SHACOS Wedge Shaped Placemats for Round Table

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Shacos is the name of “versatility.” Unlike many other brands that sell table mats and tabletops in a single material, Shacos manufacture products in a variety of materials to cater everyone’s distinctive needs.

Why Choose Shacos?

placemats to protect glass tableShacos collection of placemats range from foam thick and PVC material to linen and cotton. Another reason for the Shacos placemats attraction is their assortment of shapes, including regular rectangle, round and wedge shape.

Whether you own a round table, square table, or rectangular dining table, you will find suitable placemats for your needs.

Even though their collection is diverse in material and shapes, the common thing among all placemats of Shacos is they are all functional as well as decorative.

But here, we will review wedge shaped placemats that are specially designed for round dining tables.

SHACOS | Best Placemats for Round Table [Review]

Let’s have a look at Shacos wedge placemats material, design, distinct features, and all the negatives and positives of them.


best placemat sizeThe Shacos Wedge placemat is made of a classic combination of 70% PVC and 30% polyester.

This specific blend of the material is a popular choice a placemat because of its ease of maintenance, functionality, and durability. The make of the material is the reason for its lustrous sheen that helps in brightening up the tablescape.

Design and Texture

Speaking of design, the curve side of the wedge-shaped placemats aligns perfectly with any round dining table. As for texture, Shacos placemats are woven tightly, so they have a subtle and not-so-smooth texture on them.

Multiple Color Choices

Shacos wedge placemats are available in an eye-catching myriad of colors ranging from blacks and greys to red and orange.

placemats to protect wood tableThese colors are picked carefully by manufacturers so that they can easily harmonize with the dining room decor. Choose any color of your liking that contrasts nicely with the dining table.

Placemat Size

  • Size of the upper wide corner = 12 inches or 30 cm.
  • Size of the lower wide curve = 18 inches or 45 cm.
  • Height = 12 inches or 30 cm.

The set of wedge placemats also include a round center mat.

  • The diameter of the center mat is 12.6 inches.

CHECK Placemats Size Guide.


Shacos Wedge Shape PlacematsAnother exceptional feature of this placemat is its heat-resistant quality. Although people usually worry about PVC material’s heat resistance, but you won’t face such problem with this table mat.

It can effectively protect all tables, including the wooden dining tables, from heat marks and can bear up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit (100 degrees Celsius).

Easy Cleaning

PVC material is always easy to clean due to its synthetic fibers.

To remove oily or tough foody-stain, submerge them into soap water for a few minutes and use a light brush to clean the stains. For drying you can leave them in the dish dryer or lay them flat anywhere for drying.

Note: These mats are not machine washable. If you are searching for table mats that can be machine washed you should our collection of top 10 machine washable placemats.

Cut Them to Customize the Size

We often buy a set of placemat that don’t match the size of the table. But not in this case, as you can cut these placemats to customize the size according to your dining table.

As a precaution, measure and mark properly before lifting the scissors as inaccurate cutting might ruin your placemats.

Are they Waterproof?

The short answer is: No.

The mats are woven tightly, so the food crumbs don’t reach the table, but the water or liquid spill can seep through the woven material.

Multifunction Placemats

The charm of these modernistic and stylish placemats is that you can use them for multiple purposes.

Whether you want to use it on a dining table or in a business conference or office, these luxe-looking placemats are more than you can ask for at such a reasonable price tag.

The center mat can also be used in the living room’s center table for laying vases, ash-trays or other trinkets on it.

Everyday Essential

Since Shacos placemats are so convenient to clean, they become your everyday essentials for the dinner table. Similarly, if you have guests coming over to your place, you can use these simple-textured placemats to adorn your dining table.

Non-Slip Placemats

The placemats woven texture provides the right amount of friction, making Shacos placemats non-skid or non-slippery. Even though the contrasting color can suit any round wooden table, the textured non-slip property makes it perfect set of placemats for glass tables.

Wrapping Up!

Shacos placemats are super practical and non-slip with high heat resistance. Made of PVC material and tightly woven, which gives them a dual-tone effect, these placemats are the choice of many consumers for all the right reasons. We surely recommend these wedge placemats for their practicality and simplicity. Don’t forget to check all color options before buying Shacos placemats.

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