Misen Non Stick Pan Review 2022 [PFOA-Free and Oven Safe]

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Amongst a smorgasbord of brands, big companies and production of cookware that are in the market for decades, it’s hard for a new company to make a mark. That too, in just a few years.

But some companies and brands rise from among the sea of ordinariness, and Misen is one of them.

Their cookware range, including knives, stainless steel, carbon steel and non-stick pans, is exceptional in design, material and construction.

So, if you are out shopping for the best non-stick pan without teflon or a stainless steel pan, you can check out the Misen collection.

Kitchen Under 100 tried Misen’s non stick pan and based on our experience, we are writing a review to guide you better about their non-stick pan. Don’t miss to check out our top recommendations for the best non-stick pan for gas stove.

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Misen Non Stick Pan Review 2022 [PFOA-Free and Oven Safe]

Misen Non Stick Pan Price on AmazonMisen Non-stick pan range is available in an array of sizes.

  • Single Pans: 8, 10, and 12 inches
  • Dual-Pan Set : 10 + 12 inches
  • Tri-Pan Set: 8 +10 + 12 inches

We have tested their dual-pan set and put it through vigorous testing by cooking versatile dishes. Our non-stick review is based on three attributes that showed how it has given neck-to-neck competition to premium and pricier brands and has outshone leading non-stick cookware. These three attributes are:

  • Heat distribution & Retention
  • Non-Stick quality
  • Design, comfort, and balance

Let’s look at its construction, designing elements of the 10 and 12 inch non-stick frying pan, and how it performed in all the above-mentioned areas.

Material & Construction: Sturdy and Top-Grade Coating

Misen Frying Pan PFOA Free Non-Stick Coating

The reason for Misen’s highly appreciable performance is in the material and construction. It has a tri-ply non-stick coating of Duo-Pont Platinum (the highest quality non-stick coating out there!). The coating is non-toxic PFOA-free. What makes the difference is its innovative plasma primer, infused with titanium. According to Misen, their specialized innovative plasma coating is the key factor for its efficacy.

If you are looking for something fancy, check these best ceramic nonstick pan.

Bottom of Misen Non Stick Pan

The pan has a heavy and sturdy feel to it due to the aluminum core in the construction. The heavy-gauged stainless-steel plate bonded to the bottom, makes it one of the best non stick pans for high heat. This bonded plate is the reason that the pan is compatible with modernistic and innovative induction cooktops. You can also check Misen’s professional grade stainless steel frying pan.

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Design: All Business and Professional

Titanium Infusion in Misen Pan

A lot of thought has gone into the pan’s detailed designing. Misen has a no-nonsense professional design with a perfectly flat base and flared sides. The sides are angled without compromising on the cooking surface of the pan. The perfectly angled sides let the spatula slide easily under the frittatas and pancakes for flipping.

The pan’s rim is curved for no-messiness of oil drips while pouring food from the pan to the dish.

The pan has ample cooking surface to fry and crisp more bacon simultaneously or making rather large-sized crepes.

Misen Non Stick Pan Heat Test - Even Heating

The flat surface of the pan lays flush along the induction or glass stovetops surfaces. The interior flatness also doesn’t let the oil or liquid pool around the edges. It helps in even browning and cooking without burnt or crusted edges.

Handle: Comfortable Grip

Misen Pan Comfortable and Stay Cool Handle

The pan’s handle is made of stainless steel and has a Silicone sheath which ascertains that the pan’s handle remains cool even when it is sizzling hot. It ensures the safest cooking experience even for amateur cooks with a tendency to burn fingers. Unlike other famous brands with curved or concave handles, it has straight handles. The silicone covering has texture on the bottom side for a secure and comfy grip. The pans’ overall weight and the ideal length of the handle have contributed to the pan’s remarkable balance even if it’s empty.


All non-stick pans should pass their primary test of being non-stick, and Misen did a remarkable job of it. Even the tender protein-based food such as eggs, which are more prone to sticking and burning, didn’t stick and glided right out of the pan into the plate. No need of scratching hard with a spatula to release the food!

Making Chocolate Chip on Misen Non Stick Pan

Making Cheese on Misen Non Stick Pan

However, it’s a base test for any non-stick pan. Misen outshone other non-stick pans in heat conductivity and heat retention. The high-gauged Aluminum in the construction has contributed to its even heat distribution. Due to it, crepes and pancakes cooked equally on all sides.

Cooking Egg on Misen Non Stick Pan without Sticking

Another worth-mentioning point is the pan’s heat retention which we found better than others. So even when we tossed a cold piece of meat in the pan, the surface temperature didn’t drop much compared to other non-stick pans.

It also came in handy to finish toasting bread on the pan while turning off the stove to avoid excess browning or burning, but the pan retained heat enough to give the perfect golden brownish tinge to the toast.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Misen’s line of non-stick pans is oven-safe up to 450° F, although it’s 50 degrees less than All-Clad pans that have a 500° F maximum temperature threshold, it is enough for experimenting with various recipes.

What we really liked about Misen is its integrity, avoiding marketing gimmicks such as mentioning the non-stick pan is dishwasher safe and then leaving a word of precaution in a side note about excessively using dishwasher and recommending hand wash.

Misen has avoided all of it by stating that it’s not dishwasher safe. And since the quality of non-stick is exceptional, just a quick swipe of soapy sponge is enough to clean it.

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Price is the best part of it! You get tonnes of value at an affordable price and the quality is equivalent to premium brands due to their approach of cutting the middleman and reducing the overall price.

  • Durable and Sturdily built
  • Excellent non-stick properties
  • Flat bottom
  • Induction stovetop compatible
  • Even heat dispersion and better heat retention
  • Grease build-up around rivets that don’t have a non-stick coating

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is misen pans any good?

Yes, Misen pans have gained a good reputation in a short time, thanks to the thoughtful construction, quality material and design details. Their non-stick pans sell like crazy and soon go out off the shelf faster than they come in. The pans have a highest-grade non-stick tri-ply coating that lasts longer and outperforms many non-stick pans.

Not just their non-stick but Carbon steel and stainless steel also perform really well and can be used on all kinds of stoves, including induction. Their stainless steel pan has five layers, including an aluminum layer, for better heat distribution. Their whole cookware range is exceptional that includes their knife set and cook tools also.

How long do misen non-stick pans last?

Like every other non-stick pan, Misen also needs to be appropriately maintained, adhering to all the manufacturer’s guidelines. For example, you shouldn’t heat an empty non-stick, nor should you clean it with abrasive detergents, scrubbers or frequently wash in the dishwasher. Never cook on high heat or use metal spatulas, and the non-stick coating will last more than any average non-stick pan.

Are misen non-stick pans toxic?

Misen non-stick pans have a Dupont coating of PTFE, but the coating doesn’t have toxic, health and environment damaging chemical PFOA in it. So, the non-stick pan is not toxic.

Is Misen PFOA free?

Yes, Misen is PFOA free.

Is misen cookware induction?

Yes, Misen non-stick, as well as stainless steel and carbon steel cookware, is induction compatible.

Wrapping Up!

Non-stick pans are a must-have in the kitchen. And if you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you will eventually have to replace, then your quest begins to find the non-stick pan that can last long without overburdening your pockets. Misen is an ideal choice for such people with a solid construction, thoughtful design, and top-grade non-stick quality.

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