AmazonBasics 700 Watt Microwave with Alexa [Review 2022]

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The affordable microwave that comes with your next kitchen talking partner Alexa.

AmazonBasics unveiled its first smart microwave with Alexa in 2018 and met with mocked and mixed reactions.

Masses weren’t ready for the concept of hurling instructions to the microwave, and the microwave didn’t seem to appease the critics.

Reason: The first-ever Alexa-powered microwave had some glitches and connectivity issues.

But if you want to comprehend the scale of its success, see how it’s still thriving in 2021 with more than 25,000 positive reviews.

AmazonBasics microwave has laid the foundation for smart microwaves, and many other brands are following the foot-steps by launching a microwave line integrated with Alexa.

With only $75, AmazonBasics has given you an offer you can’t refuse (Yes, the Godfather style offer). It’s the only device with Alexa integration that you can find at such a bargain price.

So, even if you frown over certain glitches, you wouldn’t be able to say no to having a device that talks back.

Just to let you know that AmazonBasics offers the microwave with and without EchoDot.

With EchoDot, its price is just under $100, and in such a price range, you can find better-powered alternatives such as Farberware Microwave with 900 watts.

Our Take

It’s a promising microwave and the only one that you can find at such a lucrative price.

A compact microwave with 700 watts and is meant only for small families. Apart from some inconvenience of connectivity and Alexa reliability issues, it’s the best bargain you will find. Even Alexa is getting smarter with each update.

  • A budget-friendly microwave
  • Voice controlled features that you can’t find in other microwaves
  • Compact and straightforward design
  • It can be used manually too if you don’t want to use Alexa
  • Unpretentious boxy-look and size
  • Not suitable for large families
  • Echo Speaker is a must-have to operate Alexa
  • Alexa is sometimes unresponsive

AmazonBasics 700 Watt Microwave with Alexa [Review 2022]

Unpretentious Boxy-Look and Size

Amazon Alexa Microwave is an unpretentious appliance with a simple black metal body and boxy look. If you see it among other microwaves lined up on the shelves, you won’t notice any difference and wouldn’t even probably give it a second glance.

That’s how it is! You can’t judge the book by its cover.

The black Alexa-powered microwave works exactly like an average microwave with all its physical buttons on the right-side control panel.

From where you can set power levels, see the LED display timing, defrost by “weight” and “time” buttons, a 30 seconds addition option that shares the “Start” button. All of it is just like a standard microwave until you notice the “Ask Alexa” button. That’s when you know it’s unique.

Another worth-noting point is, there aren’t any preset buttons on the control panel. So, does the most hyped AmazonBasics lack the most basic and desirable auto-cook presets?

Read on till you know.

Indeed, you aren’t expecting a microwave that can cook for a large family at such a price range. The microwave size is similar to our previously reviewed microwave, Black & Decker 0.7 cubic ft. microwave.

Its external dimensions are 17.3w. x 10.1h . x 14.1d inches. But the inner cavity of this black-beauty is roughly 11 inches in width, 7 inches in height, and 10 inches in depth.

Setting up AmazonBasics Microwave

The setup is relatively simple. If you don’t want to connect it with Alexa – which I am sure you will do, simply plug it in and get it started as a generic microwave.

For enabling Alexa, make sure you have an updated Alexa app installed on your smartphone.

To register the microwave in your app, open the app’s interface, click on devices, find the microwave from the list, select Amazon Alexa and follow the on-screen instructions from there.

You need to have an Amazon Echo device to pair it with your microwave as the microwave doesn’t have a microphone installed in it.

Amazon Alexa’s Functionality- Alexa, Reheat 1 Cup of Coffee

So, is it necessary to have Alexa integrated with your microwave? No, absolutely not.

We have even heard skeptical reviews such as if we have to walk and put the plate inside the microwave, why can’t we press a few buttons rather than bothering about its connection to the internet. It seems like more trouble, duh!

But then we have read tons of positive reviews where they have praised Alexa as she has been a friend to elders or disabled for whom understanding a simple microwave is also a cumbersome process.

Kids who can now reheat their food without supervision or having a fear of entering wrong commands and nuking the dinner in the process.

Busy or greasy hands where you don’t want to touch the buttons. And after all, it’s fun!

Quick Cook Presets

We have mentioned above that AmazonBasic lacks the manual buttons for quick-cooking simply because you can command Alexa for quick cooking.

“Who needs buttons for quick presets when you can command Alexa.”

Now, the important thing to know is AmazonBasics lacks the sensor for food weightage and volume. So, you will need to say, “Alexa, reheat 10 ounces of pasta.”

It seems like a headache if you don’t have the scale or not sure about the size or weight. In that case, you can say, “Alexa, reheat for 5 minutes”. Alexa will obey and start the reheating at full power.

Another amusing thing we found about it is the “Ask Alexa” button. So if you press it, you will only have to say, “1 cup of coffee” for reheating.

Now, uttering two more words won’t make you late for your office, but the purpose of it is to awaken Alexa from its dizzying dreams if it ever hangs up.

Cooking Performance

Don’t forget that the microwave’s only function is cooking and reheating, no matter how cool Alexa is and how quickly she reacts to our commands.

AmazonBasics’ 0.7 cubic ft. microwave is not a beefy appliance with super-hero skills to cook the food faster. In fact, it is a moderately-powered 700 watts microwave.

So, as expected, it can’t be as fast as a high-powered 1000 watts microwave, but it accomplishes its tasks conveniently and convincingly.

“The quick cook presets and Alexa commands are hit or miss that can be learned by trial and error.”

To help you get fully versed in using Alexa, Amazon has listed a comprehensive manual guide. Use it for better results.

In reheating and defrosting food, it performed well. However, as a new user, you might get frustrated if Alexa can’t understand or you have to repeat the command until you get it right.

Stir the food to avoid cold-centered food. The popcorn popped excellently in the microwave. Yay! for movie nights.

AmazonBasics Microwave Unboxing and Alexa Testing

Comparison of AmazonBasics with Farberware Microwave

Comparison of AmazonBasics with Farberware MicrowaveLet’s compare AmazonBasics to another competitive and well-performing microwave that falls under the same price range if we buy AmazonBasics with an EchoDot.

So by spending a few more dollars, you can buy Farberware that is a bit bigger than Amazon Basics and has 900 watts. Keeping in mind the 900 watts, of course, Farberware cooks faster. However, none of these microwaves have additional sensors or grill mode.

Both have 10 power levels to give control over how you like to cook your food. In addition to that, all other features are similar in both microwaves.

If you have a small family or living in a cramped space, then a compact microwave like AmazonBasics would do good as Farberware has a slightly larger footprint.

The main difference is that Farberware has a manual input system for commands. If you like your home to be smart and want to abreast yourself with technology, Alexa-powered AmazonBasics would be a decent choice. You only have to spare a few more minutes while Alexa can cook for you.

To conclude, we will say:

“Alexa, Stop cooking!”

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