Water Cooler Dispenser Holiday Season Deals [2021]

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Water cooler dispenser has become part and parcel of every household and if you want to get don’t miss the big discount of Holiday Season deals 2021.

Once native to only offices, hospitals and public places, water dispensers are now slowly becoming an essential household part. With enhanced awareness of the nuisances of tap water, everyone’s embracing water dispensers and coolers.

It not just gives you contamination-free water, but is also more convenient, saves money and time and reduces landfill pollution by lessening the plastic water bottles thrown away carelessly. Residential users also install it if they don’t have access to clean water or don’t like the taste of the tap water.

Check Water Cooler Dispenser Holiday Season Deals

What’s more? It gives you a short chit-chat time and actually encourages you to drink more water.

  • Non-Electrical: Non-electrical water dispensers use a water bottle that sits atop the dispenser, and the water then gets filtered and dispensed via a water faucet. The bottle gets replaced upon emptying.
  • Electrical: The other types are electrically connected water coolers or heaters and include a refrigeration or heating mechanism to provide the hot/cold water.

Water Cooler Dispenser Holiday Season Deals [2021]

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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Water Dispenser

Before buying the water dispenser, the first and foremost thing is to understand what types of water dispensers are available in the market. After clearing the confusion, you would know where you want to place it and move forward to looking at other features.

Types of Water Dispensers

There are basically two types of water dispensers that further branch out according to their design and features.

  1. Bottle-less/or direct feed water dispensers
  2. Bottled water dispensers

Bottleless/Direct Feed Water Dispensers

These water dispensers are also known as “point of use” water dispensers. Direct feed dispensers don’t rely on large plastic water bottles; instead, they are connected to the main water line, and the built-in filtration ensures a clean water supply. Also, the integrated heating or refrigerating mechanism gives both hot and cold water. However, it has an added cost of installation.

Bottle Water Dispensers

Bottled water dispensers use a water reservoir in the form of plastic bottles, which come in varying sizes. Depending on the design, it can further be divided into the following types.

  1. Top-Loading Water Dispensers

Top-loading water dispensers utilize different sizes of large plastic gallons that are mounted at the top in an upside-down position and then provide hot or cold water. Depending on how frequently you want to replace it, you can use a 2, 4 or 5-gallon bottle. Top-loaded water dispensers require you to handle heavy bottles that may be bothersome for a few users.

  1. Base Load Water Dispensers

Base Load water dispensers have a storage cabinet beneath the dispenser to place your water reservoir or gallon. It is increasingly becoming popular due to the convenience and no-hassle of lifting heavy bottles.

Where Will You Place the Water Dispenser?

The location and space also help you decide on choosing a suitable water dispenser. Water dispensers that are available in the market can be placed in three areas.

Free-Standing Tabletop Wall-Mounted
The freestanding water cooler can be placed anywhere on the floor. The freestanding dispensers have almost waist high or more length. Tabletop water dispensers are compact and able to fit anywhere due to their low height. They use a Peltier device to cool the water. Wall-mountain or weather fountain is installed on the wall. It has a refrigeration system to cool water. And a cold water storage reservoir to instantly access the cold water.

Other Considerable Factors

Once you have decided the type of water dispenser, it all comes down to features that you should look for before buying the water dispenser.


You should decide the capacity based on how many people will be using the dispenser and how often you can replace the water bottle. Most water dispensers can accommodate 2,4, or 5 gallons of water, but some tabletop models can’t use a large water gallon. So, you should confirm it before purchasing.

Water Temperature

Some dispensers have the option to dispense both hot and cold water, whereas some dispensers only chill the water. The water temperature and heating or capacity also vary with different brands and models. So, you should check the metrics and temperature. Freestanding models can deliver more chilled water than base-load or tabletop models due to the compressor size and smaller design.


Some units have a filtration system to catch the sediments, lead or any other particles, whereas some units don’t have a filtration system. Such units utilized pre-filtered bottled water. You can choose either of them, but cheaper filters would require replacement sooner. But for purification purposes, you can get a dispenser with filters such as ultraviolet or carbon charcoal filters.

Drip Trays

Choose the water dispenser model that offers drip trays to catch water droplets. Drip trays make it easier to clean and maintain.

Dispense Height

Considering dispense height is also essential, especially if you want to fill large plastic bottles, sports bottles or tall carafes. Some offices also fill bottles to keep them during business conferences and meetings. To avoid the hassle of tilting bottles to fill them with water, buy the dispenser with a large dispense height.

Child Lock

The child lock feature is a must-have if you place the dispenser within reach of the kids. The kids can accidentally spill the water all around.

Child Lock is also beneficial if you have a hot water dispenser, so the kids don’t burn themselves by opening the faucet.

Cup Holders

Some dispensers have dedicated space internally or externally to hold the cups in place. Though it seems a little addition, it is essential, especially if you are buying a water dispenser for office or public usage.

Outer Assembly

Choose a water dispenser with a stainless steel body rather than a plastic water reservoir. It is not only durable but also avoids plastic taste in the water.

Final Words

The decision of buying a water dispenser today will directly affect how clean water you can consume tomorrow. Keep the above-mentioned points in mind before buying the water dispenser for home or office needs, and you won’t go wrong in selecting the best water dispenser for your needs.

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