10 Best Placemats for Square Table 2021

best placemats for square table

Your square table can be adorned with various placemats designs, patterns, and dimensions. The beauty of the square table is that it can pull off various styles and materials, be it linen leather or felt and vinyl. However, these tables are short in length, and unlike rectangular tables, they take less space. The point of … Read more

10 Best Washable Placemats 2021 [Very Easy to Clean]

Best Washable Placemats [Waterproof & Machine Washable]

A newly bought set of placemat can practically become useless if it gets stained by oily food, ketchup, or wine spills unless you have no issue with placing stained placemats in front of the guests or even family members. A wrong purchasing decision may result in that happening, as some placemats can’t be cleaned easily. … Read more

10 Best Placemats For Glass Table 2021 [Scratch & Heat Protection]

Best Placemats for Glass Table [Protect From Scratches & Heat Marks]

The glass dining table adds a modern flair with its irresistible charm. It radiates sophisticated and contemporary appeal with its polished transparent surface. However, the placemats are necessary to use with a glass tabletop. You can’t imagine what carelessly putting dinner plates or hot bowls can do to your beautifully looking glass dining table. A … Read more

Bright Dream Placemats for Wood Table [Review]

Bright Dream Heat Resistant Placemats Review

“If you want placemats with playful colors and textures that are easy to clean and can be used on festive dinners and daily meals, Bright Dream placemat is an ideal choice.” Placing a tablecloth on the dining table for daily meal times seems like a tough job. Besides, ironing and cleaning the linen tablecloth is … Read more

SHACOS Wedge Shaped Placemats for Round Table

SHACOS Wedge Shaped Placemats for Round Table

Shacos is the name of “versatility.” Unlike many other brands that sell table mats and tabletops in a single material, Shacos manufacture products in a variety of materials to cater everyone’s distinctive needs. Why Choose Shacos? Shacos collection of placemats range from foam thick and PVC material to linen and cotton. Another reason for the … Read more

DII Cotton Best Placemat for Everyday Use [REVIEW]

DII Cotton Placemats | Best Placemat for Everyday Use [Review]

A well-laid dining table has the charm to create an atmosphere full of warmth, where the dining experience is elevated by the simple use of placemats. Although the primary function of placemats is to protect the table from spills, scratches, and heat marks, the placemats also add décor to the table. DII Cotton Best Placemat … Read more