10 Best Kitchen Mats for Tile Floors 2022 [Comfort & Style]

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The best kitchen mats for tile floors has an anti-slip back and the right blend of cushion and firmness to support and distribute the body weight.

Our kitchens are designed in a way that we can only cook in a standing position all the time. And the kitchen is like a center-working zone in a home. From cooking and plating up food for everyone to doing dishes, we end up standing on our feet for longer than intended.

Guess what! In as little as 90 minutes of continuous standing, fatigue starts to set in. The foot pain then extends towards the leg, lower back, and even shoulders and neck. This daily grind fags you out and leaves you reeling.

Moreover, hard flooring such as tile floors also intensifies the pain. A typical area rug is not enough to abate the pain, and they also present the risk and hazard of slipping and falling accidentally.

A kitchen mat becomes essential not just to avoid slipping and falling but also to give you comfort while you do your chores. If you have wooden floor in your living or drawing room then you should check our recommendations for the kitchen mats for hardwood floors.

10 Best Kitchen Mats for Tile Floors 2022 [Comfort and Style]

Our Top Pick

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

1. Sky Solutions

Rating: 9.7/10

  • Offer decent cushioning
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant
Gorilla Grip Anti Fatigue Cushioned Comfort Mat 2. Gorilla Grip

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Thick and supportive
  • Helps relieve pressure
  • Easy to clean and Washable
ComfiLife Standing Desk Mat 3. ComfiLife

Rating: 9.6/10

  • Ergonomic design
  • High-density foam
  • Great balance and support
Wiselife Waterproof Kitchen Mats 4. Wiselife

Rating: 9.5/10

  • Decent comfort and support
  • No tripping and slipping
  • Stylish design and colors
Kmat Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat 5. KMat

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Premium PVC material
  • Thick, cushioned support
  • Durable and long-lasting
Dexi Kitchen Mat for Hard Floors 6. Dexi

Rating: 9.4/10

  • Set of 2 mats
  • Ultra-soft cushy surface
  • Anti-slip backing
LuxStep Non Slip Kitchen Rugs and Mats 7. LuxStep

Rating: 9.3/10

  • Nice cushioning and stability
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Easy to clean
HappyTrends Anti Fatigue Mat for Concrete Floors 8. HappyTrends

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stylish pattern and color
  • Nonslip PVC bottom
Shape28 Floor Mat Ultra-Thin Kitchen Mat 9. Shape28

Rating: 9.2/10

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Stay firm on its place
  • Machine washable
Kitsure Kitchen Mats 10. Kitsure

Rating: 9.1/10

  • Reduce pressure on knees
  • Ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Highly affordable

1. Sky Solutions – Best Anti-Fatigue Mat for Kitchen

Sky Solutions - Best Anti-Fatigue Mat for KitchenTo give your aching feet a break, Sky Solutions present you with comfortable, thick yet firm anti-fatigue mats. The sky mats have their patented memory foam inside, whereas the exterior has waterproof faux leather.

Place it in the kitchen near the sink, and you won’t be worried about the water splashes on the mat. Sky Solutions mats have a waterproof surface and the top surface cleans like a dream with only a quick stroke of wet-mopping. The oil and grease spots can also be rinsed with ease.

This anti-fatigue kitchen mat has the right amount of thickness (0.75 inches), so your feet don’t sink onto the kitchen mat, nor leave any foot imprint behind. The anti-fatigue mat is designed for comfort and preventing hazards in the kitchen.

The beveled edges ensure that you don’t accidentally trip during the hurried movements up and down in the kitchen, nor does the kitchen mat slip.

The Sky Solution kitchen mat offers a wide array of colors to choose from. From chocolate brown, green ombre to blue and burgundy, you can select the color that goes with your kitchen personality.

You also get three size choices for the mats, small, medium, and large. The best bit is that the mats are backed by a lifetime warranty – a simple proof of the material’s durability.

  • Soft foam reduce stress on muscles and joints
  • Improve body balance and standing posture
  • Won’t slip and slide on tile floor
  • Easy to clean and waterproof
  • Slide around a bit on wet kitchen floor
  • Release odor when unpacked that vanishes after a couple of days

2. Gorilla Grip – Best Washable Mat

Gorilla Grip - Best Washable MatFor an area of most foot traffic like a kitchen, you need a mat with a rugged construction such as Gorilla Grip. The high-density ¾ inch foam provides perfect balance and a plush surface that alleviates sore back pain and plantar fasciitis.

These mats are great for people who like to walk barefoot, and the hard tile floor causes fatigue. Like the Sky Solutions mat, Gorilla Grip also offers a bunch of pretty colors and texture choices ranging from black, dusty rose, mint to red and sky blue.

The mat’s interior has a thick and industry-grade foam that doesn’t sink even after continuous treading of the foot. The exterior is stain and water-resistant, so you don’t have to shrink away from placing it in front of the sink or the stovetop.

Wiping from a damp cloth is enough to lift off the stains and dust from the mat. Great thing is it doesn’t absorb the grease layers on their surface. The edges are beveled to avoid tipping, and the edges don’t curl over time.

The only downside is that even though the mat has an anti-slip backing, we found it to slide a little compared to Sky solutions mats.

  • Very sturdy and flexible at the same time
  • Thick foam relieve pressure from feet and ankles
  • Can be used in kitchen, office, and laundry
  • Strongly built, won’t crack or compress
  • Wiping liquid is a bit more difficult
  • Not good with the heels

3. Comfi-Life – Best Anti Slip Mat for Kitchen

Comfi-Life - Best Anti Slip Mat for KitchenComfiLife brings comfort and convenience, if standing on a tile floor while cutting veggies or cooking food for guests puts undue stress on your ankles, feet, and back.

Like our top-pick, Sky Solutions, Comfi-Life is also made of memory foam that provides the cushiony effect, and the quick rebound helps mitigate pain. They also have ¾ inches thickness which is considered a good density and solidity where your feet don’t feel the cold and hard tiles.

The other two we reviewed have printed textured designs available too, but Comfi-Life has a plain solid color surface. However, it does give you various color choices to match it according to your kitchen aesthetics.

ComfiLife cushioned kitchen mats also have angled edges that don’t curl and eliminate tripping risks. Thanks to its anti-slip backing, the ComfiLife mat stays in its place and doesn’t move or slide beneath your feet. The top surface is water and stain-resistant which is also an added advantage, if you are planning to use it near the sink area.

The ComfiLife kitchen mats are like clones to Sky Solutions and Gorilla Grip with decent performance and longevity and offer the padded support your body needs.

  • Makes standing experience extremely comfortable
  • High friction bottom prevent slipping and sliding
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Edges lay flat against the floor
  • Designs are not attractive
  • Size options are limited

4. Wise-Life – Best Stylish Anti Fatigue Mats

Wise-Life - Best Stylish Anti Fatigue MatsIt’s the budget option for your kitchen mat needs, and if you don’t like a thick kitchen mat that feels bouncy under your feet, Wise-Life kitchen mats are for you. Unlike 0.75 inches thickness, this anti-fatigue mat only has 0.47 inches thickness that provides the cushiony effect yet remains firm under your feet.

Wise life kitchen floor mats are composed of PVC material that is environmentally friendly. But you will feel a slight odor in them upon opening the package that dissipates soon.

These good kitchen mats have a pretty geometrical texture and are available in five hues – black, grey, red, green, and chocolate brown. It has three size options and is appropriate to give enough coverage in front of kitchen counters & sinks.

They are not slippery on the floor, ensuring nice grip and preventing slipping due to rushed movements. The top surface can be vacuumed or wiped with a wet cloth as per your needs, but don’t scrub hard or place it in the sun as the print may fade due to it.

It also has beveled edges that add a layer of safety from tipping risks.

  • Made of premium quality toxic-free material
  • Nice cushioning relieves knee and back pain
  • Stain and oil-resistant
  • Available at very affordable price
  • Textured surface makes cleaning a bit challenging

5. K-Mat – Best Long Size Mats

K-Mat - Best Long Size MatsK-Mats’ main attraction is that it’s a dual set at a price of one. The kitchen mats have different sizes, with the long mat intended to be used as a runner in front of the kitchen counter and the smaller one in front of the sink.

The kitchen mats are composed of PVC material with a thick cushioned foam inside, and the bottom layer has an anti-slip property to hold the mat in its place even on the smooth tile floors.

The top surface has an embossed geometrical pattern that gives the mat a nice texture and look. The color options are limited; only brown and grey colors are available. But these rustic colors can go with all kitchen interiors and even have the added advantage of camouflaging the spots of dirt or stains.

However, it doesn’t imply that the mats are hard to clean. Like other kitchen mats we have selected, K-Mats only require a quick swipe of damp cloth to give effortless cleaning.

These hard floor mats are thinner than Comfi-life or Sky Solutions but support the body and stay thick for a long period. As we see in other mats, it also has beveled edges that make moving on and off the kitchen mat easy and reduce the tripping hazard.

  • Stylish design and durable construction
  • Improve body posture and blood circulation
  • Unique beveled edges prevent tripping
  • Stay firm on tiles floor
  • A bit thinner compared to other mats

6. Dexi Kitchen Mats – Best for Hard Floors

Dexi Kitchen Mats - Best for Hard FloorsDexi kitchen mats also come in a pair of short and long mats like K-Mat. However, you can find its long-size single-piece kitchen mat here for the large area coverage.

Dexi kitchen mats have a PVC material composition with memory foam at its core and non-slip backing behind the kitchen mat. The kitchen mats have a diverse range of colors, from peaceful turquoise and playful red to earthy tones like grey and brown.

The texture on the top of the mat gives better traction to the feet for more comfort and also gives the solid color boring mat a more attractive look on a tiled backdrop.

The mats aren’t thick (0.4 inches thickness), but the memory foam provides enough padding, so you don’t feel the floor’s hardness on the heel, thus, making it easier to stand for long hours in the kitchen.

The mats are easier to clean and maintain, water-resistant, and have angled edges. Thanks to its beveled edges and little thickness, the robotic vacuum can also climb on them.

While they are soft, economical, and have pretty color options, they don’t stay put in their place and move around a bit. But other than that, users love the Dexi kitchen mats for the value it provides.

  • Get 2 mats at a price of 1, highly affordable
  • Can also be used on hardwood or marble floor
  • Release extra-stress from feet and back
  • Highly durable and eco-friendly mats
  • Makes a noise when you walk on it
  • Not good for heels and pets

7. LuxStep – Best Waterproof Kitchen Mat

LuxStep - Best Waterproof Kitchen MatThe first noticeable thing in LuxStep anti-fatigue floor mats is the pleasing and elegant geometric border pattern in a contrasting white color. Another attraction of the LuxStep mats is that it’s a pair of two mats – longer and shorter, which you get at the price of one, and you have the attraction to choose from four colors.

Let’s talk about its thickness; the mats have 0.47 inches thickness, not the thickest mat yet not the thinnest one. And they give your feet enough support, circulate the blood, and relieve your aching feet, ankles, and lower back.

The mats don’t sink deep and rebound without leaving foot impressions, even if you stand on it for a long time. They don’t have a raised and embossed texture on the front side like Dexi kitchen mats. So, if you don’t like a raised textured surface, LuxSteps can be your choice.

The PVC material used in its formation is more long-lasting. Unlike other mats which have a lingering smell upon opening the package, these mats have a minimal odor which dissipates within minutes.

The kitchen mats don’t slide around, reducing kitchen-related injuries and falls. They are also easier to clean, but you still need to clean the spoils immediately to avoid staining your kitchen mat.

  • Ultra-durable and comfortable mats
  • Improve standing posture and reduce back pain
  • Both sides are textured to prevent slipping
  • Waterproof and oil resistant
  • Narrow in size compared to other mats

8. Happy Trends – Best Runner for Kitchen Floor

Happy Trends - Best Runner for Kitchen FloorThe Happy Trend mat for tile floors is a long mat for more coverage with 60 inches length and 17.3 inches width. The thickness (0.47 inches) is similar to LuxSteps, but unlike Luxstep 2-piece mats, it is only a single long mat.

Happy Trends mats offer a good contrast to white or light tiles with their black, chocolate, or grey color, but we feel the lack of playful color choices is a limitation to the otherwise decent kitchen mats.

The kitchen mat’s top surface has a texture and glossy sheen, whereas the backside is made of anti-slip material. The anti-fatigue kitchen runner has a posh and plush feel, yet they aren’t too thick or bouncy.

Other kitchen mats lose their cushiony effect after continuous usage, but surprisingly the Happy Trends mat retains the spongy feeling for a long time.

The dark black color shows the dust more visible but is easier to clean due to the PVC material on top. All in all, a good choice for a kitchen or any job which requires long standing hours.

  • Premium quality material and attractive pattern
  • Decent thickness relieve fatigue
  • Top surface repels water and liquids
  • Won’t slide around when you move
  • Difficult to remove dirt stuck in the pattern

9. Shape28 – Best Rubber Kitchen Floor Mats

Shape28 - Best Rubber Kitchen Floor MatsIf you are afraid of tipping with a thick kitchen mat or want a thin mat that could fit under your door profile or front entry without jamming the door, Shape 28 ultra-thin mats are the one for you.

Shape 28 hard floor mats have a microfiber layer in the center, and the top layer has a pattern on it. The back has a waterproof rubber layer that doesn’t let the mat slide out of its place

The color and design combo are captivating and look remarkable on tile floors and hardwood floors. The kitchen mats have a warm appeal against the cold tile floors.

Ultra Thin Kitchen mats are not that long but they are wider than others. They aren’t spongy yet give a soft feel underneath your feet and soles when you are working in the kitchen.

Being made of microfiber, they offer a distinctive fabric/felt feel and are great for those who don’t like the PVC odor or feel.

Another great advantage is that these mats are machine washable, after which you can air dry them. It gives a whole new comfort level in cleaning the mats. Light stains can be spot-treated by detergent and water.

  • Made with premium quality microfiber
  • Ultra-thin to easily fit beneath doors
  • Anti-slip backing ensures safety
  • Easy to clean and washable
  • Not suitable if you are looking for something cushiony

10. Kitsure – Best Memory Foam Kitchen Mats

Kitsure - Best Memory Foam Kitchen MatsThe last one on our list of the best anti-fatigue mats is the Kitsure mat, which is a set of 2 pieces with sizes (30 x 17.3) and (47 x 17.3) inches. Both sizes fit perfectly for placing it in front of the stove and the sink.

The mats have a PVC-made top surface with subtle texture, and the interior has memory foam. These are also moderately thick (0.4 inches) but have a perfect blend of comfort and support to the aching feet muscles.

They don’t have a plethora of color choices, but black and brown go with most interiors and tile floors. They aren’t flimsy and stay in place due to rubber backing. However, don’t place it over a wet surface as the mats slip on wet flooring.

They have angled edges, so you don’t have to fear sudden tipping due to curling edges or raised mats.

The PVC material of the mat makes its cleaning and maintenance super easy. They are also economical, admirable, and worthwhile to be used in the kitchen, laundry room, or as a yoga mat. You no longer need to stand on a cold tile floor while cooking.

  • Nice support to feet and back
  • Dense foam helps in reducing fatigue
  • Suitable for hardwood, tile, marble, and concrete floor
  • Very easy to clean
  • Not recommended if you are looking for extra-thick mat
  • Doesn’t stay firm on its place

Buying Guide for Kitchen Mats for Tile Floors


Kitchen mats are available in various materials—fabric, PVC, rubber, gel, foam. But the best kitchen mat for tile floors would provide warmth because tile floors can get cold, especially in winters.

Fabric or Rug Type: They provide warmth but can get wet and slippery on the tile floor and are not easy to clean.

Gel: Gel mats provide support and give a cushiony effect but can leave residue on the floor. Only high-quality gel kitchen mats work better.

Rubber: Rubber mats are non-slip on the marble floor but don’t look good on the tiled kitchen.

Foam: The anti-fatigue kitchen mats with foam are one of the best choices for tiled floors. The top PVC layer makes it easy to clean, and the rubber backing makes it anti-slip.


Tile floors are smooth, so the average mats can slip and slide and be a hazard in the kitchen. So, the kitchen for tile floors should have friction and an anti-slip rubber backing.

Design and Shape

The printed design and color should contrast the tile floor color, and the color should pop against tiles. If you are unsure, you can always choose neutral or earthy tones such as grey, black, brown. The shape of the kitchen mat should be long horizontal for the stovetop and another smaller shape for keeping it near the sink.

Waterproof & Stain-Resistant

The kitchen is the hub of water splashes, especially the area around the sink that gets wetter. So, choose the material that is either waterproof or at least water-resistant so you can clean the spill without harming the rug. It should also be stain-resistant, and the stain marks should be easy to clean.

Beveled and Non-Curling Edges

The kitchen mat should have beveled edges to avoid any accidents in the kitchen. The kitchen mats’ edges curl over time, but you should try to find the ones whose edges don’t curl or are covered under warranty. Curling edges are a sign of wear and tear, and the dust can go under the mat, which also affects the non-slip quality of the mat.


Tile floors are hard, so the kitchen mat should have enough thickness so that your feet don’t feel the floor’s hardness. 3/4th inch is considered great but is costly, so you can also go for 0.5 inches or 0.4 inches thickness.

Best-Selling Tile Floor Mats

  1. Sky Solutions – Anti-Fatigue Mat for Kitchen
  2. Gorilla Grip – Washable Floor Mat
  3. Comfi-Life – Anti Slip Mat for Kitchen
  4. Wise-Life – Stylish Anti Fatigue Mats
  5. K-Mat – Best Long Size Mats
  6. Dexi Kitchen Mats – Best for Hard Floors
  7. LuxStep – Waterproof Kitchen Mat
  8. Happy Trends – Best Runner for Kitchen Floor
  9. Shape28 – Best Rubber Kitchen Rugs
  10. Kitsure – Memory Foam Kitchen Mats

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is an anti-fatigue kitchen mat?

As the name says, anti-fatigue kitchen mats reduce the pain, discomfort, and fatigue by standing for long hours on the hard floor. Prolonged standing has adverse health outcomes, including sore feet and lower back pain which goes all the way to the neck and shoulders. Anti-Fatigue kitchen mats provide cushion under feet without being too bouncy and stringy or sinking too deep. It eases the blood flow, balances the weight, and reduces foot pressure. In short, anti-fatigue mats help lessen the adverse health effects caused by prolonged standing.

Can you put a runner in the kitchen?

Area runner rugs are a safety hazard for slipping and tipping in the kitchen. But you can always place a runner-size anti-fatigue kitchen mat in front of the stove. These mats have a rubber backing, so they don’t move or slide when you are scurrying here and there with plates and pots in your hands.

What kind of anti-fatigue mat is best?

You might think that the softest anti-fatigue mats are the best among all; it’s not true. The soft surface doesn’t provide any support to the feet, and your feet will sink into the plush material. The best anti-fatigue kitchen mat has the perfect blend of cushiony effect and firmness.

An anti-fatigue kitchen mat made of complete rubber is the most durable but used in commercial spaces.

Anti-Fatigue Mats for the home should be made of foam, gel, or a combination of foam and rubber. The foam and rubber combination works best as the rubber backing provides friction, and the mats don’t slide around. Gel kitchen mats usually have a waterproof surface and work best in bathrooms or wet spaces.

What size are kitchen mats?

Kitchen mats come in different sizes. Long, short or medium. The length can be anywhere from 45 inches to 70 inches, and the width is usually 17 to 22 inches. The shorter kitchen mat has a short 30-40 inches length, but the width remains the same.

The best way to get the kitchen mat is to measure the approximate size where you want to place the mat and buy accordingly. It is an essential step anti-fatigue kitchen mats can’t be cut to fit the dimension.

Is polyurethane kitchen mat toxic?

No, polyurethane as a substance is not toxic and is used not only in kitchen mats but also in shoes, bags, coverings, cushions, children’s toys, or even surgical appliances. The chemical is inert and doesn’t produce toxic emissions in the air, which is doubted to cause breathing issues or asthma.

Final Words!

Whether your kitchen has tiled flooring, marble flooring, or a hardwood floor, anti-fatigue kitchen mats are special for kitchens to provide comfort and support. Anti-fatigue mats lower foot or back pain and are non-slip. They also absorb the shock when you accidentally drop your plates on the kitchen mats. Select from the list above according to your budget, color choice, and thickness, and make your cooking time comfortable.

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