GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker – Best Portable Ice Machine

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GE Profile Opal nugget ice maker with stainless steel finish and Bluetooth connectivity is the best portable ice machine you can have in 2022.

The hard block of ice from the refrigerator isn’t just right for chilling the beverages. We all crave the soft, chewable, light, and airy nuggets of ice that we see at Sonic. “Nuggets” or “pellets” textured ice absorbs the taste of the drinks, chills it rapidly but doesn’t melt as soon as the crushed ice. Nuggets ice which was once considered a luxury only to be found at fancy restaurants, can now be made at home by using “Ge Profile Opal Nuggets Ice Maker” – a celebratory reason for ice lovers or avid entertainers and host of cocktail parties.

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GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker – Best Portable Ice Machine

GE Profile Nuggets Ice Maker is the sleek countertop appliance to make the “pellets” or “nuggets” ice at home faster than any refrigerator. Connect it with a mobile app to schedule your on-the-go ice made from compressed flakes into small-sized nuggets that are hard yet crunchy. Although it’s an expensive and noisier appliance, the GE Profile ice maker brings the fun for making fresh restaurant-style ice.

GE Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker Review 2022

GE Profile Best Portable Ice Machine for Home Price on AmazonDesign

GE Profile Ice Maker is a sleek, tall appliance with a stainless steel chassis, having a minimal clean frontal look. Designed as a kitchen countertop model, the Ice-maker has the exterior dimension  17.2 H x 10.5  W x 15.5D inches. The appliance is weighty with 44 lbs. and a transparent container for holding ice with 3 lbs capacity. But the appliance can produce 24 lbs. of chewable ice in a day. The ice container is detachable or can be hanged for quick ice access.

The front panel has one round button surrounded by round-shaped light, which changes colors to reveal the ice-maker current working status.

  • Full white light means the ice container is full of ice.
  • Cascading or falling light means the ice maker is making the ice.
  • Slow cascading light indicates “defrosting mode.”
  • Yellow light represents “cleaning mode” yellow light in round circular motion depicts rinsing mode.
  • And the blue light symbolizes an empty tank that needs refilling.

The water reservoir is under the ice container, and the unit comes with a drip tray, ice scoop, and an additional side tank accessory that reduces frequent refilling of water.

Set up of GE-Profile Ice Maker

Setting up the Ice-Maker is simpler. Attach the drip tray by sliding it under the appliance. The slots on the tray should line up and match the front feet. Before using it the first time, you will have to start the self-cleaning process by filling the reservoir with water and letting it run the complete cleaning cycle. The “cleaning mode” light would glow, and the water would circulate to cleanse the reservoir. The dirty water can be drained by the hose behind the back of the ice maker. Since the appliance is heavy, moving it to drain the dirty water is cumbersome. The ice container also needs to be washed with warm soapy water to remove the plastic smell.

After the cleaning cycle, the ice maker is ready to use. The appliance requires maintenance once a week.

Note: The Ice-Maker is designed to be used only indoors, away from sunlight or heat sources such as a stovetop or microwave ovens.


The Opal Ice-Maker has an android app, and the appliance can be connected with the phone using Bluetooth.

With the mobile app, you can:

  • Make a schedule for making ice.
  • Check Opal Ice-Makers status.
  • Start or cancel ice making.
  • Dim or brighten round LED light.

But you will have to be within Bluetooth range to avail this feature.

The mobile app lacks certain functionality like it doesn’t send push notifications for indicating empty reservoirs, advising to start cleaning cycles or emptying the tray.


The Opal Ice maker performed well and started producing ice pellets very quickly within 10-15 minutes. The first few ice pellets were wet and slushy, but the ice nuggets quality improved quickly, and it started producing solid ice chunks.

The machine is loud with whirring and vibrating sounds, so you need to keep it in the far corner from your main working hub in the kitchen. In around 3 hours, the transparent ice tank was full of ice.

But the drawback is that the ice container can’t hold the ice for an indefinite time, and if you don’t use the whole stash of ice, it will melt, and the dripping water from the ice will go directly into the reservoir to freeze it once again by making ice. That’s the reason the manufacturer has stressed on replacing the water every 25 hours.


  • Chewable nuggets ice at home and on demand.
  • App connectivity and ice-creation scheduling
  • Faster than refrigerator
  • Easy to use
  • It can hold a lot of ice


  • Loud
  • Expensive

Is the GE-Profile Ice Maker Worth it?

It’s an expensive ice maker but still a bargain compared to a commercial ice maker and can fit on the kitchen counter. For ice-nuggets lovers, it’s the dream-come-true appliance. It’s a bit noisy but faster than a refrigerator and great to have it for serving guests at parties. This model has the simplest app, but you can check out the new model Opal 2.0, which is more expensive but has a better app and improved functions.

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