Pauwer Placemats | Best Placemat for Protecting Dining Table

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If you are looking for a set of placemats to protect your wooden or glass table, then Pauwer Placemats is the best choice!

Placemats are not an extra; they are essential to the dining table. Whether you like the minimalist style or favor the classic style tablescape by dressing it up with layers, placemats have found their way in both styles by their dazzling look.

Pauwer Placemats | Best Placemat for Protecting Dining TableWhenever we are contemplating our choices to buy a placemat, we find a brand named “Pauwer.” The brand is known for producing decor items and mats, including aesthetically pleasing yet functional placemats.

Pauwer’s placemats are frequently being listed as the best protective placemats for dining tables and for all the right reasons.

Not just they protect the table from scratches and food mess, these placemats can be used on other tabletops because of their earthy tones.

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Pauwer Placemats | Best Placemat for Protecting Dining Table

Here, in this unbiased review, we will discuss both positives and negatives of the Pauwer placemats for protecting table from heat and burns.

Easy-Care Vinyl Material

Pauwer’s placemats are made with Vinyl material and have a desirable combination of 70% PVC and 30% polyester. Even though their placemats are made of synthetic plastic material, they don’t have a flimsy and cheap feel.

Don’t Sacrifice Beauty!

The brand isn’t just famous for protective placemats; they are artistically woven with vivid hues that gradually shift in color, creating stripes of different colors. The perfectly interwoven vinyl strings create such a rich texture.

Not just that, Pauwer placemats enliven the table with its gleaming and lustrous shine. Their lustrous and vibrant hue changes slightly when you look at it from a different angle, creating an iridescent effect that only adds to its amazement.

Using synthetic material vinyl, people may get concerned that they can’t surpass the elegance of luxurious fabric placemat, but the effect is quite the opposite and surprisingly pleasant.

Standard Size For Dining Tables

heat resistant placematThe standard size for any rectangular placemat is 12 x 18 inches. And it is what Pauwer offers; their mats have a size of 12 x 18 inches (45 x 30) cm. The placemats don’t have rough edges around them.

The Perk: You can cut them to your desired size if you wish to place them on the bedside table or use it as a foundation for keeping things on any tabletop. Even after trimming, the edges don’t fray.

The Best Feature – Easy to Maintain

The undeniably best feature of Pauwer placemats is their ease of maintenance. Oftentimes, after hosting a warm dinner party, we feel exhausted to manage a harrowing clean-up task. It’s not the case with Pauwer placemats.

easy to clean placematTheir cleaning involves the following steps.

  • Shake the crumbs and food bits.
  • Wipe clean them or put the placemat under running water if there is no oily stain.
  • If there is a tough food stain on it, soak them in soapy water, and you can also use the brush for tough stains or food stuck in the weave of the placemat.
  • The placemats dry quickly and are ready for the next mealtime.

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Where Can We Use It and How Often?

If you think that you can only use them for the dining table, you are mistaken. You can use these beautifully textured placemats to dress your nightstand under a coffee maker or use them on the living room center table; the choice is all yours!

Since the vinyl material has made them so easy to clean, you can use them for everyday dining. Besides that, these placemats can don up your dining table for BBQ, Christmas, holiday feasts, etc.

Placemat That Compliments Various Dining Tables

The burgundy red and different tones of blue compliments various dining tables. Whether you own a dark placemats for glass tablewooden table, a marble dining table, or have the finest glass table for dining, Pauwer placemats attract everyone with their glistening look and blend perfectly with the décor.

Kids in the Family?

If you have kids in the family and don’t want to spend extra on placemats for kids, your next best choice is Pauwer placemats. The reason: The placemats are easy to clean after the messy eating session of your kids.

Not So Non-Slip!

The weave of the vinyl-made placemats provide some friction to them, but they are still not so non-slip and can move around with the touch of a hand. Once you put dinnerware on it, they will stay in their place.

Are These Placemats Heat-Resistant?

Being made of plastic, the placemats heat resistance is not exemplary. However, these mats still have the insulation property of up to 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit), which is reasonable enough for warm plates and bowls.

Temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Celsius will surely damage the placemat and table too. So be wary of placing cups and pots on the mat that you have just taken out from the oven.

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Are They Waterproof Placemats?

Although plastic or PVC is usually waterproof, Pauwer placemats are not. Anything that is woven can never be waterproof. The water can always find its way from the vinyl strings and ruin the table, so wipe it quickly if it ever happens.

Wrapping Up!

Pauwer placemats are definitely commendable for their ease of maintenance and durability. These woven and textured placemats are worth every penny for everyday use, get-togethers, and festive dinners. Check out their earthy tones and matching runners before buying the placemats.

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