10 Best Placemats for Square Table 2022

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Your square table can be adorned with various placemats designs, patterns, and dimensions. The beauty of the square table is that it can pull off various styles and materials, be it linen leather or felt and vinyl. However, these tables are short in length, and unlike rectangular tables, they take less space.

The point of consideration in choosing the best placemats for a square table depends not only on the texture and pattern, but also on the dimension and its material.

The biggest perk of having a square table is that it allows closer seating for a warm and intimate conversation. So, the placemats should also be chosen to enhance the friendly vibe rather than giving it a cold look.

The placemats shouldn’t only protect your precious square table from heat marks, but they should also have the ability to transform an ordinary space by giving it a beautiful ambiance.

After testing 45 different table mats, we have curated a list of the best placemats to style up your square shaped dining table. You may also like to check our top picks for the best placemats for wood table.

10 Best Placemats for Square Dining Table 2022 [Styling + Protection]

1. Bright Dream Attractive designs
Easy to store
2. Home Brilliant Large size
Machine washable
3. Artand Heat-resistant
4. Glamburg Reversible design
Extra thick
Highly durable
5. Homcomoda Beautiful design
Easy cleaning
6. Dolpol Anti-skid surface
Highly affordable
7. Wangchao Slip-resistant
Won’t curl
8. Wehvkei Attractive designs
Good quality
9. Sunshine Fashion Eco-friendly material
10. Lexella Extra thick
Heat & stain-resistant
Easy to clean

1. Bright Dream – Best Stain Resistant

Bright Dream Best Stain Resistant PlacematsMaterial: Polyester || Size: 18×12 inch || Colors: 42 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

The stripy pattern of these placemats resembles bamboo. Bright Dream placemats flaunt a subtle design that is meant to accentuate the look of the dining table without being too tacky.

They are crafted with 70% PVC and 30% polyester; the combination of materials has made them easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Additionally, you get the option of browsing through different colors and placement quantities depending on your wish and the need of your square table.

Your square table needs a placemat set with well-adjusted dimensions. And Bright dream is a perfect fit with standard dimensions of 18 x12 inches that can go with almost all table sizes.

With Bright Dream placemats, you can forget your worries of fraying edges as these are weaved firmly.

If any spill happens, you can easily wipe clean these placemats with soapy water. However, a few stains like tomato juice or ketchup should be cleaned immediately to avoid permanent stains.

One more precautionary measure is to put heated plates and pots only under 100-degree centigrade.

  • Made of eco-friendly & non-fading material
  • Easy to remove food stains
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Available in 42 different designs & colors
  • Liquid spills seep through the mat
  • Not suitable for wooden tables

2. Home Brilliant – Best Machine Washable

Home Brilliant - Best Machine WashableMaterial: Polyester Blend || Size: 13×19 inch || Colors: 14 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: No || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

Linen are the emblem of sophistication, and the exquisite linen-made placemats will always remain in vogue. Even the simplest designs like Home Brilliant placemats can stand out among others.

Hand-crafted items have the artistry of craftsmen that gives them individuality, and Home Brilliant placemats is the outcome of such artistry.

Hence, there is a slight margin of imperfection in sizes. However, the standard size is 13 x 19 inches.

While leather or some other materials can’t be washed in the machine, these placemats are machine washable at a gentle cycle, and they can also be rinsed and cleaned with hand. However, detergents with harsh chemicals and bleach are not recommended.

The multiple color options enables you to create a contrast with your table. You can also mix and match different colors or buy a runner along with it to give your dining table a pop of color and contrast.

Placemats made with linen are usually thick, thus, making them heat-resistant. It is also known to have a strong grip making it non-slip, so everything stays in place while you and your family enjoy the meal.

You can also use these placemats for marble table to protect its beautiful finishing.

  • Material won’t bleed or shrink
  • Large enough for placing dinner plate, glass, spoon & fork
  • Best for everyday use & special occasions
  • Can be hand and machine washed
  • Hot plates & bowls may leave a mark on table
  • Not suitable for small table

3. Artand – Best for Kitchen Table

Artand - Best for Kitchen TableMaterial: Polyester || Size: 18×12 inch || Colors: 11 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

Artand placemats are the true reflection of simplicity meet luxury.

Whether you are hosting a formal dinner or using it for everyday dining, these placemats can give the feel-good factor to the dining area.

Not just this, Artand placemats come in an array of colors. Each color palette has dual dark and light hues.

The carefully-picked light and dark colors form a broad border design that can complement your square table and can get admirable gazes from guests.

The huge bonus is that these placemats can be cut to fit the size of your square table.

Composed of PVC and polyester, these placemats reduce the headache of cleaning after every dining. Just wipe them with a damp cloth and soapy water, and they will be as good as new.

Want to learn more?

These placemats provide insulation from heat, and they are UV protected that makes them fade-resistant. The surface of the placemat is non-porous so liquid spills can’t pass through them.

Artand mats comes in a flat package rather than tightly rolled which gives a hard time staying flat on the table. But not with these placemats; they just lay flat on the table without you trying to make it flat.

  • Heat and stain-resistant placemat
  • Textured non-slip front and back
  • Won’t fade or shrink after wash
  • Best placemat for wood and glass table
  • Liquid absorbance is not that good
  • May not last long

4. Glamburg Braided – Best Heat Resistant

Glamburg Braided - Best Heat ResistantMaterial: Jute || Size: 13×13 inch || Colors: 1 || Washable: No || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

Vintage, classic, and rustic – Galmburg jute placemats give a feeling of forest, trees, and woods. The neutral-colored square placemats are perfect for your square wooden table.

It gives a natural vibe to your dining area whether you are planning to have a feast outside or relishing the cozy meal inside your home.

Glamberg’s specialty is its craftsmanship. These are hand-crafted placemats with one of the toughest fiber Jute and weaved into a braided pattern.

Besides being visually appealing, they are thick as well which makes them one of the best heat-resistant placemats.

Versatility of this placemat allows it to be used as a placemat for decorative base for your table centerpiece.

The only downside of jute placemats is they are a bit difficult to clean; these can only be cleaned with a damp cloth – not a good option if you have toddlers in your home.

However, if one side of the placemat gets soiled with a tough stain, you can use the other side of the placemat as these are reversible.

  • Highly durable & long lasting
  • Extra thick heat resistant placemat
  • Both sides of the mat can be used
  • Very easy to clean and store
  • Not suitable for large table
  • May shed a bit in the beginning

5. Homcomoda – Best Decorative Placemat

Homcomoda - Best Decorative PlacematMaterial: Vinyl || Size: 16.3inch || Colors: 2 || Washable: No || Heat-Resistant: No || Slip-Resistant: No || Waterproof: No

These placemats are made to show the “uniqueness” with its “beautiful” pattern and design. The offbeat style of Homcomoda placemats brings the boho-chic look to your dining area.

You can easily embellish your dining table or any surface with this octagonal design encompassing intricate patterns.

These beauties are made with Vinyl material and come as a set of 12 placemats, enough for large families and guests. Your square tables will surely liven up with these golden-hued beauties.

The unique approach in design makes these placemats more suitable for holiday gatherings, parties, or weekend meals.

You can mix and match these with charger plates or table linens. The golden color also perfectly contrasts with a dark-colored wooden table.

As you can see from the design, these aren’t great for catching crumbs or spills. However, the vinyl material has made it easy to clean.

Whether you use it as a protective layer for your table or as a decorative piece, the intricate design will get your creative juices flowing to use these for more creative purposes.

The only precautionary measure is the way of storage. They tend to bend from the edges if you store them by rolling. You can stack them over each other for storing.

  • Available in beautiful stylish designs
  • Highly durable & non-fading material
  • Best for special occasions
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Not a heat-resistant mat
  • Liquid leaks through the holes

6. DOLOPL – Best Non-Slip Mat

DOLOPL - Best Non-Slip MatMaterial: Polyvinyl Chloride || Size: 18×12 inch || Colors: 2 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

If you want the placemats with a quiet texture that can create a contemporary look for your square table, then the Dolopl can be an ideal choice for you.

The understated elegance of these placemats is timeless!

Composed of Vinyl material, these placemats are woven in sophisticated basket weaves. If you own a square table, these standard rectangular placemats will look perfect on it.

The modish placemats come in a variety of colors. Choose lighter hues on a dark table and bold color placemats on a light-colored dining table to create a stunning contrast.

The simplicity of these placemats allows you to use them every day, formal gathering or even on a holiday, Christmas or Easter.

But everyone knows how hard it is to clean up the mess after every meal.

Thanks to these placemats, cleaning is a breeze. Just a quick wipe or washing it under the tap is enough to make it sparkly clean again.

To top it off, these placemats are non-skid and heat resistant. We are sure that you wouldn’t like your placemats to slip around with your food plate on top of it, nor would you like to have heat marks on your placemats.

  • Non-slip front & bottom surface
  • Heat-resistant up to 80 degree
  • Highly durable and affordable
  • Can be used indoor & outdoor
  • Food particles get stuck in the textured surface

7. WangChao – Best Eco-Friendly Material

WangChao - Best Eco-Friendly MaterialMaterial: Polyvinyl Chloride || Size: 18×12 inch || Colors: 17 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: No

If you like to keep your square table setting minimal with subtle texture, then you can’t go wrong with choosing Wangchao placemats.

The variety of these placemats is outstanding. From the luxurious black to the luscious red and green, you get to choose the color of your choice. You can also use a contrasting color according to your table.

What else do you look in a placemat?

Yes, the size, functionality, and the make of the placemat.

These placemats are made from eco-friendly PVC material. The composition material of these placemats allows it to handle liquid spills and wear and tear.

Don’t worry about accidentally putting hot plates on it as these are quite heat resistant too. And another thing that makes it worth purchasing is their non-fading and stain-resistant ability.

Speaking of stains, no one likes their pretty placemats becoming useless due to ghastly food stains. Wangchao placemats are wipeable and dry quickly after wiping.

As for the size, 12 x 18 inches is enough to keep all your dinnerware and wine glasses too. Use it every day or occasionally; these placemats can surely enhance your square table looks.

  • Heat and stain resistant
  • Non-slip textured front & back
  • Lay flat on table without any curl
  • These mats are easy to take care of
  • Liquid spills seep through the mat

8. WEHVKEI – Best Waterproof Placemats

WEHVKEI - Best Waterproof PlacematsMaterial: Faux Leather || Size: 17.7×11.8 inch || Colors: 7 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: No || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

Wehvkei placemats are an embodiment of sophistication and elegance. They can glam up the square table instantly with its sheer simplicity.

A thin golden stripe surrounding the border gives it a very luxurious look.

Your square table surely needs a treat of color they deserve, and this gives you a choice of various colors – champagne, silver, grey, or wine red and green.

They are composed of artificial leather, and thus they are waterproof placemats. Any spill or water can be easily cleaned. A damp cloth is enough for the purpose.

However, light-colored placemats can stain easily, which is difficult to remove.

A downside of these placemats that we would like to share is that they are heat resistant to only some extent. Only place dishes and pots of up to 70 degrees centigrade.

They come in a regular size of approximately 12 x 18 inches, which is considered a perfect size for a square table.

A factor that we like the most about these leather placemats are easy to store too. Roll them up and place it in cabinet when they are not in use.

  • No spills seep through the mat
  • Beautiful & attractive designs
  • Good quality and affordable price
  • Difficult to clean juice and ketchup stains

9. Sunshine Fashion – Best Stylish Placemat

Sunshine Fashion - Best Stylish PlacematMaterial: Plastic || Size: 11.8×17.1 inch || Colors: 17 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: Yes || Waterproof: Yes

Not everyone wants to use a simple placemat!

If you are like those who like to don their table with a high-textured and patterned placemat, this one will surely win your heart.

The texture and the royal hues remind you of the royal era.

The wonderful thing about this textured placemat is its variety in colors, so you are free to choose the tone that can contrast your table.

However the design we tested is available only in two colors; diamond red and diamond yellow.

As these are eco-friendly and made of wicker reed, they will look best on a square wooden table. Even the glass table will look exquisite with it.

Its ideal size makes it suitable for large and small dining tables. You can choose this placemat confidently without a second thought.

Sunshine placemat doesn’t offer you multiple size options but don’t worry it is good to be used on small and large table.

It’s the material that makes it special. Made of environmental friendly material makes this placemat sturdy and extremely light too.

The non-slip and heat resistant quality of these placemats is just due to the material. However, the placemat is not good at dealing with the liquid spills as they can easily pass through the mat.

  • Eco-friendly & non-fading material
  • Protect table from heat marks
  • Can be used on wood & glass table
  • Lightweight & easy to clean
  • Edges may not be accurate due to handmade design

10. Lexella Placemats With Coasters

Lexella Placemats With CoastersMaterial: Faux Leather || Size: 17.4×12 inch || Colors: 3 || Washable: Yes || Heat-Resistant: Yes || Slip-Resistant: No || Waterproof: Yes

The feeling of softness comes with all felt material things.

Lexella placemats are made from felt, so you can imagine the fondness of such placemats. They are meant to bring coziness to your dinner table.

These placemats come in various shades of grey to choose from. Laxella also offers separate coasters with it, which is an added bonus in this price range.

But what makes it perfect for a square table?

A square table is short in length. And if the table is small, it can’t accommodate regular size placemats. The benefit of Laxella placemats is that they can be cut according to your preferred size.

Not just this, ideal thickness of Lexella placemats make them heat resistant too.

In addition to that, these placemats can also easily be washed. Just don’t put them in the machine; only use warm water to wash them.

  • Extra thick and premium quality mat
  • Protect table from heat & scratches
  • Very easy to clean
  • Look very nice & stylish
  • Takes a lot of time to dry after wash
  • May slide a bit on glass table

What are the best placemats for square table?

  1. Bright Dream
  2. Home Brilliant
  3. Artand
  4. Glamburg
  5. Homcomoda
  7. WangChao
  9. Sunshine
  10. Lexella

Wrapping Up!

Square tables are space savers and look fabulous in symmetrical rooms and small spaces. However, finding the best placemats for square tables can be tricky because of the table’s dimensions. But at the same time, it’s an opportunity to choose a set of placemat that can create a friendly vibe during dinner. If chosen correctly, they can be a conversation starter and will be able to garner compliments from everyone. We hope that our carefully selected placemats will help you in creating the perfect mood for your mealtime.

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