Bright Dream Placemats for Wood Table [Review]

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“If you want placemats with playful colors and textures that are easy to clean and can be used on festive dinners and daily meals, Bright Dream placemat is an ideal choice.”

Placing a tablecloth on the dining table for daily meal times seems like a tough job. Besides, ironing and cleaning the linen tablecloth is more of a hassle.

But surely, plonking the plates on a bare dining table is like breaking an etiquette rule. That’s the reason we use placemats on the dining table for daily use.

We compare a lot of brands and companies when buying placemats for wood table. Sure, linen and cotton look heavenly, but these are the magnet to stains.

Daily cleaning is hard for natural-material placemats. But Bright Dream is the brand that manufactures breathtaking vinyl placemats that are easy to clean and fit in the box of your needs.

The brand offers not only regular rectangle placemats. You can also find round and printed placemats with geometrical shapes.

Bright Dream Placemats for Wood Table [Review]

However, here we will review their most impressive collection of a set of placemats and present all their features.

Top Features of Bright Dream Placematsbest material for placemats

  • Heat-resistance
  • Unfussy Cleaning
  • An exceptional range of patterns and designs
  • Multiple Uses

Low-Maintenance Material

The term “vinyl” and “easy maintenance” is almost correlated. This set of placemats we are reviewing are made of “vinyl” material – 70% PVC and 30% polyester.

The blend of these specific materials is used primarily in placemats for the reason of low-maintenance. Although the material is synthetic, it is more convenient for the daily usage of placemats.

Looks Exquisite on the Dining Table

best vinyl placematsThe theme of your room is an embodiment of your taste. By choosing a placemat that mismatches your table and interior can ruin your reputation in front of your guests.

Bright Dream collections have sublime placemats designs in different aesthetic colors. There are above forty varying colors available; unique patterns and hues that not only have a calming effect but also give an overall elegant look to your tables and rooms.


Heat marks look appalling on a lacquered wooden dining table. That’s the reason one should look for the placemat that is insulated to heat.

Bright Dream placemats are heat-resistant and they can protect your dining table against a temperature up to 100 degrees Celsius. So, placing a hot steaming bowl or plate won’t result in a ghastly white heat mark embedded onto the surface.

However, don’t put anything superhot exceeding 100 degrees Celsius.

If you are looking for a placemat with good heat-resistance, you must check our list of top 10 Best Heat Resistant Placemats.

Unfussy Cleaning

waterproof placematsBeing made of plastic, Bright Dream placemats can be spotlessly cleaned by using unfussy cleaning methods. After every meal, you can simply wipe clean it.

For deep cleaning the placemats, you can soak the placemat in warm soapy water. You can scrub the food stains out by using a brush. These are non-fading placemats, so the color won’t fade by scrubbing the brush on it.

The ketchup marks are hard to clean, especially if the stain gets dry, so be careful about it or clean it immediately to avoid permanent stain.

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Offering Standard Size

The whole mesmerizing collection of Bright Dream placemats has an ideal 12 x18 inches size (45 x 30 cm), which is considered the best rectangular size for dining tables of any shape.

The mat has a considerable space to put your dinnerware, cutlery, and wine glass on it.

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The Bonus: Not only do the placemats come in the quantity of 4, 6, and 8 to choose from according to the members of your family, but also some of them have matching table runners.

So, if you want your placemats for semi-formal occasions, you can buy the set with matching table runners. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

Range of Usage

setting placemats on tableDaily Use: As we mentioned earlier, Bright Dream placemats are ideal for everyday use because they are easy to clean.

Informal Get-Togethers: If you think that plastic or vinyl placemats are tacky and exhibit a lack of style, check the enthralling collection of Bright Dream placemats. You will likely change your view.

The enticing texture and the hues will surely let your creative juices flow for an Instagrammable table dressing.

Festive Dinners: The special festival demands special décor of the table. The whole range has many placemats that add a touch of glamour to your themed-table and perfectly suit your modern serve ware.

Other Uses: These placemats make a foundation to beautiful settings for coffee tables, vases, and ashtrays. Some sophisticated colors and subtle prints can also be used in offices and business conferences.

Roll it to Store it

Unlike some placemat materials that wrinkle or get curled by rolling, you can easily roll them for storing them away and take them out whenever you need them. The benefit of rolling is that they consume less space in your drawers, and you don’t have to fiddle and remove extra things on top of it to take them out of the drawers.

Are These Placemats Waterproof?

Bright Dream placemats are waterproof. The designs are weaved with vinyl strings, and any liquid spill can seep through them. So, you will have to be a bit careful if you place it on your wooden table.  Machine washing of placemats is not recommended for that you can check out the best machine washable placemats.

Wrapping Up!

For safeguarding your table against scratches, food, and liquor spills, you can definitely go for Bright Dream placemats. The thing you will like the most is their range of patterns, colors and designs which you don’t see in any other collection and some of these also have a matching runner, so you won’t have to buy separately.

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