RCA RFR322-B RFR322 Review – Best Fridge for Small Space

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RCA RFR322-B RFR322 single door mini fridge with freezer, an appliance suitable for small kitchen, apartments, bedroom & office.

A large-sized fridge is not always suitable to meet your needs. When you have a small space like a small kitchen, dorm room or want an extra fridge for your bedroom so that you won’t have to go out of the room in the middle of the night. Whether you buy it for travelling in an RV or for hosting outdoor parties, a mini-fridge can be your companion for keeping the food and beverages chilled.

In our quest to find the best mini fridge, we stumbled upon a stainless steel RCA mini-fridge. RCA may not employ the marketing strategies of renowned brands, but RCA has been in the electronics industry for over 100 years and has been producing a good range of mini-fridges. The RCA 3.2 cubic ft. The refrigerator grabbed our attention instantly due to its contemporary and sleek appearance and small size.

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RCA RFR322-B RFR322 Review – Best Fridge for Small Space

Top Features

The Mini fridge from RCA has all amenities you would want and packs a punch even with its small profile. The mini-fridge features:

  • Fridge and refrigerator compartment
  • Removable shelf
  • Reversible door
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 3.2 cubic ft. capacity

RCA RFR322-B RFR322 Review 2022


RCA RFR322-B RFR322 - Best Single Door Mini FridgeThe RCA mini fridge design is based on modern and futuristic stainless steel with only a single door. The fridge has an array of color choices available to complement the existing kitchen appliances or interior. The mini-fridge has an invisible recessed handle at the top that gives the whole frontal part an elegant and stylish appearance.

Its exterior dimensions are 18.5 by 17.7 by 32.8  inches, with an internal capacity of 3.2 cubic ft or 84 litres. The fridge has height-adjustable legs on either side to level the refrigerator in a way so that the front edge of the mini-fridge sits higher at an angle than the back.

With 50.7 lbs. weight, the RCA fridge is a portable appliance to cater to your food storage and chilling needs.

Fridge + Freezer Compartment

It’s a multi-purpose fridge that doesn’t have a full-fledged separate freezer compartment like its full-sized counterparts. But it does have a small-sized freezing compartment at the top. The compartment has a door that you move up and push back to the top to access it for keeping ice trays there. The freezer can do a little more than freezing ice cubes and is definitely a better choice than a freezer-less mini-fridge.

Food Shelves and Door Racks

The two food shelves on the RCA mini-fridge are detachable thus easier to clean. The shelves can be adjusted to fit the tall food items in the fridge, or the racks can also be removed altogether to accommodate large-sized utensils or bottles. The petite-looking mini-fridge door also has a can dispenser and racks, giving you lots of space to conveniently store your beverages and bottles.

Reversible Door

The RCA mini-fridge offers a reversible door that can be hinged from either side and provides convenience for opening the fridge from the side you feel comfortable with. Since mini-models are designed for cramped spaces, opening the door from the wrong side may come in the way as the door might not swing open entirely due to lack of space or obstacles.

We recommend reversing the door according to your preference before using it for the first time as it requires the fridge to be completely empty and unplugged.

Adjustable Thermostat

It is essential to set the refrigerator at the correct temperature to keep the food fresh. Single door refrigerator doesn’t have a separate thermostat to regulate the temperature of the freezer and fridge separately. The top “freezer” or “chiller” compartment’s temperature is also maintained by the same thermostat, so choosing the temperature setting wisely is essential as it can affect the cooling in both chambers simultaneously.

The Thermostat in the mini-fridge is located at the top right corner of the fridge. Before using it for the first time, set it on the No. 5 setting and let the refrigerator run for 24 hours. But after you stack it with food, the recommended thermostat setting is 3 to maintain an optimal temperature in both compartments.

Energy Saving

The RCA mini-fridge is fitted with an energy-saving compressor that consumes less power and lowers the electricity cost without compromising the performance. The mini compressors should be installed by keeping in mind the clearance space. Otherwise, the unit would heat up and affect the cooling performance of the refrigerator. Also, keep it in a cool place, away from heating sources or direct sunlight.


The mini-refrigerator does what it’s meant to do – keep all your food and beverages chilled. It has a durable and solid construction, but due to lack of space and a smaller compressor, it is pretty noisy. The noise is lowered if the refrigerator is properly leveled using adjustable legs. And if it’s not installed with enough clearance space, the walls and the top of the refrigerator surface gets hot.

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  • Freezer and fridge combined
  • The reversible door that can be hinged on any side.
  • 3.2 cubic foot capacity
  • Adjustable racks
  • Adjustable feet on both sides


  • A bit noisy
  • It gets hot if not placed in a cold area

Is RCA Mini Refrigerator Worth it?

Yes, the mini refrigerator is worth it and provides tonnes of value for its price—the best solution for small spaces or keeping an additional refrigerator in the home. From chilling beverages, keeping vegetables and groceries fresh to making ice, the RCA mini-refrigerator manages all kinds of food in its compact yet spaciously engineered refrigerator.

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