Is 700 Watts Microwave Good Enough or Wastage of Money? FIND OUT

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Is 700 Watts Microwave Good Enough or Wastage of MoneyUnderstanding the microwave’s wattage is as significant as knowing the temperature in the oven because it is the basis of selection criteria for the microwave.

Most microwave ovens range from 600 – 1300 watts. A general conception is that only a high-powered microwave will yield quality cooking results in less time. A 700 watts is considered a low to moderate power microwave.

If so, why do the manufacturers still produce 700 watts of microwaves?

Is 700 Watts Microwave Good Enough?

Let’s dig into it to find out and compare it with high-wattage microwaves.

The microwave’s wattage simply indicates the cooking power or strength.

As a rule of thumb, a low-watt microwave = more time in cooking.

But a 700 watts microwave is sufficient for basic cooking, defrosting and reheating. So, if you can spare a few extra minutes, 700 watts microwave is best for home use.

In fact, let’s clear one more confusion. Is wattage the only aspect that affects the microwave’s heating capability?

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The Effect of Power and Size in Microwave Performance

The Effect of Power and Size in Microwave PerformanceThe performance of a microwave doesn’t rely only on the wattage. The microwave’s design and size equally affect the microwave’s performance.

The large-sized microwaves need more power or watts to get the same output as a small-sized but low wattage microwave.

It’s the reason manufacturers increase the size with the increase of wattage.

  • Most 700 watts microwave ovens have 0.7 cubic ft. (20 liters) of interior space.
  • A 1000 watts microwave has 1 cubic ft. interior capacity (around 28 liters).
  • 1100-1250 watts large microwaves have 1.2 cubic ft. or above.
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Due to the size and wattage proportional increment, a 1000 liters microwave oven performs similar to a 700 watts microwave in full power within the given time.

The quantity of the food may vary according to the capacity of the microwave to achieve the same result.

Which Food Can a 700 Microwave Oven CookWhich Food Can a 700 Microwave Oven Cook?

A 700 microwave is sufficient for basic reheating leftovers and beverages, cooking vegetables, thawing food, making popcorn.

If you are looking for grilling, baking, roasting, or making complex meals with various steps, you should go for a higher wattage.

Can a 700 Watts Microwave Cook Frozen Food?

Can a 700 Watts Microwave Cook Frozen FoodCooking frozen food in a microwave oven requires defrosting first. Since frozen foods are dense, they tend to cook from the outside first. So, if the wattage or power level is high, the frozen food starts melting and cooking at the outside first, leaving the inside raw and cold.

And even if you buy a higher wattage microwave, the preset defrost function uses only about 30-40% of power level to cook the frozen food evenly.

A 700 watts microwave is sufficient to defrost the frozen food by using low power and cook the food evenly. The cooking process in a 700 microwave may take more time than a higher wattage microwave.

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Benefits of a 700 Watts Microwave

Below are the benefits of buying a low wattage microwave. Also read our guide to choose a right microwave.


A 700-watts microwave is compact with appropriate dimensions to fit into any cramped space countertop, dorm room, or office.

Energy Efficient

A microwave with 700 wattage consume less electricity and uses the power proficiently. It results in energy-saving and less electricity cost.

Better for Small Families

If you are a student or have a small family, small microwave suits you better. Usually, a 700 watts microwave with 0.7 cubic ft. is sufficient for 2-4 family members.

Lasts Longer

Being in the category of small microwave ovens, it doesn’t have many features. The fewer features have a benefit as it lasts longer than other bigger models.

Bigger model microwaves are more prone to having one or more features affected in the long run.

Cooking Time

Most microwave recipes are for 700 watts microwaves. To get an idea of the cooking time difference, let’s compare the time for microwaves with different wattages.

Microwave Cooking Time Chart

700- Watts 800 Watts 1000-Watts 1200 watts
1 minute 52 seconds 42 seconds 35 seconds
1 minutes 30 seconds 1 minute 19 seconds 1 minute 3 seconds 52 seconds
2 minutes 1 minute 45 seconds 1 minute 24 seconds 1 minute 10 seconds

Note: Cooking time also gets affected by the quantity. Small quantities of food cut the cooking time by 40-50%.

Will a 700 Watt Microwave Pop Popcorn?

Will a 700 Watt Microwave Pop PopcornGenerally, low-powered microwaves (below 700 watts) can’t pop the popcorn as the corns are heated slowly, which lets the steam out of the kernel’s tip.

A 700 watts microwave heats the kernels quick enough so that the steam’s pressure inside the kernel builds up quickly. This heat is sufficient to rupture the popcorn’s outer shell, and you hear a loud “pop.”

Most 700 watts microwaves have a pre-programmed setting for popcorn. Generally, it requires 2 minutes in a 700 watts microwave to make the popcorn. But don’t leave your precious corn unattended as they can burn quickly.

What is the Temperature of a 700 Watt Microwave?

Being habitual of using conventional ovens, we often wonder about the temperature of a microwave oven. The temperature of the microwave is related to its power or watts.

The higher wattage means higher temperature, and it’s the reason that food in high-watt microwaves cooks quickly.

  • A 700 watts microwave oven temperature = 662 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 800-watts microwave = 842 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 1000 watts microwave = 1067 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1100 watts = 1157 degrees Fahrenheit

Wrapping Up!

A 700- watts microwave is more than enough for basic cooking purposes, defrosting and reheating leftovers. If you have a cramped space and don’t want to bake, grill, or make complex recipes, you should go for a 700 watts microwave. It is also great for small families with limited space. However, if your priority is fast cooking time and other features and baking, a 700 watts microwave is not for you. Your buying decision should always be based on your needs and preferences. KitchenUnder100 is committed to bring you best kitchen appliances pricing under $100.

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