How to Protect Wood Table from Heat Marks and White Stains

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Wooden tables are susceptible to spills, white heat and burn stains. Read on our tips to protect wood table from heat marks to prolong their lifespan.

There’s nothing like owning an exquisite wooden table that can give your home a stylish boost. Whether it is used to catch a quick bite or relish everyday meals, as a coffee table or just as a surface to keep things; they require maintenance and care from the owner.

While children are in the rampage mood, guests mindlessly plonking hot coffee cup on the table, you always find it challenging to protect wood table from heart marks, burns, and scuffs. But the wood beauty, be it vintage, new or antique, can be protected from moisture and heat marks.

How to Protect Wood Table from Heat Marks & White Stains

Before discussing how you can protect your wooden artistry from the heat marks, let’s understand what causes heat marks on the wood.

What Causes White Heat Marks on Wood?

Ring-shaped, cloudy or shapeless burn marks – All make an appearance on our treasured wooden tables from time to time. These white heat stains are the reaction of heat and moisture.

When you place hot plates or coffee mugs, or even icy-chilled drinks on your table, the moisture penetrates the wooden material. The moisture enters the pores and damages the wood finish. The pores close upon cooling and trap the moisture inside. We see the result of this heat and moisture in the shape of white blotches.

Protective Layering to Safeguard Your Wooden Table

Buying protective layering is an investment everyone should make. It not only add style to the table but also protects wood table from burn marks.

1. Heat-Resistant Placemats

Placements not only level up the décor of your table; they also act as a protector of your dining table. They come in a plethora of materials from plastic, leather or wooden to natural jute. The high-grade heat resistant placemats are the best as they can bear heat as high as 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Invest in a high-quality heat-insulated placemat as they are the best placemats for wood table to protect it from spills and burns.

2. Place a Glass Top

Adding a custom-made glass top on your wooden table gives an aesthetic look to the table. In addition to that, it acts as a protective layer from heat and condensation. Placing a warm plate straight out of the oven or hot coffee mug will not affect the wooden surface beneath. Your wood is protected from ugly and blotchy stains. To protect glass from white marks you can use placemats for glass table.

If you think using placemats is an outdated idea, you should read – Are Placemats Out of Style?

3. Coasters

We often get mesmerized by the beauty and patterns of coasters. But they aren’t décor pieces. The delicate coasters come in myriads of designs and materials including plastic, tiles, cork resin and many more. Some materials have insulating properties and are heat-resistant. It is safe to place your steaming hot cups on coasters as they can heat-proof your tables.

4. Trivets

Usage of trivets is another way to protect tables from heat and moisture. You can find trivets in wood, steel, cork, silicone and glass and they are often supported by legs. But you can find flat trivets too. Some of the trivets can get as hot as the pot itself even after just a few minutes. If touched accidentally, it can burn your hands. Silicone trivets don’t heat up as much and are almost remain at room-temperature when we touch it.

5. Fabrics Coated with PVC

Fabrics coated with PVC can also act as a savior to your table guarding it against chips, protecting from scratches and white heat marks. They also add décor and a pop of color to your dining table and leaves you worry-free from burns, spots and spillages.

How to Remove Heat Marks From Wood Table

When the damage is already done then it is the time to look for the solutions to remove white heat marks from the table. Here are a few quick tips that works.

Steam Iron and Towel Method to Heat Marks from Table1. Steam Iron and Towel Method

  • Place a towel on the affected surface, set your iron to steam, put it over the towel, and let it sit for 30 seconds.
  • If the mark is not gone, repeat the process.
  • Wipe off the surface for any moisture after it.
  • If you do not have the steam iron, damp the towel and then use your old-fashioned iron on it.

2. Hair Dryer

  • Hair Dryer can work if you immediately use it on the mark. Take your hairdryer right after the accident.
  • Set it to the maximum setting.
  • Keep your hairdryer close to the surface and use it for a minute.
  • The heat will enter the wooden surface’s pores drying the moisture and help you get white heat marks off wood table.

3. Toothpaste Baking Soda Method

  • Clean the surface with a piece of cloth.
  • Mix baking soda and toothpaste and make a smooth paste.
  • Apply it on the surface. Do not scrub it. Let the paste sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently clean the surface without rubbing it hard. Else, it may damage the surrounding areas’ finish.

4. Olive Oil and Vinegar Method

  • Mix olive oil and vinegar in equal quantities.
  • Apply it on the stain.
  • Leave it there for an hour.
  • Gently wipe it off after an hour. This method can be used for mild heat stains as it isn’t as efficient as others.

5. Refinish Table

The deep marks on the wooden table may need a refinish to give it a new life. It needs work, but it can salvage your favorite wooden table.

  • Take coarse sandpaper to take the top finish off the table.
  • Then use medium grit sandpaper and after that a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the wood.
  • After sanding, apply a sealant coat and finish coat.
  • Your table is now shining brightly with a new glow.

What Can’t Protect Your Wood Table from Heat Marks?

Applying wax on the table doesn’t make it heat-resistant as wax melts at very low temperature. It will just give the surface a very soft sheen, but heat marks can still appear if you place heated pots on it. They are moderator water-resistant. In case of a spill, wax-polish gives you more time till you clean the table, but if the spill remains for a longer period, it will seep through the wax layering.

Wrapping Up!

Protection is always better than cure. If you want to save your exquisite wooden table from heat and burn marks, buy heat-resistant placemats and protective covers. But if your table is spoiled with heat or burns, you can use the above-mentioned methods to get rid of the blotchy, cloudy or mug-shaped marks. Keep following KitchenUnder100.Com to get such tips, guides, and unbiased reviews of kitchen products.

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