Zojirushi NS-TSC18 – Best Rice Cooker with Steamer & Warmer

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Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom rice cooker with steamer and warmer having a capacity of 10-cups is one of the best rice cookers of 2022.

Traditional methods of cooking rice yield different results each time, especially if you are not a pro-chef. It also needs to be tended and watched over for precisely cooked rice with the perfect texture. The deceptively simple dish isn’t easy to master. That’s why rice cookers are created – to give you the tender, fluffy but not mushy or dry rice and the grains retain their individuality.

An array of rice cookers are available in the market ranging from rice cookers with bare-bone features to rice cookers that are truly smart devices. One-button operated rice cookers are relatively inexpensive, whereas feature-rich smart rice cookers are multi-purpose with built-in sensors and can cook soups, porridge, steamed vegetables, quinoa and even cakes.

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Zojirushi NS-TSC18 [Best Rice Cooker with Steamer & Warmer]

The rice cooker from Zojirushi that we are reviewing here is one of the premium appliances that doesn’t scrimp on features and is the cream of the crop among ordinary and inexpensive rice cookers. Let’s first tell you its main features before moving on to the review.

  • “Fuzzy Logic Technology” for AI-based adjustments
  • The capacity of 1.8 liters or 10 cups cooked
  • Retractable power cord
  • Removable inner lid
  • Stainless brown steel exterior
  • Automatically switch to keep warm
  • Easy Carrying Handle
  • Delay timer
  • Melody for indicating the start and end of the process

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom 10-Cups Rice Cooker and Warmer Review

Zojirushi NS-TSC18 10-Cups Rice Cooker Latest PriceLet’s discuss the design, built quality, and technology used in this wonderful and one of the must have cooking appliances.

Design – Classy Stainless Steel & Menu

Zojirushi pressure and rice cooker has a stainless steel exterior with an earthy hint of brown that stands out from the usual silver stainless steel. The interior basket is non-stick, hence easy to clean. The dimensions of the 11 by 15 x 10 inches (width x depth x height)

The detachable inner lid helps regulate the steam release and keeps the rice from drying out, especially when the rice cooker is in “keep warm” mode. The handle on the top helps in the easy carrying of the cooker.

The menu setting includes white rice, brown rice, steaming, cake, porridge, quick-cooking, sweet, and mixed setting for adding more ingredients. The LCD digital display on the top is easy to read. Also, you will find automatic keep warm, extended keep warm and reheating functions.

Fuzzy Logic Technology

The Japanese-based brand uses AI sensory technology that makes decisions just like humans and adjusts the cooking temperature and time itself according to the water volume and quantity of rice to cook the perfect rice every time. This technology is what makes it distinguish from one-button simple rice cookers.


The Zojirushi rice cooker can cook up to 10 cups of rice. Its other smaller variant can cook 5.5 cups of rice. The model includes a measuring cup which you can use to carefully take the quantity as the rice doubles and expand after cooking.

Cooking Time

Zojirushi rice cooker takes longer than other rice cookers to make perfectly cooked rice. As the unit utilizes fuzzy logic technology and decides cooking time itself, the cooking time varies from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

The brown rice also takes longer than white rice because it is cooked at a lower temperature for the grain to be edible and tender. Preheating time for brown rice is also extended for the brown grains to cook evenly.

Delay Timer

The Delay timer function on the Zojirushi rice cooker delays the cooking process if you don’t want to cook right away. You set the timer and leave the rice in the pot, and the cooking will start at the time you have selected. The cooker’s clock is based on the internal battery, so you won’t have to set the time again for delayed cooking even if you plug it out.

Food Steamer

The unit has a steaming basket for steaming your favorite food.

Retractable Power Cord

One of the unique features of the rice cooker is a retractable power cord that goes all the way back inside the cooker and doesn’t dangle around. You don’t have to wrap up the cord every time after usage.

Musical Start & End

The rice cooker from Zojirushi brings all the fun and smiles in the kitchen as you can select a little happy tune for the start and end of the cooking process. Imagine how happy would you feel if the appliance announces “dinner is ready” in a musical tone! It’s definitely one of the perks of buying the expensive kitchen appliance that lifts your mood.

Keep Warm

Zojirushi rice cooker has an automatic “keep warm” function. It means after the rice is cooked, it will remain warm. The extended keep-warm process keeps the rice warm for hours on end without burning, ruining or drying it. The keep-warm function works better than cheaper models and doesn’t dry the rice.

  • Multiple cooking modes and functions
  • Stainless steel body
  • Rice spatula, steamer, and rice measurement cup included
  • Keep warm and “extended warm” function that doesn’t dry out rice.
  • Evenly cooked soft and fluffy rice.
  • Delay cooking time for presetting time and delaying cooking.
  • The exterior doesn’t get hot like cheaply made rice cookers
  • Expensive
  • Takes more time to cook

Should You Buy Zojirushi Rice Cooker?

Zojirushi rice cooker is a feature-rich stainless steel rice cooker with a non-stick interior. Its innovative sensor technology adjusts cooking time and temperature based on the moisture level and water-rice volume to yield the perfectly textured rice with all grains separated and not joined together in a mushy lump. Although it’s one of the expensive rice cookers, it’s worth every penny, and all those people who frequently cook rice can benefit from the cooker till ages.

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