DII Cotton Best Placemat for Everyday Use [REVIEW]

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A well-laid dining table has the charm to create an atmosphere full of warmth, where the dining experience is elevated by the simple use of placemats.

Although the primary function of placemats is to protect the table from spills, scratches, and heat marks, the placemats also add décor to the table.

DII Cotton Best Placemat for Everyday Use [REVIEW]

Without further ado let’s jump on to the detailed review of DII cotton placemats for wood table and why they are best for everyday use.

Why Choose DII Placemats?

washable placemat for homeDII is the brand that is designing and manufacturing placemats and other kitchen tabletops that suits for everyday use as well as seasonal and festive dinners.

From simple, floral to fringed and stripey designs, DII has catered to the desires of everyone to have the classic coziness or contemporary calm-look on the dining table.

DII placemats combine playfulness and coziness in their range of placemats. Let’s look at some of its features and how you can use them to create a perfect tablescape.

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The Cotton Beauty

DII best cotton placemat materialDII placemats are made of 100% pure cotton that is known for its strength and lasts longer. The biodegradable and eco-friendly material is better than synthetic fibers.

Their specialty is the 5 ply cotton yarn that is used in them. 5 ply cotton has the right amount of thickness to make it more absorbent. Although the placemats are not completely waterproof, the absorbency comes in handy to protect the table from heat marks and water spills.

Design and Color

Cotton Rectangular placematDII Placemats has a ribbed design that displays vertical lines or vertical rib-like structures on the placemats. You can’t go wrong with such an uncomplicated yet artsy design that can amp up the whole dining table look.

The color varies from luxurious black and white to natural tones like brown and stone. Even the playful hues such as red and multi-color (summer check) can be used in different seasons or outdoor dining.

If you have glass dinning table, an ordinary placemat won’t work for you. For that, you should check our list of the top 10 best placemats for glass table.

Appropriate Size

These placemats come in a set of 6 pieces with the size 13 x 19 inches which is appropriate for all tables and can accommodate all your dinnerware easily. An extra one-inch margin on all sides allows for shrinking after the first wash. Check out our guide on size of placemats.


using table cloth with placematHaving been made from 5 ply cotton, and the special ribbed design made the placemats thick. The decent thickness made them one of the best heat-resistant placemats.

You can place warm plates and pots on the placemat without having to worry about getting heat marks on the dining table.

Ease of Cleaning

The perk of using cotton placemats is that we can machine wash them. It makes them more desirable and convenient to use. According to the manufacturer’s instruction, wash the placemats separately in cold water and tumble dry them, or lay flat for drying to avoid wrinkling.


  • They may shrink after the first wash.
  • Iron them on a low heat setting to get rid of the wrinkles.

Mess-Free Solution for Families with Toddlers

best Everyday PlacematsNo matter how much you try to stop your kids from creating mess while eating, you can’t control them completely. It is where placemats come for the rescue. DII placemats are the perfect solution for messy-moments of your kids, as the placemats can protect the table from the inevitable spills and crumbs.

Everyday Use

Since cotton placemats are easy to clean, you can use them every day. Among varied choices of goes-with-everything tones, they are the simple, soft and a must-have for everyday meals.

For Seasonal Themes and Festive Dinners

placemats designs and colorsWhile you can use DII placemats on a bare table, you can layer them on top of other table linens to create a festive look for cheerful occasions. DII also offers a full range of tablecloths and napkins that incorporate your theme or festive mood.

Non-Slip Placemats

They are thick and non-slip luxury cotton placemats. The strong-grip, non-slip quality is especially required for slippery surfaces like glass and marble dining tables.

Easy to Store

A few placemats materials are not easy to store as we have to keep them in a flat position, or else they get wrinkles on them. These placemats are easy to store when not in use. You can always iron them if they get wrinkly.

Wrapping Up!

DII Placemats represent sophisticated style with 100% natural cotton material and have the feel of understated luxury. The thick and sturdy placemats are an ideal choice for occasions as festive as Christmas dinner or for everyday rough use. Check their whole collection and colors to decide the set of placemats that complement your dining setting.

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