How to Protect Hardwood Floors in Kitchen from Scratches & Spills

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Hardwood flooring can create ambiance and warmth in any space. But certain myths are surrounding the hardwood flooring that it can damage over time.

Another myth is that it shouldn’t be used in the kitchen, as it is the most moisture-prone area in the house and can’t handle accidental spills.

Naturally, there are some pros and cons of hardwood floors in the kitchen. However, proper care, wood sealing, and maintenance can protect wood floors. Adopting good cleaning habits and using the best kitchen mats will help you to retain the timeless beauty of the wooden floors.

One of the great ways of protecting wooden floors is by installing the kitchen mats for hardwood floors, you should also give it a shot.

How to Protect Hardwood Floors in Kitchen

Here are some tips to protect hardwood floors in the kitchen. We will begin with protecting the wooden floor from scratches.

Protecting Wooden Floor from Scratches

Here are some quick steps that you can follow to save your beautiful wood floor from scratches and scuff marks.

Use Masonite Layer under Kitchen Appliances

Keep a Masonite or melamine layer under the refrigerator or any other kitchen appliances to prevent scratches or marks on the floor.

When you need to move the appliance, you can use a Masonite piece of the same thickness in front of the appliance and move it. Alternate two such pieces for moving refrigerator or oven range.

By Using Furniture Sliders

Don’t ever move kitchen appliances on the hardwood floor as-is. Invest in felt furniture slider pads to protect your hardwood floors while moving them.

You can also use plastic or rubber-style floor protectors to keep your wooden floors from dents even if the appliance is standing in one place.

By Using Furniture Pads

Buy furniture pads to cover bottoms of the tables or chairs in the kitchen. These will help your expensive wooden flooring from scratches and scuffs.

Protect Wood Floor from Water

It’s a universal truth that wood and water don’t mix. Protecting hardwood floors from water is as essential as having a floor beneath your feet.

Handle Spills Immediately

Protection is always better than cure. Spills from the kitchen sink, dishwasher, and oil splatters are inevitable on the kitchen floor.

Although engineered hardwood floors can handle occasional spills, it’s always better to wipe them down immediately to avoid warping and swelling. Always keep a handy absorbent towel specifically for wiping down the spills.

Keep an Eye on Water Leakage

One of the most frustrating causes of hardwood damage is the leakage from the dishwasher or fridge. Keep a check on any sign of leakage. Always get some professionals to inspect the plumbing before installing hardwood floors to avoid fussing and fuming later.

These leakages can cause the hardwood floors to warp and swell. Whenever you see leakage, immediately turn off the water supply valve, keep rugs around the area and call the plumber to get it repaired.

Spills in kitchen are extremely dangerous and you should learn how to prevent slips and falls in the kitchen.

Protect Hardwood Floors by Using Kitchen Rugs and Mats

Use Door Mats

Yikes! The gross dirt and grit from the shoes that enter your kitchen along with the person coming in. Don’t leave muddy shoes on the floor. This dirt can adversely diminish the finish of the hardwood floor. Place doormats near your kitchen doors to stop the dirt from coming inside.

Kitchen Rugs or Mats

Kitchen is one of the high-traffic areas in the home. The hardwood floor in the kitchen is highly susceptible to water damage and scratches. Using kitchen mats under the sink or near the cooking range saves you from a lot of damage.

Note: Check the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors to ensure maximum protection!

Similarly, heavy pots, pans, and knives fall from our hands or get knocked off from the kitchen counters can cause dents or scratches on the wooden floor. Even dinnerware and food cans can also damage the floor. So, be careful of such things.

Place kitchen rugs appropriately to protect from unsightly scratches, dents, pet claws, and sharp objects on your precious wooden floor. Investing in kitchen mats is far better than seeing ugly scratch marks ruining your wooden floor.

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Protect Hardwood by Good Cleaning Habits

Everyday Cleaning

For everyday cleaning, use a vacuum without beater bars or use a felt padding of a vacuum.

You can also use a brush or a broom to keep your hardwood floor dust-free. It may be surprising, but even the tiny dust affects the shine and causes scratches on the hardwood floor.

Any water-free method of cleaning would work to keep your hardwood floor in mint condition.

For Deep Cleaning

Daily cleaning is not enough for the hardwood floor. And any hardwood floor, including engineered flooring, needs deep cleaning from time to time. Use a spray mop to help you with deep cleaning.

The amazing thing about spray mop is that it cleanses deeply, using a very little amount of water and without harming wooden flooring. The spray mop also eliminate stains that can become stubborn if not cleaned timely.

Stick to Wood Floor Cleaners

Always stick to specific wood floor cleaners and avoid any harsh cleaners that include bleach, ammonia, or harsh detergents.

Avoid Steam Cleaners

The steam from steam cleaners can weaken the sealant on top of the hardwood floor, and this steam can seep through the sealant to reach the inner layers of the wooden floor. This steam turns into moisture and can spoil your hardwood floors.

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors

No matter how much you take care of your wooden floor, it will go through every day wear and tear.

You can revive and refresh your wood floor by following these 3 simple steps:

  • Resanding the floor slightly
  • Applying stain
  • Using a finishing product or sealant over it

Engineered hardwood floors can be refinished twice, whereas real hardwood can be revived up to 10 times.

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Wrapping Up!

With hardwood flooring in trend, people are looking for answers to uncertainties regarding wooden floors in the kitchen. Of course, hardwood flooring in the kitchen also creates a balance and coordination to the rest of the house that already has wooden flooring. And surprisingly, they are easy to care for and maintain. Proper cleaning habits, rugs, mats, and furniture sliders and pads – follow these few things, and your hardwood floor in the kitchen will last longer than you would imagine.

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