Solino Home Pure Linen Handcrafted Machine Washable Placemats

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Solino Home is the brand that speaks of its love for natural products like linen. It is known for its attention to detail, quality, and making sustainable linen products. They have a varied range of linen products with a unique color palette that can fit both modern minimalist style and classic comfort.

Solino product range includes:

  • Curtains
  • Bedding and Baths
  • Kitchen Linens

Solino Home Linen Handcrafted | Best Machine Washable Placemats

Solino Best Placemats for Home UseThe most demanding kitchen linens have a wide variety of best placemats for wood table, napkins, table runners, and tablecloths.

In short, their range has everything to make your tablescape “insta-accurate.”

Why are Solino Home Placemats Admired?

Solino Home Placemats are admired for their sophisticated style with the right hint of glamor. Their placemats are known for two things:

  • Finesse and craftsmanship of their skilled artisans
  • Superior quality European-grade linen that people adore.

The Edge of Linen Placemats over Other Material’s Placemats

Solino Linen Washable PlacematsPlacemats are made in various materials, including Vinyl, leather, plastic, cotton, jute, cork, wooden, and linen. Why linen placemats are best let’s check out:


Each material of the placemat has its unique characteristics. However, the elegance and timelessness of linen are incomparable. They provide users the sense of luxury, that too, on an affordable budget.


Linen is another name for “longevity.” Linen is made from the strongest natural flax fiber that is 30% stronger than cotton. It’s a long-term investment because we can use linen placemats for years.

Eco-Friendly Material with Antibacterial Properties

The awareness of environmental issues has made people embrace those materials which don’t harm the environment, and linen is of those products. Also, linen is the most absorbent material that doesn’t let bacteria and molds grow.

Solino Home Placemat Colors

Solino Placemats for Wood TableSolino Home Placemats color variety is specifically picked by keeping in mind the dining table décor and interior of the dining room. From subtle natural hues like beige, ivory, grey to luxurious black, blue, and vivid chambray teal and red garnet, the color palette gives you a chance to choose the hues of your desire.


The distinguishing feature of Solino placemats is their simplicity and understated elegance. The designs of Solino placemats are made to reflect contemporary minimalism.

They have the finest details that are neither too showy nor plain and boring. The detailing may include mitered corners, deep hemstitches etc.

Impeccably Crafted by Hands

All their placemats are impeccably handcrafted with extra care by experienced craftsmen. All handcrafted mats have a chance of slight variation in size. However, the variation in size is unnoticeable and doesn’t affect the functionality of the placemat.

Adequate Size

Their placemats are made in size of 14 x 19 inches that is considered an ideal size to place cutlery and wine glass over it.

If you have any confusion related to placemat size you must check out our guide on size of placemats.

Ease of Cleaning

Whether you use these placemats every day or take them out to grace special occasions or holidays, the placemats are bound to get food stains sooner or later. Solino is ranked among one of the best washable placemats and you can wash them in the machine on a gentle cycle.

You can also hand wash them with warm water.

As a precaution, don’t use harsh detergents, else the color of the placemats will get affected.

Wrinkling Beauty

Linen is made of natural fiber that is inflexible. It is the reason the placemats might have wrinkles on them. However, these wrinkles only indicate the premium quality of linen.  If you want a crisp look of placemats, you can steam iron them.

Mix and Match with Coordinated Runners, Napkins, and Tablecloths

Solino Table Runners Napkins and TableclothsEveryday Use: Solino home placemats are one of the best placemats for everyday use. For daily purposes, you can use placemats without tablecloths.

Occasional Use: Add layering to the tablescape by mixing and matching with coordinating runners, napkins, and tablecloths. These can add finishing touches to the meal setting.

What Kind of Dining Tables Would Suit For Solino Placemats?

Solino placemats are made from natural materials. So, they would look exquisite on dining tables made of wood and marble.

Since, linen is not water-proof even after being absorbent as much as 20% of its weight. So, there is a chance that your wooden table might get ruined if you spill water on the placemat.

Even the glass dining tables look classy with these placemats, and you can use tablecloths and runners to double the beauty of the placemats.

These placemats are available in round and rectangle shapes. 

Rectangle Shape: Rectangle is the most common shape that can be used on any shaped table, be it square, round, or rectangle.

Round Shape: Round shape placemats are also used on both rectangle and square tables. Some people prefer round shapes on round dining tables too.

If you have a round table, you might be interested to learn – How to Set a Round Table with Placemats?

Housewarming Gift

These placemats can be given as a perfect housewarming gift due to their exquisiteness and lovely packaging.

Wrapping Up!

The beauty of Solino’s home placemats is unmatchable! The simplest designs with high-grade material can win the hearts of the guests. Each of their collection has its unique aura that makes it different from others. You can use them every day, and they will last for the years to come.

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