Farberware 900 Watt Microwave [Performance Review & Comparison]

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Farberware 900 watt microwave is an affordable oven for home, office, dorm use. Read this review to learn about its performance and shortcomings.

Convenience is the staple of Farberware, and the brand’s range of microwaves amass admiration from culinarians from all around the world.

Farberware Classic Microwave that we are reviewing here has the configurability that appeals from master culinary enthusiasts to novice chefs and all those who value simplicity and convenience.

Farberware Classic FM09SSE comes in three variant power levels and sizes corresponding to their power -700 watts, 900 watts, and 1000 watts.

We are going to share our experience of using a mid-powered 900 watts microwave that is neither low-powered nor considered a fire-breathing extra powerful appliance. At the time our team purchased this Farberware 900 watts model for review, it was pricing just under $100.

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Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Microwave Price

  • Occupy less counter space
  • Very Easy to assemble and operate
  • Can easily accommodate 10 inches larger dinner plate
  • A budget friendly microwave for home use
  • Powerful for the size it offers
  • Microwave’s machine is a bit loud
  • Buttons are finicky and a bit tricky to handle
  • It lacks mute function and ECO mode

Farberware 900 Watt Microwave [Performance Review & Comparison]

Below is some key information of the Farberware best stainless steel microwave. If you want to check other top-rated 900 watt microwave ovens CLICK HERE.

Type Countertop
Model FM09SSE
Item Weight 29.3 pounds
Dimensions 15.9 x 19.1 x 11.5 inches
Power 900 Watts


Design: Compact and Stoutly Built

It’s a compact but not miniature-sized microwave such as the likes of Black & Decker and AmazonBasics (0.7 cubic ft) that we previously reviewed. If you can spare a few extra inches on the kitchen countertop or the dorm room, you can trade in a bit more powerful microwave.

Farberware Classic Stainless Stell Microwave External DimensionsDimension

Its exterior dimensions are 19.11 inches in width, 11.5 inches in height, 15.9 inches in depth—the interior cavity of the microwave measures (12.36w x 13.6d x 8.70 h) inches.

Always be considerate of the clearance space of a microwave when you measure the microwave’s placement space, as the appliances need some space to breathe in and ventilate. It holds extreme Farberware Classic Stainless Stell Microwave Internal Dimensionsimportance, especially if you are planning to keep it under the cabinetry.

This model with 0.9 cubic ft. interior space has a turntable of 10.6 inches, not a massive difference from what we have seen in Black & Decker as it has a 10 inches turntable. The good thing is it can hold your 10 inches dinner plates easily.

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Display and Control Panel

Farberware Classic 900 Watts Microwave Control PanelThe Farberware microwave has a black exterior with silver stainless steel trims around the edges. Next to the stainless steel door handle on the right side is the microwave’s control panel with a digital LED display.

Pre-programmed and other buttons below the LED display control every feature of the microwave, and here the amazingly designed microwave has taken a beating.

The buttons require extra force or precise handling to work. These unresponsive buttons are also a bit hard to read in low-light settings.

The otherwise sturdy microwave can slide on the smooth surface if you handle it with a bit of extra force. But it can easily be taken care of by using furniture pads or rubber pads beneath the microwave.

Extensive Features

Most microwaves with power ranging from 700 – 900 watts have identical features and options as if they are clones. These low-to-mid-powered microwaves have only a slight variance in options.

“Microwave’s mechanical parts are what sets them apart and that’s why you see differences in their cooking capabilities.”

Power Levels

The 900 wattage output power is spread across ten different levels to give you complete control over the cooking process. From melting chocolate at 20% power in short bursts to cooking a multi-step dish at full power, everything can be controlled by just pressing a few numbers on the keypad.

You can read our extensive guide to learn more about how many watts does a microwave use.

Auto-Cook Menu

Farberware Classic Microwave Auto Cook OptionsThe microwave’s laden with a pre-programmed menu that acts like a companion in the kitchen who knows time and temperature and the mode of specified food items that you frequently cook. You won’t have to set the time or power level for those foods. These include popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, and options for reheating beverages and dinner.

Memory Button

The memory button that you see in microwaves works like an auto-cook button. If your favorite meal setting isn’t on the auto-cook menu, you can save the setting in memory for later use.

Express Cooking

All the chief features of the microwaves are meant for boosting intuitiveness, and so is the Express-cooking option. Like other models of the same tier, Farberware is also equipped with this option for initiating longer cooking cycles ranging from 1-6 minutes by just pressing a single button.

Not to forget the most favored and most used 30 seconds button to squeeze and fit a few more seconds to complete the cooking process.

Other Notable Features

Apart from this, you can use the “defrost” by time and weight option to defrost the items without starting the cooking process.

Unfortunately, you don’t see the “mute” option here, like Toshiba EM925A5A-BS to stop the most annoying “beep beep” after the completion of the cooking cycle.

Still, you see a “child lock” to lock the control panel for curious little creatures at home who just like to press every button and rotate every knob they see around.

Cooking Performance

The real test of a microwave! No matter if a microwave is laden with dozens of sensors, and options, if it fails to perform its core task, its useless garbage.

The first thing to consider is that the microwave we are reviewing can’t be compared to top-tier microwaves.

The moderately powered Farberware microwave surprisingly performed really well in all aspects.

Although it’s a common assumption that only high-end microwaves evenly reheat the food, Farberware reheated them impressively with no cold spot in the center. It proves the efficiency of the turntable that is responsible for the even distribution of the microwaves.

Just a little hiccup of an unsettling turntable is seen that can be overlooked and adjusted effortlessly.

The microwave’s machine is a bit loud but doesn’t produce an unusual buzzing sound that may seem like it’s broken. Additionally, you can’t avoid the “beeps” that call for your attention when the cooking cycle is complete. For many people, these beeps act like a reminder to take the food out of the microwave and thus helpful in this regard.

Popcorn function is our favorite, and it pops the popcorn without burning or leaving heaps of un-popped kernels behind. Full points for that!

All in all, a satisfactory performance from a powerful machine.

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Potato Baking Test Results

Size One Two Three
Small 2:25 mins 3:55 mins 7:50 mins
Medium 4:40 mins 7:50 mins 11:45 mins
Large 7:00 mins 11:45 mins 15:33 mins

Farberware Classic vs. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS

Both the microwaves are neck to neck in terms of performance and price. Let’s compare their features, functionality, and performance.

Farberware Classic FM09SSE Toshiba EM925A5A-BS
Just a little bit over $100, it is a price-competitive microwave with a 900 watts power. Almost similar price range and having 0.9 cubic ft with 900 watts power.
Sturdy with stainless steel and black exterior with a pull-open door handle. Made of stainless steel, it has two color options – black stainless steel and silvery stainless steel.
It lacks mute function. It comes with a mute button.
A bit difficult to read, especially in low light. Easy to read buttons
No Eco mode is present. Energy-efficient with an ECO mode to save stand-by power consumption.
Reheating and cooking capabilities at par with other microwaves. Considered a great microwave with raving reviews on performance.

Final Verdict

Farberware Classic FM09SSE microwave is a 900 watts moderately powered microwave and is outfitted with essential features to meet a variety of needs. It performs consistently and reheats food in mere minutes. It’s the combination of simplicity and convenience at an affordable price tag.

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