Best Placemats for Marble Table 2022 [Stains & Scratches Protection]

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We’ve all been there. Trying to find the placemat that will make an impression on the guests as well as shield our precious tabletops. Especially if the table is made of marble, everyone love beautiful patterns, veins, and shine of a marble table.

But do you know that marble is more porous? Yes, it is. It can be ruined if you directly put our hot plates and dishes on the marble table. So, what about stains? Is a marble table prone to stains?

The answer is “yes.”

Marble tables are more sensitive to acidic stains like wine, ketchup, vinegar, fruit juices, etc. Even cleaning agents can dull the glossy shine of the marble top. Besides this, marble stone is susceptible to scratches and physical damage too.

So, what you can do to protect the marble from stains and retain its shine? Well, the solution is very simple and it is the use of the best placemats for marble table.

Sure, a placemat or a tablecloth can protect your shiny and lustrous marble, but marble is slippery, and you do not want placemats to slip and slide on it. If you also have a wooden table at home, then you should check our list of the best placemats for wood table.

Best Placemats for Marble Table 2022 [Stains & Scratches Protection]

It’s better to choose non-slip placemats for the marble table rather than fuss or fume later. That’s why I have reviewed the top quality placemats for marble table available at a price under $100.

Our Top Pick

Trivetrunner Heat Resistant Table Mats

1. Trivetrunner
  • Thick
  • Heat-resistant
  • Anti-skid
Jonovo Stain Resistant Placemat 2. Jovono
  • Durable
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy cleaning
Bright Dream Placemat with Table Runner 3. Bright Dream
  • Attractive colors
  • Stain-resistant
  • Washable
Dainty Home Extra-Thick Mat 4. Dainty Home
  • Extra-thick
  • Slip-resistant
  • Easy to clean
Jovono for Round Marble Table 5. Jovono Round
  • Waterproof
  • Heat resistant
  • Long-lasting
BETEAM Table Mat Heat Resistant 6. Beteam
  • Non-fading
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
Homaxy Waterproof Mats 7. Homaxy
  • Extra-thick
  • Waterproof
  • Stain-resistant
Blissful Living for White Marble Table 8. Blissful Living
  • Slip-resistant
  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to clean
Visesunny Non Slip Mats 9. Visesunny
  • Non-toxic material
  • Non-fading
  • Heat resistant
GEFEII Exquisite Vinyl Placemats 10. GEFEII Exquisite
  • Stylish design
  • Heat-resistant
  • Washable

For toddlers you need special mats that are made of silicon and has a powerful suction. We recommend you to check out our list of the best placemats for toddlers.

1. Trivetrunner – Best Heat Resistant Table Mats

Trivetrunner Best Heat Resistant PlacematsMaterial: Polyester, Silicone, Plastic || Size: 15.7×11.8 inch || Colors: 19 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

The first look at these black beauties, and you will feel like its marble – no it’s not. It’s topped with an exquisite marble pattern with a blend of natural polymer and polyester.

These black marble-like placemats can complement light-toned tables to enhance the vibrancy of your dining setting. Also, the 6-piece placemats come with a table runner that can stretch across the table to complete the look.

Due to its material these placemats are heat-resistant and can resist heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring protection from heat marks caused due to hot served dishes.

If you want to amaze the guests to get praiseworthy looks but not a fan of flowery patterns or vivid colors, these non-skid placemats will have you covered.

I found these mats wrinkle-free and easy to store. Just roll it over and place it in the kitchen cabinet. They will be ready to use, the next time you take them out without any cringe-worthy wrinkles.

As for cleaning, use hand-wash with liquid soap and water; it will make your non-fading placemats as new as day 1 without any ketchup or oily stains.

  • Protect table from heat/burn marks
  • Thick and anti-skid
  • Available in 17 beautiful colors & designs
  • Easy to clean
  • After several months its edges start getting curl
  • Colors may not be exactly the same as shown in images

2. Jonovo – Best Stain Resistant

Jonovo Best Stain Resistant PlacematMaterial: Faux Leather || Size: 17.8×11.8 inch || Colors: 24 || Washable: No || Heat-Resistant: No || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

These placemats come in an array of hues and tones to add a zing of color to your marble table. The subtle texture pairs well with the dinnerware as it offers a modish appeal to the meal setting.

The artistic pair of 8 placemats have been manufactured with a double process sewing to increase the durability.

What’s more?

They have a grainy texture on one side and a smooth surface on the other side. You can use both sides of the mat according to your preference.

The light hues go well with the darker tables. Furthermore, the faux leather is wipeable, wrinkle-free and shrinkage free, perfect for home, restaurants, or office.

It’s not just the insulating effect that makes it desirable, but the thick material doesn’t let water seep through it, doubling the protection.

Want more positive? The grainy texture renders the placemat enough friction to make it anti-slip and a perfect choice for marble tables.

  • Its material is highly durable and long lasting
  • Both sides of the placemat can be used
  • Textured bottom makes it non-slip
  • Can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • It is not a heat-resistant placemat
  • Not suitable for small dining tables

3. Bright Dream – Placemat with Table Runner

Bright Dream Placemat with Table RunnerMaterial: Vinyl || Size: 12×18 inch || Colors: 39 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

The Bright dream placemats are more than just ordinary placemats. They are conversation starters and liven up the atmosphere of the feast.

Besides that, the color choices and designs have made this possible to suit any contemporary dining room and dinnerware.

What makes it worthy enough?

The subtle designs and textures of these placemats add interest to any décor and can blend well with any room’s interior.

Not just this, the placemats aren’t as fragile as few others who can only be wiped clean. These aren’t machine-friendly but can be scrubbed with a brush and soapy water. It makes even the toughest of stains to clean easily.

These eco-friendly placemats are made of 70% PVC and 30% polyester. This combination of materials has made them long-lasting and the best washable placemats.

Even if you own a large table, the 12 x 18 inches size is large enough to fit. And it covers not just the plates but cutlery too. Along with placemats, it also comes with a praiseworthy table runner to don your table.

Of course, with such wide availability of colors and designs, these placemats not only grace any formal or informal occasions, but they can also be used during business conferences, to decorate your vases or use it as a base to arrange decorative items on it.

  • Available in 40 attractive colors and designs
  • Protect table from heat marks and scratches
  • Stain-resistant and non-fading material
  • Are washable with soapy water
  • A bit thinner compared to other mats

4. Dainty Home – Best Extra-Thick Mat

Dainty Home Best Extra-Thick Table MatMaterial: MDF, Cork, Paper || Size: 12×18 inch || Colors: 2 || Washable: No || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

What makes an ideal placemat for a marble table?

Yes, you are right! One that doesn’t move around or slip.

The smooth surface of marble makes ordinary placemats slip around. However, this placemat has a cork bottom that makes it anti-slip and water-resistant.

Speaking of water, these are the easiest to clean placemats, but if the water spill touches the placemat’s edge, the foil print may peel off. With just extra care, you can prevent this from happening.

The lustrous shine and pattern of the placemat fool the eye with the appearance of marble.

It adds a contrasting layer when placed on a dark surface. You can also layer it with a table cloth or place it directly on the surface; the style choices are endless!

The look and sturdiness give it versatility, as they can be used in DIY projects, restaurants, kitchen dining, and decorative objects.

Thanks to their wide usage, durability, and glistening look, they can enhance any occasion’s mood.

These stylish placemats are heat-resistant and can bear up to 212°F, which is what you want for steaming pots and hot plates. This special feature also makes them one of the best placemats to protecting table.

  • Attractive, durable, and sturdy
  • Extra thick heat resistant placemat
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Easy to clean and store
  • A bit costly compared to other placemats

5. Jovono – Best for Round Marble Table

Jovono Best for Round Marble TableMaterial: Faux Leather || Size: 13.4 inch || Colors: 15 || Washable: No || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

These gorgeous round table placemats enhance the tablescape with its marble-like pattern. Jonovo placemats are a combination of both practicality and visual aesthetics.

If you want to amaze your guests with an “Insta-accurate” table setting, then Jonovo placemats and coasters are for you.

Yes, these placemats come with coasters to put your wine glasses, or coffee cups on. However, these placemats are not just a beauty to behold; they are more than that.

They are crafted with faux leather keeping everyday functionality in mind and are thickened to increase insulation. The best part is these have enough friction to make it non-slip, because of this, the leather made placemats are also used as a desk pad.

Want to know more?

These are reversible. Yes, both sides of the placemats can be used. Unlike jute, cotton, or rattan placemats, these can be easily wiped clean.

If you have toddlers and a marble table, then these placemats won’t disappoint. From informal and everyday dining, these placemats are an ideal choice to match the table settings and interiors.

  • Liquid don’t leak through the mat
  • Heat and stain-resistant
  • Can be used on wooden table
  • Best for everyday use
  • These mat are a bit small in size

6. BETEAM Table Mat- Best Heat Resistant

BETEAM Best Heat Resistant PlacematMaterial: Polyvinyl Chloride || Size: 18×12 inch || Colors: 8 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

The lavish tones of this placemat provide a perfect foundation to accentuate the look of your dinnerware. Crafted with eco-friendly vinyl, the placemats are cross-woven to give them a subtle texture.

Thanks to the above-average thickness of these placemats, they are durable option for everyday use.

It’s a no-fuss no-fray placemat whose edges are neatly cut using special technology to avoid fraying.

And because these placemats are long-lasting, you can store them by rolling or keeping it straight; tucking them in the drawer or utilizing it daily won’t cause fraying or wrinkling.

On top of that, the 18 x 12 inches size of placemats can go with any kind of table and accommodate tableware as well.

However, as per my experience these placemats are not suitable for too hot items as they can bear heat up to 80-degree centigrade.

The vinyl threads are woven tightly which makes them best water-proof placemats. What use would be a placemat if it isn’t easy to clean greasy or food stains from it?

Beteam placemats clean up easily with soapy water and a soft sponge and dry off quickly.

  • Durable and non-fading material
  • Provide decent protection from heat & scratches
  • Perfect for family and guests
  • Beteam claims they are anti-skid but they are not

7. Homaxy – Best Waterproof Mats

Homaxy Best Waterproof PlacematsMaterial: Vinyl || Size: 17×11.8 inch || Colors: 9 || Washable: No || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

Mealtime is a family time where the conversation starts, and family bonding strengthens.

The aura and mood of the dinner time play a significant role in setting the atmosphere. And table dressing is the way to accentuate the value of food and visual appeal.

That’s where the Homing Faux Leather placemats – to set your dining space to perfection.

But what’s exceptional in Homaxy faux leather placemats?

First, they come in different hues and tones, so you can choose the tone that compliments your marble table.

Then, these placemats are made of eco-friendly faux leather. This material gives it the benefit of being “waterproof” and “stain-resistant.”

The linen imitation pattern gives the marble table a tranquil and refined look, whereas the marble-look aligns well with the shiny gloss of your marble table.

It isn’t the end!

As these placemats are highly practical in terms of durability, ease of cleaning, and heat-resistance, they are reversible as well; it means both sides of these placemats can be used.

  • Extra-thickness protect your table
  • Spills don’t leak through the mat
  • Can be used on marble countertops
  • These placemats are easy to clean
  • Not 100% heat-resistant
  • Release odor for a few days

8. Blissful Living – Best for White Marble Table

Blissful Living Best Placemat for White Marble TableMaterial: Wood || Size: 13×18 inch || Colors: 27 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: No || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

We have all been inspired by the creative Instagrammable tablescape that can liven up the mealtime.

Well, it’s now possible to use fun, floral prints, marble patterns, or even inspirational quotes to amp up the look of our meal setting.

Blissful livings placemats offer a huge palette of colors and various patterns that can suit your informal gatherings or elegant evenings.

But the question remains, is it functional enough for daily use and suitable for a marble table?

As per my findings, Yes, it is.

Blissful Living line of placemats is made of 100% polypropylene, which makes cleaning and wiping a breeze – that makes it a stain-resistant placemat, to be exact.

The backing of these beauties is of 100% EVA ensuring a non-slip grip of these placemats.

Not just this, the smooth top of the mat is spill-proof and easily wipeable with a damp cloth. However, you’ll need to be careful when putting hot plates on it.

  • Good quality and affordable price
  • Foam backing prevent mat from slipping
  • Quick wipe with a damp cloth makes them look new
  • Available in 29 attractive designs
  • Not good for everyday use

9. Visesunny – Best Non Slip Mats

Visesunny Best Non Slip MatsMaterial: Polyester || Size: 12×18 inch || Colors: 40 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: No || Waterproof: Yes

As the saying goes, “you eat with your eyes’ and Visesunny placemats’ massive variety adds to the decorum of any meal setting.

The vibrant colors and patterns can transform your overall dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Not just for Christmas or Easter, these are the placemat for everyday use or casual throw-together gatherings.

Even the toddlers will be engaged with these mats’ playful patterns and will subconsciously create less mess.

But again, these aren’t just for adding a pop of color and creativity instead they can also act as a protective layer to your marble table.

They are made of eco-friendly 100% polyester. The high-grade material has added to the durability factor. It’s a fade-resistant and waterproof placemat that can protect your marble table from scratches, heat marks, and scalding.

You certainly wouldn’t want such vibrant colors and patterns to be stained by ketchup or red wine.

That’s why these placemats are created to be cleaned easily with a damp cloth to ensure that the colors do not fade. All in all, they are a perfect choice for festivals and informal gatherings.

  • Non-toxic & eco-friendly material
  • Provide decent protection against heat
  • Its color won’t fade
  • Light and easy to clean
  • Not a non-slip placemat
  • Once rolled they are hard to lay flat

10. GEFEII Exquisite – Best Vinyl Placemats

GEFEII Exquisite Best Vinyl PlacematMaterial: Bamboo || Size: 17.5×12 inch || Colors: 12 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

These placemats layer the marble table with intriguing texture, striped patterns, and borders.

The visual appeal makes appetizers more appetizing and the eating experience more welcoming.

Not only the designs are alluring, but Gefeii placemats also have a lot of color options too. They come in multiple colors having six placemats in each set.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they are also functional for everyday use.

These placemats are composed of 70% PVC and 30% polyester thread. The ultra-durable material makes it more desirable.

Apart from that, these placemats are also fade-resistant, which is a bonus point.

However, it can resist heat up to 80 degrees centigrade. So, only place plates and pots that are below this temperature to avoid ruining these exquisite beauties.

Whether you want to host a formal gathering or throwing an informal party, these placemats are versatile enough to suit any occasion. Besides that, the placemats offer a non-slip grip to upkeep your dinnerware, making it an ideal choice for any marble surface.

Though you can’t put it in the washing machine, you can easily wipe-clean the Gefeii placemats with a damp cloth.

  • These are heat-resistant placemats
  • Look very nice & stylish on the marble table
  • Textured bottom prevent it from slipping
  • They don’t stop liquid from leakage

What are the best placemats for marble top dining table?

  1. Trivetrunner – Best Heat Resistant
  2. Jonovo – Best Stain Resistant
  3. Bright Dream – Placemat with Table Runner
  4. Dainty Home – Best Extra-Thick
  5. Jovono – Best for Round Table
  6. BETEAM- Best Heat Resistant
  7. Homaxy – Best Waterproof Mats
  8. Blissful Living – Best for White Marble Table
  9. Visesunny – Best Non Slip Mats
  10. GEFEII Exquisite – Best Vinyl Placemats

Wrapping Up!

Marble is a natural stone with a matchless and unique formation of patterns on it that we love. However, this nature’s creation is susceptible to damage from heat and acidic stains. Vigorous rubbing and scrubbing make it lose its shine. It is the reason you need a protective layer before placing plates on it. Finding the best placemats for marble table may be challenging but not entirely impossible. Marble tops require non-slip placemats that can contrast and accentuate the look of the table. I have discussed multiple options that are swoon-worthy, and you would be thrilled to make these a part of your dining setting.

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