11 Best Ice Cream Makers As Per Consumer Reports [MAY 2022]

10 Best Ice Cream Makers Consumer Reports [Electric, Manual, Compressor]

For making fluffy, creamy ice cream to snow cones, you need the best ice cream maker. After studying various consumer reports we have compiled a list of good ice cream making machines. We have seen MasterChef contestants making ice cream from scratch and presenting in front of the esteemed judges the smooth, luscious scoop of … Read more

10 Best 700 Watt Microwave for Small Countertop [MAY 2022]

Best 700 Watts Microwave Under $100

Wondering if 700 watts microwave will fulfill your needs? Yes it will. There are some best 700 watt microwave that are powerful & have small foot print. A 1000 watts microwave is considered a baseline wattage for fast reheating and cooking, but it is costly and space-consuming. With a small kitchen or dorm room and for … Read more

10 Best Air Fryer Microwave Combo [MAY 2022]

Best Air Fryer Microwave Combo for the Money

Searching for the best air fryer microwave combo? Look no further. After thorough testing and research we have compiled a list of top 10 for you. Not everyone is blessed with spacious kitchens. And with smaller kitchens, we often have to sacrifice our favorite appliances to manage the clutter on the counter. And among the … Read more

AmazonBasics 700 Watt Microwave with Alexa [Review 2022]

AmazonBasics 700 Watts Microwave with Alexa - Review

The affordable microwave that comes with your next kitchen talking partner Alexa. AmazonBasics unveiled its first smart microwave with Alexa in 2018 and met with mocked and mixed reactions. Masses weren’t ready for the concept of hurling instructions to the microwave, and the microwave didn’t seem to appease the critics. Reason: The first-ever Alexa-powered microwave … Read more

Farberware 900 Watt Microwave [Performance Review & Comparison]

Farberware 900 Watt Microwave [Performance Review & Comparison]

Farberware 900 watt microwave is an affordable oven for home, office, dorm use. Read this review to learn about its performance and shortcomings. Convenience is the staple of Farberware, and the brand’s range of microwaves amass admiration from culinarians from all around the world. Farberware Classic Microwave that we are reviewing here has the configurability … Read more

Black+Decker 700 Watts Microwave Review [2022]

Black+Decker 700 Watts Microwave Review, Performance & Comparison

EM720CB7 Black+Decker 700 watts is a compact microwave with good capacity and works well with small families and cramped spaces. It is fairly economical and sustainable, coupled with a dash of standard features. Surprisingly, it performs pleasingly well in all aspects even after having only 700-watts power output. For more options you can check our recommendations … Read more

10 Best 900 Watt Microwave 2022 [Compact & Power Efficient]

Best 900 Watt Microwave - Compact and Power Efficient

900-watt microwaves fall under the category of mid-range and moderately powered microwaves to bring convenience to your kitchen. The best 900 watt microwave are user-friendly, fast enough to reheat food, cook veggies, or pop the entire pack of popcorn without burning. These are space-saving appliances that can be easily placed on the small countertop, dorm … Read more

RCA RFR322-B RFR322 Review – Best Fridge for Small Space

RCA RFR322-B RFR322 - Best Mini Fridge for Small Apartment Bedroom and Office

RCA RFR322-B RFR322 single door mini fridge with freezer, an appliance suitable for small kitchen, apartments, bedroom & office. A large-sized fridge is not always suitable to meet your needs. When you have a small space like a small kitchen, dorm room or want an extra fridge for your bedroom so that you won’t have … Read more

Best Electric Smokers 2022 [Specs, Features & Buying Guide]

Best Electric Smokers 2022 [Specs, Features & Buying Guide]

Get an electric smoker that is simple to run and clean. These are the tried and tested best electric smokers to buy in 2022. Electric smokers, pellet smokers, BBQ grills, and other smokers are appliances that are not a basic necessity. So BBQ lovers relish discounts and deals on such appliances. Electric smokers are the best … Read more

Ninja FD401 Foodi – Best Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo

Ninja FD401 Foodi - Best Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo

If there’s one appliance that exhibits a whole gamut of cooking abilities, it’s the Ninja Foodi FD401 Deluxe XL that combines pressure cooking and air frying in one appliance. Why buy multiple kitchen appliances, when you can have one Ninja Foodie that multitasks – pressure cooking and air frying. But that must be high-priced, you … Read more