season Deal
2. Camp Chef PG24MZG Check Holiday Season Deal
3. Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Check Holiday Season Deal
4. Camp Chef SmokePro Check Holiday Season Deal
5. Z GRILLS ZPG-450A Check Holiday Season Deal

Buying Guide for Pellet Grills

The wide variety of available pellet grills and the different discount rates can make you indecisive. To address the issue, we have picked top pellet grill modes with the best discounts and mentioned the factors you should look for when buying the pellet smokers.

Freestanding Vs. Built-in Pellet Grills

  • Freestanding Grills: Freestanding pellet grills are better for patio or outdoor grilling due to mobility, wheels, size, and handles. Some freestanding pellet grills offer side or bottom storage or an extra side gas burner to keep the food warm or cook any extra dish.
  • Built-in Pellet Grills: Some pellet grills with gas burners are built-in. Their exterior is usually made of stainless steel to match other kitchen appliances.


Many low-priced pellet grills are made of wrought iron, which will rust subsequently. Therefore, the better option is to buy a heavy-duty stainless steel pellet grill.

Cooking Surface

The cooking surface should be the main consideration before deciding on the pellet grills. If you like to host large parties, select the bigger cooking surface.

The cooking area comprises of:

  • Primary cooking grate
  • Secondary racks

Since most of the pellet grills use an indirect cooking approach, there shouldn’t be any difference in temperature in both cooking surfaces. Therefore, 450 square inches of primary cooking surface and 150 square inches of the secondary rack are better than buying a pellet grill with 500-600 square inches.


The Pellet grill’s hopper size will determine how long your pellet grill can operate unsupervised. It’s the storage container for wood pellets, from which the auger feeds the required pellets into the firepot. The bigger the hopper size, the longer it can work without refilling and making more food in a single batch.

Temperature Range

Choose the pellet grill that offers a broader temperature range. The most common range found in pellet grills is 150-500 or 600 °F. Some high-end pellet grills go beyond 700°F for searing the food. Vertical grills have temperatures as low as 150°F for delicate foods.

Entry-level pellet smokers would hardly reach 500°F.

Temperature Controllers

The temperature controller is the main component of the pellet grills that makes the pellet run by themselves without supervision and gives you precision in temperature.

Non-PID Controllers: Non-PID controllers are found in entry-level pellet grills and either give you ten preset temperature controllers or increase the temperature by one touch in 5-10°F increment.

PID Controllers: PID means “Proportional Integral Derivative.” PID controllers work in conjunction with sensors inside the cooking chamber, which manages interior temperature based on fan speed and the rate at which the pellets are being fed into the firepot. Thus, the temperature is precise and accurate, with 5 degrees of your preferred temperature.

Smart Controllers: PID controllers plus wi-fi connectivity and the android app gives more edge in controlling the temperature and adding convenience. These controllers are in the higher-end models of pellet grills.

Ease of Cleaning

Choose a pellet grill with a pullout ash removal system where you can remove the ashtray and clean it for later use.

Wrapping Up!

Yeast end sale is a great occasion to buy pellet grills in advance to prepare for the BBQ season. Remember! The Holiday Season and Cyber Monday sales are for a limited period only; you won’t get these discounts all year round, especially around BBQ season when the demand is high on grills. So, hurry up and decide! Go through our buying guide and top picks if you are uncertain about which pellet grills to buy on Holiday Season.

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