10 Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors 2021

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Prolonged standing in the kitchen can stress your feet and cause discomfort. You can use the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors to prevent fatigue.

Whether you are cooking a big batch of recipes to last the week or making a one-time meal in the kitchen, long hours in the kitchen can drain your energy, especially if you are standing barefoot on a hardwood floor. Working on a hard floor has an effect that is equivalent to a hammer pounding on the feet.

According to research on prolonged standing, “Prolonged standing has some short term as well as long term health risks, very immediate and common are pain, discomfort, muscle fatigue, joint compression, etc.”

The pain and discomfort aggravate significantly on a hardwood floor. The best solution to this discomfort is to use ergonomic anti-fatigue mats on a hardwood floor.

After testing 27 different floor mats, below are my recommendations for the best anti-fatigue mats for wooden floors. These mats not only alleviate pain and discomfort, they are also very effective in protecting the wooden floors from scratches, scuffs, and other damages.

You can find a startling variety of the anti-fatigue kitchen mats in the market ranging from artistic designs to the dull-colored yet functional kitchen mats. But it’s no use buying a mat on which you can trip and fall or the one which hurts your feet, providing no cushion to your feet at all.

10 Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors 2021

Our Top Pick

ComfiLife Ant Fatigue Kitchen Mats

1. ComfiLife

Rating: 9.7/10

  • Stain resistant
  • Non-slip bottom
Sky Solutions Mats for Bad Knees 2. Sky Solutions

Rating: 9.5/10

  • Eco-friendly material
  • Extremely comfortable
KMAT Kitchen Mat with Non-Slip Bottom 3. KMAT

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Nice design
  • Waterproof
Homcomoda Budget-Friendly Kitchen Mat 4. Homcomoda

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Highly durable
  • Decent cushioning
HEBE Extra Long Anti Fatigue Mat 5. HEBE

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Large in size
  • Lightwieght & affordable
KMAT Waterproof Kitchen Floor Mat 6. K MAT

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Ergonomic design
  • Anti-slip surface
DEXI Cushioned Kitchen Mat 7. DEXI

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Slip-resistant
  • Excellent cushioning
iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat 8. iDesign Formbu

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Non-skid
  • Water-resistant
QSY Home Area Rug for Wood Floor 9. QSY Home

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Beautiful designs
  • Relieve discomfort
Wiselife Mat for Laundry Room and Kitchen 10. Wiselife

Rating: 9.0/10

  • Excellent durability
  • Comfortable cushioning

1. ComfiLife – Best Ant Fatigue Kitchen Mats

ComfiLife - Best Ant Fatigue Kitchen MatsThick & Comfortable – ComfiLife floor mat lives up to its name by providing utmost comfort to the feet, reducing knee pain, and improving body posture.

This thick mat is made of memory foam that is soft and comfortable when you stand on it. It also retains its shape and has a longer lifespan.

With its thick 3/4 inch dense core, it can relieve muscle fatigue and absorb shock.

The ergonomically designed floor mats have beveled edges that help in preventing tripping. To top it off, the rubber backing of the mat ensures optimum safety from slipping and falling hazards.

Just because we say it’s a floor mat, it doesn’t have to be in dull and boring colors.

Comfilife kitchen mats give you the freedom and opportunity to choose from 3 sizes and 13 different colors to be in tune with your interiors.

As per my findings this mat is not just for kitchen use; you can use these multi-purpose mats for the office standing desk, laundry room, or anywhere where you need to stand for a longer period.

The top layer of the mat is stain and water-resistant, which ensures ease in cleaning.

All in all, it’s a perfect blend of comfort and support for increased work efficiency without facing abysmal posture, backache, or foot ache.

  • Free from toxic-materials
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Slip-resistant bottom ensures safety
  • Surface is waterproof
  • A slight difference in the original color
  • Surface is not scratch resistant

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2. Sky Solutions – Best for Bad Knees

Sky Solutions - Best for Bad KneesThe problem with anti-fatigue mats is if it’s too cushiony, your feet will sink into the mat and you will feel the hardness of the floor. If it’s too hard, you would want to remove it from under your feet.

Sky solutions mats are perfectly balanced by providing the precisely required cushiony effect.

The reason is they use their own patented Sky core foam in the manufacturing, which makes it unique and better compared to the other anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen.

The soft foam core reduces the pressure on your feet, the pain of the plantar fasciitis, knee pain, and back pain.

It is designed to provide comfort all day long. Not just this, the well-engineered design Sky Solutions Mat on Kitchen Wood Floorand beveled edges of this 3/4 inch thick mat, deters tripping and falling.

The top layer of this kitchen mat is waterproof. You can confidently place it in front of the kitchen sink because water won’t cause any harm to it while you are washing dishes.

Not just the water spills are easier to clean; the damp cloth or mop can do the trick of cleaning oil and grease splatters too.

It’s available in a multitude of colors and three sizes to let you select it according to your kitchen size and décor.

It is time to replace your worn or curly mats with the non-wrinkly, eco-friendly Sky Solutions that will last ages.

  • Has a plenty of space to stand on
  • Helps in relieving back and knee pain
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Very easy to clean and washable
  • Release bad odor in beginning
  • Move around a bit

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3. KMAT – Best Non-Slip Bottom

KMAT - Best Non-Slip BottomAnother KMATS kitchen mats in our list! There are two reasons for picking these kitchen mats – admirably simple geometric pattern and cushioning support.

The geometric design and the grey color resemble the one I have reviewed above – Homocomda mats. The soft grey color can spruce up any area and can go with almost every interior.

Right now, when I am reviewing this product the KMAT is offering to buy one get one free; that’s the best bargain for the price.

The longer mat can be used as a kitchen runner, while the shorter mat can be placed in front of a sink.

Now, let’s talk about its functionality. The kitchen mats are on the thinner side than other anti-fatigue mats. However, they provide sufficient cushioning and distribute the weight of the feet equally on the mat and support your whole posture.

Made of PVC, it’s water-resistant but not abrasion-resistant. So, it can get scratches from knives, pans, pots, or your pet’s claws.

The anti-slip backing provides added security, but these can slide if you place them on the wet surface.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Useful in reducing stress on knees and back
  • Back of the mat is slip-resistant
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Limited to single size option
  • A bit thinner

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4. Homcomoda – Best Budget-Friendly Kitchen Mat

Homcomoda - Best Budget-Friendly Kitchen MatIn various earthy shades, Homocomoda Kitchen mats combine the symmetrical geometrical pattern with a soft cushiony effect to create a floor mat that is both effective and attractive.

The huge benefit of the Homcomoda Kitchen mat set is that you get two floor mats of different sizes for the price of one. It’s like a buy one, get one free offer. It indeed is an appealing offer, isn’t it?

Apart from the price perk, another worth-mentioning point is the thickness. Not everyone likes super thick mats for the fear that thicker mats sink down and lose their effectiveness in the long run if they aren’t made of premium quality material.

Homocomoda kitchen mats aren’t super plush but have the effective cushiony effect of just the right thickness (10mm or 0.39 inches).

Made of eco-friendly and non-toxic PVC material, the floor mat can endure daily wear and tear and rough usage to last a long time.

Its top covering is water-resistant because of being made of PVC. But due to light color, stain removal can be a bit of a hassle.

The mats are designed to help you by reducing back pain and foot pain caused by long-standing hours.

And you get the peculiar “fresh-from-factory” odor, but it soon dissipates in the air; it’s just a slight hiccup in otherwise praiseworthy floor mats.

  • Extra thick and comfortable
  • Release pressure from feet and back
  • Anti-slip backing prevent slipping on wood floor
  • Surface is waterproof and easy to clean
  • Not suitable for high heel shoes
  • A bit smelly when unpacked

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5. HEBE – Best Extra Long Anti Fatigue Mat

HEBE - Best Extra Long Anti Fatigue MatThe extra-long (60 x 20 inches) HEBE kitchen mats cover a large area in the kitchen in front of your sink or cooking range.

With 1/2 inches thickness, HEBE kitchen mats are neither too thick that your feet seem to sink in it nor too thin to feel the hardwood floor beneath your feet.

Made with a combination of PVC and thick gel foam in its core, it provides the utmost comfort for your aching feet when you spend hours baking or cooking.

Although it’s a phthalate and latex-free mat, you still find a negligible odor when you open it.

The padded mat has strong friction and doesn’t slip around. The top layer is spill proof, making it convenient for your kitchen where spills and accidents are inevitable.

It’s available in various textures and four colors – black, silver-grey, brown, and grey.

Some reviewers have compared it to the commercial-grade kitchen mats and even used it in hotels due to ease of cleaning. According to my experience, the commercial-grade mats have holes in them, so the food gets stuck in it. It’s not the case with this anti-fatigue mat.

Even the thickness of the mat is perfect with beveled edges, so the food trolley can easily get over it.

  • Premium quality eco-friendly material
  • Surface of mat is stain-resistant
  • Provides maximum comfort to feet
  • Highly affordable
  • Release chemical smell for a few days
  • Weak grip on carpeted floor

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6. KMAT – Best Waterproof Kitchen Floor Mat

KMAT – Best Waterproof Kitchen Floor MatThe previous two mats I have reviewed are somewhat expensive, whereas the KMAT kitchen mat is relatively economical. But it doesn’t fail to deliver and meets the standards of the best anti-fatigue mats.

Composed of PVC and cushiony foam, this eco-friendly floor mat is durable and doesn’t form sinking shallow depression even after being heavily used for hours.

The material is phthalate and latex-free so that you won’t get that peculiar and offending odor associated with rubber materials and latex.

Although the mat lacks playful color options, the texture on the kitchen mat makes up for that. The texture and the softness of the mat give it a posh and plush feel.

It regulates the blood circulation on the feet and makes your long-standing hours comfortable till you complete your tasks.

It not only has beveled edges to keep you safe tripping, but the bottom also firmly grips to the wood floor, making it a slip resistant kitchen mat.

If you want to test its firm grip, use it as a yoga mat, and you will undoubtedly praise its anti-slip backing.

The design and quality make it a versatile product. You can place it in high-traffic areas, laundry room, kitchen, or activity area for kids.

  • Made of BPA and latex-free material
  • Beautiful textured surface prevent slipping
  • Has a very cushiony surface
  • Don’t release bad smell like others
  • A bit thin and lightweight compared to other mats

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7. DEXI – Best Cushioned Kitchen Mat

DEXI - Best Cushioned Kitchen MatIt’s long! Yes, it is 79 inches long to cover an extra-long area in the kitchen. The first thing you will notice in Dexi kitchen mats is their lustrous sheen and the availability of bright colors.

I especially liked Aqua color as it can contrast brilliantly with the kitchen interiors.

If you don’t want to buy the extra-long, you can buy its shorter 17 x 59 inches variant for your home.

It’s extra-long but not extra thick to have a bouncy effect or the sinking feet. With 0.4 inches thickness, it provides enough lumbar and feet support so you can cook or work for longer hours.

Designed with PVC material known for its waterproofness, the mat is perfect to be placed in front of the dishwasher or sinks. This feature also makes its cleaning super easy.

Even after rough usage for months, the mat retains its cushiony effect, and the rubber backing doesn’t chip away any time sooner, ensuring maximum traction and comfort for a long time.

A sign of an aging floor mat is their curling edges, due to which the dust also accumulates under the mat. The huge perk of Dexi floor mats is that their edges lay flat from the first time you unroll it to a longer period of bearing daily wear and tear.

  • Covers a large area
  • Slip-resistant design ensures maximum safety
  • Offers decent cushioning and comfort to feet
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Color differ a bit from the one advertised
  • Not water-resistant

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8. iDesign Formbu – Best Bamboo Floor Mat

iDesign Formbu - Best Bamboo Floor MatNatural materials have their own charm, and they are more sustainable, biodegradable, unlike other synthetic materials.

Their appeal makes it more desirable to many people who prefer natural substances rather than smelly synthetic leather or plastic, and iDesign provides just that – a perfect traditional style mat.

To increase sustainability, iDesign has treated bamboo mats with a water-resistant coating.

Not just this, the mats also have a rubber backing, so it doesn’t slide and move around as a bamboo floor mat is more prone to sliding.

The manufacturer has increased its durability three folds by top coating and rubber backing.

The mat comes in six different sizes and in a natural tan color that complements perfectly with your hardwood floor.

It keeps your hardwood floor safe from scratches, stains, and water. The floor mat is easy to clean; it just needs a quick wipe to remove dust and oily stains.

Keep in mind that these kitchen mats are not anti-fatigue mats, but these mats are so versatile that you can use them in any high-traffic area, hallway, entryway, bathroom. Or you can even hang on walls to display décor items.

  • Beautiful design compliment kitchen décor
  • Has a water-resistant coating
  • Won’t slip or slide around
  • A very budget-friendly option
  • Not suitable for standing barefooted

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9. QSY Home – Best Area Rug for Wood Floor

QSY Home - Best Area Rug for Wood FloorThe irresistible specialty of these kitchen mats is their design that has taken its cue from textile patterns. The first look will fool you into thinking it’s actually woven textile, but it’s not.

The QSY Home kitchen mats are composed of non-toxic, phthalate-free PVC and come in different delightful patterns and colors.

With 0.75inches thickness, this mat is super comfortable and feels gentle under your feet. The anti-fatigue mats alleviate foot pain, discomfort, and tiredness.

The mats have sloped-down edges, so there are fewer chances of a tripping hazard.

QSY Home Kitchen Floor Mat for Long StandingIn addition to that, a non-slip bottom keeps the mat in its floor mat in its place.

Depending on the pattern and color you choose, the lighter part of the mat can get stained and may require a little elbow grease to clean.

However, avoid rigorous cleaning if you don’t want the print to fade. The style and pattern make the mat perfectly eligible to be placed anywhere in the home besides the kitchen, so it’s a bonus point for the anti-fatigue mat.

  • Made of premium quality eco-friendly material
  • Surface of the mat is stain and water-resistant
  • Has an anti-slip bottom
  • Cleaning of mat is very easy
  • Not suitable for pointy shoes
  • Catch dirt very quickly

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10. Wiselife – Best for Laundry Room and Kitchen

Wiselife - Best for Laundry Room and KitchenThe last kitchen mat on our list is from WiseLife. Made of PVC material, the Wise life kitchen mats come in 3 sizes and four different hues – Black, grey, chocolate, and green.

If you are one of those who don’t like extra thick or extra bouncy surfaces like Trampoline but prefer balanced floor mats, WiseLife is a better option for you.

With 0.47inches thickness, the anti-fatigue kitchen mat has the right amount of padding, providing perfect body balance and cushioning.

These kitchen mats not only feel great under the feet but also have a visually appealing pattern that is neither too showy nor too plain and gives a neat and streamlined look to your interior.

Wiselife Anti Fatigue Mat for Wooden FloorMaintenance of this kitchen mat is super easy due to PVC material. Just a quick wipe is required when you drop your food or oil on it. Avoid abrasive cleaning processes or harsh chemicals; otherwise, the pattern would fade.

The mat’s underside has a rugged rubber backing that adds grip and resists sliding and slipping, especially when you are hurriedly moving in the kitchen to complete our tasks on time.

The mat fulfills its purpose, like me many other reviewers have expressed their joys by foot pain reduction, comfort, and support. There’s no reason you shouldn’t buy it.

  • Beautiful attractive color and design
  • Provide relieve to feet and back pain
  • Can be used in kitchen, laundry, and entrance
  • Ergonomic design prevent slip and trip
  • This mat is a bit thin
  • Catch dirt and stains quickly

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How to Choose Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floor

There are usually two reasons for buying kitchen mats for your hardwood floor.

  1. To save your hardwood flooring from scratches and wear and tear.
  2. To provide comfort to your feet when you are cooking for multiple hours.

Based on these two factors, one should consider the following things before buying a kitchen mat.


The first thing to decide is whether you want an anti-fatigue mat, kitchen rug, area rug, or runners.

Area rugs usually cover larger space, whereas runners are longer and have less width. A kitchen rug may not necessarily be anti-fatigue, depending on its composition.

You can either buy natural materials like cotton, jute, wool, bamboo, or select synthetic materials such as PVC or leather. Anti-fatigue mats are usually made of PVC, and they help in reducing pain from prolonged standing.


Although all types of rugs can protect your hardwood flooring from scratches, all of them are not water-resistant.

Rugs made with natural materials such as wool, jute, or cotton are not water-proof and the water seeping through the fibers can damage hardwood floors.

The chances of bacteria growth are also higher in such mats. So, on a hardwood floor, either PVC or any mat coated with water-resistant material is preferable.

Design & Size

Floor mats shouldn’t have to be boring and dull. Surprisingly, you can find stylish and elegant designs and patterns that will make you fall in love with them instantly.

As for the size, you should decide beforehand where you will place your kitchen mat. Measure the area first and order accordingly.


Imagine you hurriedly stepped over your kitchen mat, and it slipped! It can be so hazardous if you slip due to a kitchen mat.

So, always consider buying a mat that has a rubber backing to ensure optimal safety. Also, keep in mind that the mat should have beveled edges to avoid tripping hazards.

Thickness and Firmness

The kitchen mat shouldn’t be so thick and spongy that your feet feel like sinking in the mat as it would create extra stress to balance our feet. It should not also be too thin that you feel a hard floor beneath it.

The mat should have a perfect blend of thickness and fitness. 3/4inch thickness is usually considered great, providing the floor mat has the desired firmness. You can also go for 1/2inch or 0.4-inch thickness for comfort and support.

Benefits of Using Kitchen Mats

Here are some key benefits of installing kitchen mats on wooden floors. Also check some pros and cons of the hardwood floors.

Improves Productivity: Pain can be disabling and can deter productivity. The kitchen work that could be completed in one hour seems to take a lot of time due to fatigue. Standing on a soft surface like a floor mat can give a high feeling of comfort and increase productivity.

Protect Wooden Floors: Wooden floors are highly susceptible to damage due to scratches and moisture. Kitchen floor mats safeguard your flooring from weathering, scratches, scuffs, and other wear and tear.

Improves Aesthetics: Kitchen floor mats attractive designs and colors also enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen and helps it keep clean from grease and oil splatters.

Safety Provision: The softer floor coverings also reduce slipping on the wet floor. The mats are designed in a way to reduce falling and tripping hazards.

Mitigates Pain: And of course, as mentioned above, kitchen mats reduce discomfort, knee pain, back pain and also improve posture and blood circulation.

How to Clean Kitchen Floor Mats

Kitchen mats are usually made of Vinyl material with foam or gel inside, so you can’t wash it in a machine. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean your kitchen floor mats.

  1. Use your brush and broom to remove loose dirt and food crumbs from the mat.
  2. Mix a mild detergent or liquid soap in water. Don’t use high PH cleaners or bleach.
  3. Use a sponge to clean the mats. Do not use abrasive tools or scrub them hard.
  4. Rinse it with clean water or a damp cloth.
  5. Let it dry completely before using it again.

Note: For daily cleaning, you can simply sweep it and wipe it with a damp cloth. Soap water should be used once a week to avoid grease build-up.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What are the best anti-fatigue kitchen mats for hardwood floor?

  1. ComfiLife – Best Ant Fatigue Kitchen Mats
  2. Sky Solutions – Best for Bad Knees
  3. KMAT – Best Non-Slip Bottom
  4. Homcomoda – Best Budget-Friendly Kitchen Mat
  5. HEBE – Best Extra Long Anti Fatigue Mat
  6. KMAT – Best Waterproof Kitchen Floor Mat
  7. DEXI – Best Cushioned Kitchen Mat
  8. iDesign Formbu – Best Bamboo Floor Mat
  9. QSY Home – Best Area Rug for Wood Floor
  10. Wiselife – Best for Laundry Room and Kitchen

How can I protect my hardwood floors in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a high-traffic area and most prone to scratches, water and oil spills, grease build-up, and dust. To protect the hardwood floors in the kitchen

  1. You must use an area rug or kitchen mat to avoid scratches and floor damage.
  2. Use water-proof mats near the sink or the dishwasher.
  3. Daily clean your hardwood floors.
  4. Keep your kitchen stools over the mat and use furniture pads under the legs of your tables and chairs.

What kind of mats are safe for hardwood floors?

The mat that can bear the stomping foot, accidentally thrown knives, and plates are the best kind of mats for the hardwood floors.

Cotton mats or rugs are not waterproof, and the long-standing water seeping through the rug can damage the hardwood flooring, so PVC or rubber-made mats are better than others.

Similarly, anti-fatigue mats are also an ideal option since they are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to maintain.

Are WaterHog mats safe for hardwood floors?

Yes, Waterhog mats are safe for hardwood flooring as they are water-resistant. The water doesn’t penetrate through the rubber backing. They can prevent the hardwood floor from scratches and are used in high-traffic areas like entryways.

Are gel mats safe for hardwood floors?

Gel Mats safety on hardwood floors is debatable. Gel mats are usually made to mitigate foot fatigue, but they may discolor the wooden floor or leave residue on it. Only high-grade Gel mats can be used that are specifically designed for hardwood floors.

Should I get rubber floor mats for the kitchen?

Yes, you can get rubber floor mats for the kitchen. Many restaurants use commercial-grade rubber mats in their kitchens. But you should be careful in picking the rubber mat.

A rubber mat with holes can trap food crumbs and dust in it. Moreover, they don’t look as good in the home kitchen as area rugs, runners, or anti-fatigue mats.

Wrapping Up!

Floor mats in the kitchen have dual benefits of protecting the luxurious hardwood floors as well as alleviating physical exertion. However, so much overwhelming information on the internet about floor mats such as anti-fatigue mats, foam mats, gel mats, area rugs and runners can be confusing. I have tried to help you know all the titbits in choosing the right floor mat for the kitchen for you. Let us know in the comments section if you found this article useful.

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